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Battlegrounds Mobile India + MOD (Unlimited UC) v2.1.0

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Battleground mobile India mod APK:


Dear users! Here we are presenting you a game full of adventures and secrets, with a lot of action and entertainment. The game which I am talking about is one of the most popular games. The name of this incredible game is battleground mobile India. This is an Indian version of the PUBG mobile game and it was previously called PUBG Mobile India. First of all, we will talk about the main storyline of the game application.

The game is a royal battle game in which 100 players compete in battle with each other. The winner of the game is the last surviving man. So, it is clear what is the main thing of the game. Now moving forward, we will tell you something more exciting about this amazing game. Players can play the game individually or in the form of small groups of 4 to 6 people. Moreover, the game starts when the player parachutes in a specific plane. There are different kinds of planes in this game. The planes available in the game are as follows

  • Miramer
  • Livik
  • Tdm
  • Vikendi
  • Erangel
  • Karakin

Telling more about the game, at the start of the game the player has no weapons or any equipment with him. After landing on the ground, players search for weapons, armor, vehicles, and ghost towns. These items are spread from the easy area to red zoned areas according to the specificity of the items. There is also an option to get weapons from the finished players. 

Battleground mobile India mod APK

So this game is full of entertainment and especially for those who like the detective kind of adventurous shooter game then this is available for you free of cost and this game is easily accessible to you. The government of India banned this game on July 29, 2022, under section 69(A) of the IT Act 2000. It was to do so because of some security issues. The government claimed that there are security issues and that Indian information is being shared and leaked via this Chinese game. The most important reason for banning this game in India was that a 16 years old boy shot his mother who stopped him from playing the game. It was said that this game promotes violence and is bad for the youth and people of small ages especially. So because of these types of incidents, the Government of India banned this gaming application in India.

Krafton said that they have removed the app from the Google app store and Play store in India and they assured the privacy and security of the user’s data also.  Along with PUBG, about 100 other apps were also banned in India that were linked with China. That’s why Tik Tok was also banned. The conflict was in the Galway Valley between the two borders of India and China.

Features of battleground mobile India APK:

Easily accessible:

This game is easy to access for everyone. In India, it is banned but except for Indians, everyone can play this game easily.

Made especially for mobile phones:

As you can see from the name, this game is specially designed for mobile phones. So, you don’t need to manage a computer or a laptop for this game because you can play this game on mobile phones efficiently.

Lots of maps and battles:

They are providing you with vast planes where you can start your battle. This is done so that people don’t get bored by a single location. There are also different kinds of battles in this game. So you have a huge variety here and no options to be bored at any time.

Epic battle royal masterpiece:

As it is one of the best shooting and battle games you can see the interface and you will wonder how a game can be so realistic and epic looking. 

Multiplayer mode:

This game has a multiplayer mode also. It means that you can play this game with your friends also. Moreover, you can play it also in the form of small groups.

The large variety of weapons:

There is a large variety of weapons also available in this game. You have to look for those weapons in the planes and you can also get the weapons of the finished players.

Incredible graphics:

The graphics of this game are amazing and the animation is just up to the mark. When you will play this game you will see how the developers of the game have designed it so well. The weapons, the planes, and the players all look so good. You can also customize the dresses of your player in the game.

A version of the game:

The version of this game is 2.1.0 

Several downloads:

The total number of people who download this amazing gaming application is more than 500M. From this figure, you can easily understand what kind of game this is.

How to download battleground mobile India APK mod:

If you are interested in playing this game and you don’t know how to start with it then you don’t need to be worried because here we are going to tell you all the guidelines step by step about how you can download this wonderful gaming application on your Android phones. 

You just need to follow all these steps one by one and then you can easily download this amazing gaming application on your mobile phone.

  • The most important thing to download an app on your mobile phone is that you should know about the space the app requires.
  • Battleground mobile India requires 731 MB of space.
  • So before downloading make sure that you have enough space to download this gaming application on your mobile.
  • Then the second most important thing is that this game requires Android 10.0 or the latest versions on mobile phones.
  • As this game is an APK mod gaming application, to download this application you should have an APK file on your mobile phone.
  • If you do not have an APK file on your mobile then you may easily install that from the Google Play or Play store app of your mobile phone.
  • Now you can easily download and install this gaming application from the given link below the article.

Installation commands:

  • Before tapping on the given link to install the app make sure that you have permitted all the unknown resources in the settings of your mobile phone.
  • After this, you can download this gaming application by tapping on the given link.
  • Click on the install app key.
  • After this, the app will install within a few seconds on your mobile phone.
  • After installation will complete you can see the app on the homepage of your mobile phone.
  • By tapping on the app icon you will reach the game and now you can play this game anytime because it is easily accessible.

Battleground mobile India mod APK

Battleground mobile India mode APK unlimited money:

As this game is full of warriors and weapons so there are many weapons and items for which you need some money or coins to unlock them but in the latest version of the battleground mobile India mod APK unlimited money you can get unlimited money and coins so that you don’t need to wait to gather enough money and coins to unlock some of your favorite weapons and items. You can use the unlimited money mod of this gaming application to enjoy the game from every aspect.

Battleground mobile India Release date:

This fantastic gaming application was released on 2 July 2021 for Android users and on 18 August 2021 for iOS users. 

After 2 years on 28 July 2022, the government of India banned this game in India and it was removed from the Google Play and app store.

Battleground mobile India Update:

  • This game application is updated on July 11, 2022. There are some important updates made to this gaming application. 
  • In the latest version, ancient ruins will appear in Livik, Miramar, and Erangel. Every ruin has secrets and you can find the secrets on the map. Mummy warriors and flying Masters are there to protect the ruins. you can defeat them and can get the dropped items by the monsters.
  • In the new update sometimes the pyramid will disappear and in its place, the emperor’s Temple will appear
  • Moreover, new weapons like Lynx AMR which is a powerful weapon and it is one of the fastest shooting weapons. Its bullet speed is very fast and it can destroy level 3 helmets easily with a single shot.

Battleground mobile India iOS:

First, this gaming application was not available for iOS users in India but the iOS version for this epic game was launched on 18 August 2021. Now, iOS users can also enjoy this wonderful game on their mobile phones as it is available for both Android and IOS users for free. It will run smoothly on IOS 9.0 and any latest version.

Battleground mobile India PC download:

If you want to play this game on your PC except on mobile phones then you can also download this gaming application on your PC. 

  • First of all, this game will need the latest window on your PC to run flawlessly.
  • You have to make enough space in your PC to download this heavy application
  • After this, you have to download the BlueStacks file on your PC
  • You must download the APK file on your PC.
  • Now you just need to enter the Emulator key
  • Search in the search bar for battlegrounds mobile India mod APK.
  • Click on the install app key.
  • The app will be shown on the screen of your PC after the installation is completed.
  • Now you can enjoy this wonderful warrior game on your PC also.

Battleground mobile India series:

  • The very first edition of Battleground mobile India’s series is BGIS 2021.
  • This tournament is sponsored by IQ oo and organized by GRAFTON.
  • The prize pool for this tournament was 10 million INR.
  • This series was held from 4 December 2021 to 16 January 2022 for in-game qualifiers. 
  • Every squad played 15 matches and the top 1024 were reached in the online qualifiers which were held between 16 December 2021 to 30 December 2021. 
  • There were 64 teams in the quarter-finals which were held between 2 January 2022 to 5 January 2022. 
  • There were a total of 16 teams qualified for the grand finals
  • 24 matches were played between them in 4 days to conclude the series.

Battleground mobile India hack:

The hack version of battleground mobile India mod APK is also available with the latest update. This version has some different kinds of options and easy access to different weapons. So if you want to play this game without spending any of the coins and money to unlock some premium features then you may download the hack version of battleground India mobile APK. The hack version can easily be downloaded from the Google Play store.

  • The logo of this gaming application is completely and perfectly explaining the qualities and features of this game. 
  • There is the warrior on the main line who has a helmet on his head and some weapons with him.
  • There is a weapon in one hand and the other weapon is hanging on his shoulder.
  • The background is representing the three colors of the Indian flag which are Orange, white, and green 
  • The print of the warrior’s shirt is the print of the Indian national flag.
  •  Moreover, the name of the game is written in bold letters with 3 Indian representation colors at the base of the logo.

Battleground mobile India lite:

As we know battleground mobile India is a gaming application that needs the latest software and Android versions so the people who have low configuration devices are not able to enjoy this game the developers of the game have reported that they are going to release the lite version of this wonderful game application soon for those people who have not high configuration devices. So if you do not have the latest version of Android and IOS then there is good news for you because soon the light version of this wonderful game will also be available and easily accessible.

Battleground mobile India zombie mode:

There is a virus infection mode which is said to be part of the zombie mode in this gaming application. So, the players kill the zombies and protect themselves in the game. There are three rounds in zombie mode; these include power UPS, boosters, and many more. But nowadays there is an issue in the virus infection mode of battleground mobile India. The developers of this game are working to fix this problem and they will soon inform the users about further updates.

Pros and cons:

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. You always hear that Excess of anything is bad. In the case of any game, if you give that game importance more than even your health, no matter your physical health or mental health it will harm you in any way. And if you use that game only for entertainment and joy just in your free time then it will refresh your mind and will be good for you. So, it depends on you whether you want to take advantage or disadvantage of the game.

Battleground mobile India mod APK

Similarly, in the case of battleground mobile India mod APK, where there are a large number of people who are entertaining themselves by playing this game, but at the same time, there are many incidents that occur. Because of those incidents, this game was banned in India. So, keep yourself on the right path and use the game only for the purpose which the games are made for.


Battleground mobile India is one of the most played games. Many options can be used for entertainment and joy. This game is an adventurous extraordinary, versatile and stunning game in which there is a warrior or savior who has to kill the enemy players and at the end of the game, there is only one winner of the game. The graphics of the game are incredible. The developers have claimed the security and safety of user data so, you may play this game in your free time for entertainment.

MOD APK version of Battlegrounds Mobile India

MOD feature

Unlimited UC

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