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Alight Motion + MOD (Pro Subscription Unlocked) v4.2.0

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MOD FeaturesPro Subscription Unlocked
  • MOD APK version of Alight Motion
  • Alight Motion Mod apk

    Alight Motion Mod apk wanting to get an amazing app for editing your and other people’s videos? You are at the best place , I will tell you about the most demanded app among editors. This app is literally used to make masterpieces by editing small videos or even big videos. It is very famous nowadays among the editors, they literally found this app very amazing and it is on trending as well. It has such amazing effects that make the video a completely new thing. This app has more than a hundred beautiful features. Want video editing like After effects, Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro? This app even allows editing like these apps . This app has such marvelous effects and stylish filters that completely caught an editor off guard. Alight motion is available as both versions one is basic and the other is paid version. But if you download the free or basic version you will not get full benefit because they have some features or effects locked that are only available in the paid version.

    Alight Motion Mod apk

    So, instead of buying the Premium or paid version you just have to install Alight Motion Mod Apk. This premium version will allow the user to get access to almost everything present in this app. There will be so many effects, filters and effects in this app. Alight Motion provides a vast platform for the editors to use their unbelievable and limitless thoughts and turn them into amazing videos with ethereal graphics and lively animations. They can use this app to edit videos of their type and put amazing background music on them. By the help of amazing tools you can edit the pictures and even videos and turn them into completely different things. Want to make animation? It is also possible in this app and it will create a great sense of creativity in your mind when you actually start using your imagination in the edits. Get benefit from the features and make beautiful illustrations and draw amazing paths and things that you always wanted to make . It is actually a great platform for the editors who like to create things of their own. They can make animations, illustrations, unbelievable videos by using the graphics and lovely features of this app. This app is like a key to life for those people who actually want to make such things. 

    Alight motion Mod Apk Features

    To tell you the truth , there are so many features of this video editing app that we can not even explain but here are some features that are totally amazing and makes a person think about his sanity. These features are as follows

    Color Adjustment:

    Color adjustment is actually a main thing of video editing. This app allows more than one method to do the color adjustment of the video in this app. But still the easiest and the well known way to do color adjustment is the Color wheel. There are six colors on the color wheel

    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Blue
    • Purple

               We can change the color of the videos by the help of this wheel. These are actually used to color your illustrations and give them a beautiful look. The second way of color adjustment is by using the color Palette. All these effects just make your illustration and video more lively. You can even change the viewer or control it by using the visual effects. Just use the key points and change the view and it’s done. 

    Transition Effects:

    Transition effects are literally a basic wheel of a transition edit and this app provides the user with so many transition effects. The user can select the duration of different videos in which he wanna edit and put transitions. And just by putting the transitions accurately he can get an amazing transition edit. You can put any transition effects according to your desire and make the video more awesome . 

    Vector Graphics:

    Wanna create animated videos? Yes, you can literally create amazing animated videos by this app and this will be possible with the help of the vector graphics of this app. Vectors are the basic key to make animated images and to give your fantasies life. You can even add images drafts of 3D or 2D type in your video . Make an animated video by making animated pictures and combining them. You can even use visual effects to make them look even more ethereal than before. 

    Editing material from Library:

    In order to make the editing easy to understand and even understanding we can use the editing materials present in the online library or from the device’s storage. These features make your mind more creative. And to help the editors furthermore there is an option of fast export that allows the videos in MP4 and GIFs form. To make your editing amazing and more professional download Alight Motion Mod Apk. Use the material and add them in your edits. 

    Design Live Things:

    To use this option Alight motion allows the users to use the essential resources and the alight motion system to design things that look live. That means we can even feel the things are real. They give such a vibe that almost looks real. This feature is well known and kind of hard to use but this does not concern the editors as they enjoy doing these things. You can use the visual effects and make an animation video that will make a great publicity. You can do one thing and if it is a bit wrong you can even change it and redo it in order to make a perfect video. 

    Various Frames for photos:

    This feature is used to edit pictures and make them more pretty and satisfying by adding frames of different kinds on them. This feature allows the user to make a choice from so many options as there are plenty of choices for frames of photos. In addition to this, make the curves of the image smooth and make it a perfect 10. 

    Motion Creation Features:

    As we all know that alight motion provides the editor a whole set of tools and these tools are used to make the editing easy for the editor. So, the motion creation feature allows the motion design of the things a bit different. These things are made easier by preparing different techniques that make the video feel at life. The users can even change the directions or make more motion designs by just touching the screen slightly and  making different surroundings. Make a new environment by the customized features that are already present in the app.

    Different Visual effects:

    What are even Visual effects? Visual effects are the effects that give a good representation/look to your video. Visual effects bring life to the video. Alight motion Mod Apk have so many build-in effects that the user can use in their animation videos and give them a perfect standing look. Use the shadow effect that will give a 3D look to your animation and border to make it look extra beautiful. There are so many Visual effects such as 

    • Shadows
    • Tint
    • Reflections
    • Warm Colors
    • Spotlights
    • Clouds
    • And more


    Multi layers editing always turns out to be very amazing. The layers are the backbone of an editing app. Once you get yourself introduced to these layers you are able to do hard and professional editing by means of these layers. Multi layers editing means you will be provided with different layers of audio, video and even graphics. This feature makes the work a bit easy and they even provide a group layer in Alight Motion Mod Apk. In order to split the video just group all these layers and you are done. 

    Awesome Tools:

    Tools are a very important part of the editing app. The tools actually help an editor to get and prepare what he actually wants to prepare. Tools are of different types such as vector, bitmaps and even giving the editor permissions to simulate anything in the video. Just add different layers and make  proper animation videos of the type the editors want. And satisfies the smoothness of the video by touching the curves of the video. 

    Ratios and Resolution:

    People edit videos of different ratios and resolution and Alight motion allows them to make it. Actually, videos are made of different esolutions because of the platforms they are going to be used on. You have to choose the ratio and resolution to start editing a video. The common ratios are 16:9, 1:1, 4:5, 9:16, 4:3 and so many different ratios. The editors are even allowed to choose the resolution, background color or type and frame rates for the video. 

    Free to use:

    Yes, Alight motion is completely free to use if you are using the basic version but if you want to use all effects you have to get the modified version of the paid version that will also be free if you download it from this site. 

    Drill Effects and Controls:

    Make your video more creative by adding effects and decorated borders in it. These effects will make your picture enlighten and sparkle in front of other pictures and the idea of borders is just on another level. These borders will create a big decent line of beauty in your picture. Other effects such as instant motions and fast blur are a cherry on top for the slow and fast speed effects. 

    Blending Modes:

    Blending modes is a feature that is present in only modified versions. These blending modes help the editor a big hand because they literally add more than one layer together and adjust the layer’s size and its shape as well. As I have already said, layers are a fun thing to work on when doing editing. And it will be more fun with these blending modes as they align the layers together and add beauty in the result . You can do a lot of things by it such as changing the layers’ opacity. This effect literally made the layers work easy. 

    Typing Tool:

    Apart from editing videos you can even add text in your edits. These texts can be of any type. Alight motion Mod Apk has more than 2000 different fonts and can be added in your video. You can even animate the text by adding the text in motion graphic movies. You can even do tricks with your texts such as moving them, creating 3D texts and many more. You can use these fonts to make beautiful videos with amazing captions. 

    Alight Motion Mod apk

    Without Watermark :

    In the real and basic version of this app, The watermark of alight motion is present when you export a video. This watermark is present in its place and does not move and even covers the items of the video However, this problem has been solved with the modified version of this app. There is no watermark anywhere in the video even if you export it. So, you can edit videos and animated videos without any worry of any kind of watermark. 

    Free premium Features:

    The basic version of Alight motion has so many features that you can not use and are only available on the paid version. That means you have to buy those features to use them on your video. But the mods have all these features and are totally unlocked, which means the user can easily use these features without paying on whatever video they want. 

    Ads free:

    Sometimes when you are editing a video and an ad appears in between your work you feel very distracted and annoyed. Because this ad almost made us lose our interest in whatever we were doing. But no need to worry because this apk version even has an ad free feature. So, you will no longer see any kind of audio or video pop-ups during editing. 

    Premium Tools Unlocked:

    The basic app even has some tools that can not be used in that version but are unlocked when you pay for them . But this problem is already solved by the mods version as it allows all the tools even if they are locked in the free version. So, just download the free version and you are ready to use the features of Alight motion to its core. 

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    Alight motion Apk without watermark Download

    In order to install no watermark version of alight motion you just have to follow these steps

    • First uninstall all the other versions of Alight moton from your device. 
    • Now, download the apk.file by selecting the “download” button present in the link
    • Now, go into the file manager of your android device and look for Alight motion apk file
    • Now go to settings then security and then unknown sources. Enable the “Unable Sources” from there.
    • Now install the Alight motion Mod Apk again on your device.
    • Now after installation, open the app and start editing . 

     Alight motion Apk Safe

    Alight Motion Apk is totally safe for your device as it is virus free and is itself a complete safe app. This app does not harm your device at all. But the only disadvantage of this app is that it is kind of heavy and takes a large amount of your device when it is installed. This app has a lot of effects and fonts and tools that just affect the space of the phone and nothing else.  

    Alight Motion Background

    The editors can even remove background, change the background or even different backgrounds on the video or picture. These backgrounds can be of many types. As there are more than one type of background styles for pictures or even videos that just add beauty and professionalism in the video. Alight motion provides the editor with different backgrounds with more than one effect and styles as well. 

    Alight Motion Fonts

    Alight motion fonts are the one of the best things that Alight motion owns because there are more than 2000 different font styles. These font styles can literally make a video more aesthetic and these fonts can be put with different effects such as 3D and live graphics. 

    Alight Motion Highest Quality Video Export

    Nowadays editors love better quality more than normal videos. This means that Alight motion is one of the best apps that provide the editor with the best of its quality. People are allowed to choose the quality of video they are editing on Alight motion before exporting the video into their devices. This feature is literally one of the best Alight motion features.  


    So, to edit the best video ever on an app that allows the editor to get access to almost every effect, filters, colorings, modes and layers. This apk mod version allows the editors to edit their imagination and videos in the most creative and professional way ever. 

    Thanks for reading my article and get ready to make illustrations and animated videos like a pro on Alight Motion Mod Apk

    MOD APK version of Alight Motion

    MOD feature

    Pro Subscription Unlocked

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