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Boxing Star + MOD (Unlimited Money) v4.1.2

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NameBoxing Star
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Boxing Star Mod APK:

Do you love boxing? Are you a huge fan of WWE and have never missed a single episode of it? Have you ever wondered about having a real-life experience of boxing? If yes, then let’s talk about having this experience virtually and enjoying being a boxing star. Boxing Star mod apk is an amazing boxing and action-based game which provides you the platform to experience how it feels to be a boxer and how much struggle it requires to be a star in this field. You will start this game as a street fighter and will eventually become a star. But you have to work very hard and face many challenges to reach that position. You have to train your character to be a skilled fighter. In this game, your task will not only be to attack your opponent but you also have to defend yourself from the punches of your enemy.

Boxing Star Mod APK

There are many other fighting games like Super Punch and Prize Fighter 2 also available in the market. But Boxing Star has gained so much popularity since its release due to its amazing graphics and unique features. You can upgrade the strength of your character by collecting points. You have to unlock premium features to get gloves, increase strength, increase attack power, or get extra items to add skills to your character. So you need to win matches to earn enough money for these in-app purchases. So your focus will be divided between the collection of money and fighting, which is not good for your game.

In the case of the Boxing Star Mod APK, you don’t need to worry about how to earn enough money to unlock the premium features. Because Mod APK is the cracked version of this app which already has all the premium features unlocked for free. You also get unlimited money to make any in-app purchases if you need them. So you can focus completely on your game and can be the best player.

Boxing Star Mod APK Download:

People are more biased towards the modded versions of the apps due to their extra benefits. But some of them cannot download the Mod APK version as the process is a bit different and they don’t know how to do it. But we are here to help you by providing a step-by-step guide about how you can download the Boxing Star Mod APK easily.

  • First of all, download an APK file that should be compressed.
  • Now the APK file needs to be stored in specific storage of your phone.
  • You can do it by going into the file manager of your phone.
  • Now download the Mod APK of Boxing Star by the link given on our website.
  • As Mod APK is developed by third parties so you need to allow unknown sources through your phone’s settings.
  • Allow the permissions required by the app.
  • Install the app and enjoy.

Boxing Star Mod APK Features:

Although the official stores are loaded with games of such type we are mentioning some features which will convince you to believe that Boxing Star is the best option for you.

Easy controls and diverse movements:

This game enables its users to be free and make any movement that a real-life fighter can make to win the match. The controls of this game are kept very simple and easy so that everyone can play the game without any difficulty. There is a tutorial also available in the game where pro fighters will teach you how to make movements like hooking, dodging, or punching your opponent. Buttons are provided on the screen for every movement and you just need to tap on the button regarding whichever movement you want to make.

Boxing Star Mod APK

Two Modes:

 This game has two modes and you can choose one of them as per your desire. 

  • One mode is a story mode where you will enter the world of boxing as an amateur who has zero knowledge and skills. You will be accompanied by a manager named Emma who will be your coach. Emma will be with you throughout your journey. So story mode will be a complete story of how a newbie enters the boxing world and becomes one of the boxing stars.
  • The second Mode of this game is League Mode where you will start as a pro player who is already a star. You will challenge other players in this mode and will participate in online matches. If you win the match you will be given 4 awards for every win.

Choose your Body Type:

There will be multiple characters with variable body types available in this game. You can choose any character out of them but it is wise to choose the one with a heavy body. The player having a bulky or heavy body can easily defeat his opponents. You can also upgrade your character and customize it as the game will proceed.

Upgrade your Character:

It is very important to upgrade your character constantly in this game. At first, your character will be very simple and will have no upgraded clothes or items. You need to get items like gloves which will act as protection against the opponent’s attack. Moreover, to give this game a more realistic touch there will be sponsors in this game who will bet money on you. So you should try to get the biggest sponsor to get more money for in-app purchases.

Boxing Star Mod APK

Face your opponents:

Your opponents in the game depend on which level you are playing at. Because at initial levels, it will be easy for you to win because your enemies will also be newbies. But as the levels are upgraded, your opponents will also become stronger and the difficulty of your game will increase.

Realistic Graphics:

One of the most important features of this game is the boxers and the whole environment looks so real that you for once forget that you are playing a game. The stress, crowd, and damages look so real that it sometimes gives you stress.

Participate in matches:

If you consider yourself skillful enough to challenge other players then you can participate in the matches taking place between players of this game. By participating and winning these matches you can earn extra rewards and awards which will be helpful in your journey.

Get unlimited power:

Till now, you surely have become familiar with how to play the game and how much effort and training is required to achieve high ranks in this game. But if you want to play a stress-free game and want to enjoy it without putting too much effort then opt for Boxing Star Mod APK. In this version, you can increase your power to cause extra damage to your opponent. Your attack power will be increased 1000 times for free by getting this Mod. You can also use cheats in this Mod and the official servers cannot detect your cheat.

Get rid of ads:

Another huge advantage of downloading Boxing Star Mod APK is that you will automatically get rid of annoying ads. Suppose you are at a critical level of your game and suddenly an ad appears. I know this could be very annoying so just go for a modded version of this app and get rid of such issues.

Boxing Star APK Latest Version:

Boxing Star is one of the best fighting games of this genre which was developed by Three Thirty Three Inc. The latest version(v4.1.2) of this app was released on 24 August 2022. Boxing Star requires Android 4.4 or above on your phone and needs 641MB of your phone’s storage to be free.

Boxing Star Mod APK

Boxing Star Hacks/Cheats:

Hacks or cheats are helpful in any game to attain success through a shortcut. Players or developers are always keen to find out shortcuts or ways that can facilitate and attract users to certain games. In original versions of the games where you have to unlock premium items and make in-app purchases, you can always use hacks and cheats for your benefit. But the Mod version of Boxing Star is a hacked or cracked version of this game itself which has all the features and items already unlocked for free. So you don’t need to waste your energy looking for any further hacks or cheats.

Boxing Star Characters:

There are a total of six characters available in this game who will act as the players. Every character will have its body type so you need to choose your character wisely. You should always go for the character who possesses a heavy body and has amazing skills. The names of six characters included in this game are:

  • Koji
  • Titus
  • Jin
  • Jacob
  • Diego
  • Tomas

MOD APK version of Boxing Star

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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