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Bistro Heroes mod apk

Want to play a game that allows you to choose your heroes according to your choices and to fight a  deadly vicious battle on the battlefield? Players from all over the world are just going crazy about role-playing games as these games offer the players to develop a character that they want and more importantly which they fantasize about in their thoughts.

Bistro Heroes mod apk

This game allows you to fulfill your thrilling dreams of becoming some first-line powerful commando upon which the safety of the whole nation depends. Moreover, you are not just going to experience adventures but will also enjoy some cooking and baking in this game. So, someone who loves to be in chef mode can also enjoy this game to the fullest. Let’s begin the article which will give you a better understanding of the gameplay.

Bistro Heroes mod apk Interface

This game is from the role-playing genre and was published by team tapas. In this game, the players made strategies about how to attack the enemies on the battlefield. Along with the equipped strategies, you will also need to have heroes who will help you in the completion of your tasks and win this battle against all the evil creatures coming your way on the battlefield. To assign these heroes, you will require a great amount of money. This game has drawn the attention of players from all over the world because of its unique gameplay and highly advanced visuals.

Bistro Heroes mod apk Gameplay

The gameplay is all about an imaginary world with adorable creatures. These alluring characters have to fight with the evil creatures to win on the battlefield. The story is majorly about two heroes named coq au vin and Aryan. On their way to this tiring life, they found a restaurant. Where they get jobs as waiters. Their duties are to provide food to the customers on the table. They can also cook delicious meals to sell to the customers who are passing by the restaurants.

Players shouldn’t underestimate the thrilling and amazing events happening in the gameplay with all of its amazing possibilities. The display of many intriguing posters and banners during the gameplay gives you an aesthetic sense of a Halloween party. The gameplay provides you with the options of furniture and outfits that you can acquire and use to give your character more power and make them more unique and attractive. 

Additionally, you can trade the skins offered in the game, throughout all the events happening, with the stars. In this way, you can have enough stars in the game. In this gameplay, you not only have to fight with small sized enemies but also with their more powerful bosses. So in this case, you prioritize and make strategies to attack your allies.

Bistro Heroes mod apk Features

  •  Gathering all the materials for restaurants.

You will be constantly needing materials for your restaurants and you can achieve these materials only on the battlefields by fighting with the allies.

  • Heroes for your fights.

You will be needing skillful and powerful heroes who can fight along with you to achieve those materials for the restaurants. You will need money to buy these heroes. For this purpose, you will have to work in the restaurant day and night tirelessly to earn a lot of money. It seems like you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate in this game. This feature will also acclimate your brain to be responsible in your real life, making you accountable for your duties.

  • Strategy for the fight

You don’t need to worry about the proper plan of the fight on your first encounter. The first encounter will itself teach you about the tactics of the fight and how to gather the materials and win this fight. You can move the heroes by swiping the screen ensuring the safety of the heroes. 

Moreover, these heroes are provided with two skills each. One is support skill and the other is vast area attack skill. You can also have the option of multiple attacks to kill the enemy.

  • Wining rewards

This game has a series of levels in which you have to fight with the enemy. Don’t worry, you will learn the gameplay with each passing level. With all the experiences learned in the previous levels, you will now be in a very good position to apply skills in a more authentic way to damage the backbone of the enemy. By doing so, you will be able to learn rewards in the form of materials for the restaurant so that you can cook delicious and delectable meals for your customers which will ultimately generate revenue for you in the game.

  • Automatic mode of battle

The game has a feature of the automatic mode of battle in which you have to just watch the gameplay of the battle on the battlefield and from where you will be having a better understanding of the combat. This automatic feature has made this gaming application more popular worldwide and the number of downloads has increased from the google play store. 

  • Upgrading the status of heroes.

There is an upgradation system in this gameplay from which you can buy any effect or skill by spending money and upgrading the level of your heroes so that they can perform better on the battlefield. You can also purchase unique and cute outfits for your heroes and furniture for your house and restaurants.You have to upgrade the status of your specific heroes in the upgradation system manually.

Bistro Heroes mod apk

And in case, the procedure is not working, then you should restart the device on which you were playing the game. Another method is to replace the already present heroes in which you have to go to the system settings then to functions and then choose google play retailer utility. Make the space for storing new and upgraded heroes by deleting the cache. Then restart your device again. And here you go with the availability of advanced skilled heroes in your choice list.

  • Ranking of heroes

 Playing with your choice of heroes gives you an option of ranking them in a list from best to the way normal heroes in skills. Until, by gathering data based on the players experience, the highly ranked heroes of bistro heroes mod apk are a muffin, pepper, eclair, coq au vin, limu, aryan and the list goes on. So, you just got an idea about the selection of the heroes from this ranking when you will be playing the game after the installation.

Bistro Heroes mod apk Download

 We will not recommend you download this game from third party softwares because right now these websites are blocked and are not working. This is due to the reason that players were facing abuse on those websites. To enjoy the premium, unlocked, and unlimited features available in the mod apk version, kindly don’t install the application from the google play store as it will only waste your time with all the complicated levels and leave you in frustration. 

No issues, now providing you with the authentic and safe link to download this latest version of the mod apk of the gaming application.

  • To download, you have to first click the URL of the gaming application and save the file in your devices.
  • Then on your mobile, go to the settings, then to security, and then enable the button of download from unknown sources. In this way, you will get the final link to initiate the process of downloading this gaming application.
  • Congratulations, now you are one step away to enjoy all the thrilling activities happening in this game.

 Bistro heroes mod apk Latest version

In this mod apk version of the game, you will be able to enjoy the gameplay with all the premium features including damage multiplier, attack speed multiplier, god mode, and unlimited gold, woods, and stars. The option of unlimited woods and stars is always in active mode. In this gameplay, you will have to earn the heroes by completing certain tasks and levels while in other games, the gameplay already has heroes from which you can make the most out other of it. It is just like you are unlocking the heroes with distinctive abilities and qualified skills of your choice.

These characteristics will make your game more exciting. Ready to experience the adventurous journey? Just download the game to initiate the fun process.

  1. Option of switching the game on your different devices:
  2. To switch the game on any of your other devices, you have to synchronize both devices with your google account.
  3. Then by using the server save icon, save all the knowledge of your game in your notepad. Now you can finally log in to your gaming application in this new device and put all the saved knowledge into your gaming application.
  4. Start playing your beloved game on your new device with all the thrill and vigor.

Bistro Heros mod apk Coupon

Coupons are cheated codes that you can redeem and avail of some free features of the game. By applying these coupons, you can make your gameplay more interesting and exciting. Through these coupons and cheat codes, you cannot avail free goodies like gems, gold, furniture, stamina, arcade heroes, furniture, and outfits.

Some of the coupons and cheat codes with their free goodies are given below for your ease. 

  1. 1wa4YpxIu for 5000 gems 
  2. WBUYgtDoS for 10000 gold 
  3. GrbL6mGHh for summon furniture, clothes x10 –
  4. 8HxtoRWqS for arcade heroes 
  5. IUIUGJdYc for 5000 event coin 
  6. NmF9UZaIF for successful rate 100% 
  7. pCNDNoZpn for 1 Month Card code 
  8. 79UsqwkTa for goodies like upgrade cheat: polish weapons, armor, expand counter, improve the turnover rate and rest area.
  9. ymFUOFsDa for relic 
  10. LZoZL0XXj for pet 
  11. hFpCJnACA for secret combination 
  12. gRkZhU401 for level up 
  13. 9eOTVUEVp for 200 stamina 
  14.  Au5T0Tfzk for 5000 resources
  15.  PBzMZj9vF for a special reward
  16. cvHQINCd3 for special ticket 
  17. 523MYK2p0 for in-game items 
  18. 1QGFH7OKe for artifact 

But the real problem is these coupons and cheat codes have validity dates up to some time. You have to check their validity and expiry date from the concerning websites which keep on updating the expiry dates of these coupons. These websites which post the codes with their expiry date and also keep on updating the codes on a weekly and monthly basis are team tapas on Facebook aTwittertter.

Bistro Heroes mod apk

To use these coupons and cheat codes, you have to redeem them in your game. To redeem these Bistro Heroes Coupons and cheat codes, you have to go into your game and then go into the menu present in the upper right corner of the game screen. There you will find the ‘system tab’ along with some other tabs. Enter your coupon or code there and you will receive your free goodies in no time.

  • Time to enjoy the gameplay without any obstacles now.
  • There are also some hack codes for this gaming application.
  • Some of them are given below:

Hack 1

First, you have to go to the cooking screen. Now you can select any dish you want. Now you have to choose the amount of craft and click on the “craft” to create a dish of your own choice.  You can also sell these crafted dishes to generate some revenue for your gameplay.

Hack 2

You can also get materials for cooking in your restaurant on the battlefield by fighting against the enemy and winning the rewards. You can earn as many rewards as you want by completing your tasks given and also by completing a competition to learn new dishes.

Hack 3

Explore the new and updated outfits and furniture for your restaurant. Event coins can be used to purchase new outfits for customization and new and unique furniture for the restaurant. You can use these event coins in the event time only and the leftover coins which are not used can also be used in the next event. So you don’t need to take tension about the unused coins. You can secure around 5000 event coins during the event time.

Hack 4

Upgradation of your heroes will ultimately upgrade them in their abilities and skills. In this way, they will perform better for you in the battlefield against the enemy. For upgrading, you have to spend a large amount of gold.

MOD APK version of Bistro Heroes

MOD feature

Free shopping

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