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Auto Clicker - Automatic tap + MOD (All Unlocked) v1.6.3

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NameAuto Clicker - Automatic tap
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MOD FeaturesAll Unlocked

Auto clicker mod APK:


Auto clicker mod APK Dear users, if you are searching for a device that can help you to perform some automatic clicks for you then here we have come with an amazing application that will help you to perform many functions automatically. it means you don’t have to do all the things manually it will help you to do some clicks without your presence. Now the question arises how it will happen? Here in this article, we will properly guide you all about this wonderful application and how it works and we are sure that after knowing all about this application you are for sure going to use it. So let’s discuss its work and how you can operate it.

Auto clicker mod APK

When you will use this application you just have to give a specific time interval to it and it will do automatic clicks for you. It will do its task according to the time intervals and the time interval will be according to you and you will yourself set the interval for it. You can also manage the number of cycles in which the application will operate. The amazing thing is that you can also find some clicking modes in this application and you can bring them to the place where you want it to click. It is most useful for those people who have to do some clicking tasks on the screen but sometimes this task gets very boring. Then in this situation, the auto clicker is providing you with the facility in which it will click in your place and you can do anything else you want at the same time. it means you don’t have to stick on the screen continuously for clicking tasks. Your clicking task will easily be done by this amazing application.

Features of Auto Clicker Mod APK:

Easy interface:

The interface of this clicking application is very easy to handle and you don’t need any kind of expertise to operate this application. Anyone can download this application and use it easily without any special guidance.

Two modes:

This application has two modes. These are the single mode and multi-target mode. You can use any of the modes according to you.

Customize cycles:

You can customize all its functions according to your choice. In this, you cannot only select the time interval according to you but you can also select the number of cycles with your choice. It means that this application operates totally according to your provided settings.

Remove adds:

As all applications are also present in this application but you can remove those ads in this application. For this, you just have to activate the last section of this application.

No rooting system required:

This is a feature that every user will love. With this feature, you don’t have to follow any complicated ways to run your application on the device as it is not demanding for any routing ways and you don’t have to root your device to use this amazing application.

Auto clicker mod APK

This is a one-click method on which this application works. You just have to download and install this application and open it and then you can easily set it according to you. so you don’t need to be rooted while using this app.

Automatic scripts:

This application is not only providing you with the clicking facility but it will also help you to import and export any automatic scripts.


The version of this clicking application is 1.6.3

The number of downloads:

There are a total of more than 50 million people who have downloaded this application on their devices. This number of downloads is an incredible feature of this application and you can easily estimate how good this application would be, that this much population in the whole world is already using this amazing clicking application.

Auto clicker APK download:

If you also want to use this amazing application then you don’t need to be worried in this article we are going to guide you step by step that how you can download this application on your mobile phones under the devices so read all the guidelines step by step then you can easily download this application

  • The very first thing to know before downloading any application is what android version this application would support 
  • So this application will require Android version 7.0 and any latest version 
  • Make sure that you have the required Android version on your device 
  • The second most important thing is to know the size of the download application 
  • The size of this application is 5.42 MB 
  • Make sure that you have enough space to download this application 
  • If you have an APK file on your device then you can easily download it but if you do not have it then make sure to download it first 
  • After fulfilling all these requirements now you can easily download this clicking application by the given link under this article.

Installation guides:

  • As you are going to download this application so first make sure that you have permitted all the unknown resources in your mobile setting
  • After this now you can download this application by clicking on the given link 
  • This link will lead you directly to the install app key of the application. 
  • From there you can install the application by clicking on that key. 
  • After a few seconds, the app will be installed on your mobile phone and the app icon will appear on the homepage of your device. 
  • Now you can easily use this application anytime.

Release date:

This application was released on Feb 20, 2019. And till the day it came into the market, it is the number one choice of all the users.


This clicking application is developed by True Developers Studio. The developers have done amazing in this application. You can see that the size of this application is just 5.42 MB. You are getting this much in a short package and the developers have also claimed the security and safety of this application. So you can download it easily without any due. 

Auto clicker APK old version:

You can also download the old version of this clicking application from the given link under this article. There are no viruses and safety issues in the old version of this application as every developing team wants their application to become better and better so they just try to update it and introduce some more amazing things about the application. but if you want to download the old version it is your choice as the old version is also providing all the features available in the new version.

Auto clicker APK latest version:

This application is updated on May 20, 2022, and in the latest update, the developers have worked on some reported bugs in this application. So now in the latest version, you will not get any issues because all the bugs are fixed by the developers in the update. The developers have worked wonders on the smoothness of this application. When you download this application you will experience how smoothly this application is running on all your devices.

Auto clicker APK iOS:

Auto clicker is also available for iOS users. If you have had an iPhone for the last 10 years then you can install this application on the iOS operating system also. This application can run smoothly on any device. And it is safe to use. So if you are an iOS user then you don’t have to think about the safety of your device as this application is developed by trusted authorities. You will not suffer any problem if you will download this application from our given link.

Auto clicker APK PC:

This is an application that you can use on any screening device. Rather it’s your mobile phone and computer you can download it anywhere. You can download this application on your PC from our given link. As clicking applications just have to make your mouse activity automatic so it will work very nicely on your computer screens. Moreover, it has a feature that it can run on any kind of web page. So you can use it on your PC without any hurdle because it is providing you with all the facilities already so you don’t have to set up much to use it on your PC.

Auto clicker mod APK

Advantages of auto clicker APK:

  • This application is free of cost anyone can download this application and use it freely
  • You don’t have to register and pay a registration fee for this application as it is a freeware kind of software you can download and use for a lifetime.
  • The developers have claimed 100% safety so you don’t need to think much before downloading this application
  • It is developed so well that it can work smoothly on any kind of web pages


Auto clicker is so far one of the best clicking applications available on the internet. The features this application gives are incredible as it is helping you to save time and do your task at your place with 100% accuracy. so you can say it’s a kind of robot which is doing tasks in your absence, so perfectly. you should download this application if you want some ease in your work as it is available in any part of the world and easily downloadable.

MOD APK version of Auto Clicker - Automatic tap

MOD feature

All Unlocked

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