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AirTycoon 5 + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v1.0.4

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NameAirTycoon 5
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AirTycoon 5 Mod APK:

The name of the game itself represents that this game is about Airlines and planes. So, for people who like or are interested in the airline-type business this game is one of the best recommendations for them. This game will let you manage a lot of things that are related to Planes. Starting from the selection of a plane for the trip to the selling of tickets. And if you think this is an easy business, then you’re wrong because it is one of the hardest business ideas ever. So, make sure to be careful and have a precise measurement about the things you wanna do with your business. This game will make the users feel like managing a real airline business.

AirTycoon 5 Mod APK

Apart from being difficult, this game needs great thinking because building an airline is not the work of kids. So, think carefully about every outcome and benefit to have a steady hold on your business. Build an airline and make advertisements for it so that people may know about it and start traveling using your airline. Becoming an Airline businessman seems interesting and thrilling but you must be very passionate and curious about it. a lot of mishaps are taking place these days. So, make sure to recheck everything before it starts. Build the airplanes carefully and then check their construction and work again and again to avoid any kind of accident. Your management plan should be the best among all the people working with you.

In the early ages, people used old means of transport. But now the time has changed and the developers are working hard and are making all the impossible things possible. So, traveling by plane is becoming more and more common and people prefer this fast service instead of using the old and slow transport system. So, make use of this and create your own business of having an airline and make sure to advertise it to let people know about it. So, many people will choose your Airline to travel across the world but make sure to keep the safety of people before anything to avoid any kind of mishap. 

AirTycoon 5 Mod APK

AirTycoon 5 Mod APK Download:

The downloading process of AirTycoon 5 Mod APK is simple and easy.

  • There is a link given on our page to download AirTycoon 5 Mod APK on your device. 
  • Click on that link and it will start the process.
  • After it is downloaded on your device, you have to give access to UNKNOWN SOURCES to allow the downloading of an app from this kind of Third party site.    
  • Now, open the link and install AirTycoon as the option will pop up on the screen and you just have to touch the “Install” option. 
  • The installation will be complete in no time and the users can open the game and fulfill their dream of having an airline to themselves. 

AirTycoon 5 Mod APK Gameplay:

The gameplay of this game is simple and easy:

The players have given a lot of features and they have to use them to win the game. So, the thing is that the users have to build their airline. And by Airline I mean a whole new Airline with more than one airport. Yes, the users are allowed to make an airline of their own and they have the access to make about 500 airports all around the world to grow their business. 

They must keep an eye on every plane and every airport to have a good result. Yes, with this they’ll be able to manage and keep an eye on every single detail of their business. The departure airport must be built at the main airport known as the headquarters. This will help the people living in that city to visit different places without any serious issues of the time. They will be able to fly to different cities and even countries without any problem.

Create amazing routes that are new and interesting for the people to fly on. This will help the cities to become the main place for tourism and business. So, make sure to use the cities that are beautiful and have mesmerizing cultures. The players in the game will manage the things like managing the tickets, satisfying the customers accordingly, making suitable and safe flights, and solving a problem when it is at great risk. 

The planes must be pretty and clean so that people travel to other cities using your airlines. Make a comfortable environment for the users so that they can be relaxed during the flight. Make sure to check the safety and all the privacy things of the users. The cabin service should be high-quality and quick. Satisfy the customers in every way and this will help you in getting a large benefit for your business.

AirTycoon 5 Mod APK


AirTycoon 5 Mod APK Features:

Read the features of AirTycoon 5 Mod APK given below before playing it.

Repair your Planes and Upgrade many new Airlines:

AirTycoon 5 mod apk is a game that benefits users in many ways and satisfies them by giving them a lot of opportunities. So, make sure to play this game and use its features. When you become a successful businessman then make sure to be more careful as the safety of the airlines is very necessary. Never close your eyes when it comes to business. Make sure to recheck everything. And when your business starts getting benefits make sure to repair your Planes to avoid any kind of scary incidents. Assure the passengers about their safety. Upgrade your airlines to make them look more advanced and unbeatable. 

Update the whole system of your Planes and airlines so that everything is perfect. Do not avoid any small inconvenience and make everything perfect. Change the radiator wings and upgrade the fuel system. Install a new system to make your panes modern and up-to-date. 

Different modes:

This game has different modes for the players to choose from. Every mode makes the game different from all the other modes. You can choose any mode type that allows you to choose the number of players you wanna play with. Manage the game and your business in a suitable mode with a suitable number of workers along with you. You all should work together and have a great time playing this game. 

Choose the period:

This game even allows the players to choose from the periods. That means the players can select any of the periods they want to be a businessman. The periods given are from 1960 to 2030. Yes, the future period is also present and that has some advanced features that aren’t available in today’s planes. 

AirTycoon 5 Mod APK

Map of the whole world:

There are maps present in the game that’ll show the players all the cities in the world. So that the users can make airlines and airports the best places. These maps also show the places that have a large number of tourism scales. Choose the places that are beautiful so that people can use your airlines to visit these places. Also, get yo5ur self known by the business opportunities.

Customize the Aircrafts:

Make sure to use this feature to customize your aircraft with your versatility. Make it look the way you like it. This will help you in getting attached to the game. The users can change the paint color of the aircraft to make it look different from others. And make a logo for it and then post it on the plane. And use a lot of codes during this process to get a chance to use the privileges. 


There is a dashboard on the screen for detailed information about the business. Make sure to check them regularly to get yourself to know about current situations. These reports help the users in the business enhancement.

Real-time Aircraft models:

This feature is the best among all because it tells us that the users are even able to use the aircraft with a real-time model. Use the model you like and you are good to go.

AirTycoon 5 Mod APK


AirTycoon 5 Mod APK is an amazing business management game that gives users a lot of opportunities. The users can manage an airline of their own. They can make a lot of money by managing the airports. The users can get a chance to make airports in different cities to promote tourism. Enhance your airlines and upgrade the quality of your aircraft to attract more customers because of the safety. Advertising the airlines is best for more to know about your airline. Choose from different modes in the game. Select the number of players you wanna play with and grow your business by getting real-time experience. 

MOD APK version of AirTycoon 5

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Premium Unlocked

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