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Call of Duty Zombies + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.0.12

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NameCall of Duty Zombies
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

Call of Duty Zombies MOD APK:

If you love to play action, horror, and thrilling games, then the Call of Duty: Zombie mod apk version will be the best option for you guys. Because its application has visual effects quite similar to a typical horror movie. The whole interface will take you to the world of disasters and hardships.

The central idea of the game is that you have been stuck in a horrible place and the whole area where you stayed is badly infected by zombies. All the citizens are converted into zombies themselves. You have to fight with all these zombie victims. Use powerful weapons to shoot and take down everyone that comes your way. If you don’t shoot them then they will infect you and your game will be over.  Set a trap around your shelter to protect yourself from zombie’s bite.

Call of Duty Zombies MOD APK


 Collect some eatables and necessary resources to survive. If you don’t eat properly, your character will turn into a weak person. You won’t be able to survive if you don’t feed your character timely. Use your power-ups and booster in times of extreme danger. Purchase some powerful weapons to blow your enemies at once. You can purchase everything from the store with your reward money and gold coins. After shooting each zombie, you will get some gold coins. Shoot maximum zombies to get enough money. If you don’t do so, then you have to spend real money to purchase anything in the game. Try some more thrilling games like Live or Die Zombie survival APK, and Top War battle Mod APK. 

If you want to get more about this app, then you must have to read the article carefully.

Call of Duty Zombies MOD APK Download:

Want to get this app free? Just follow the given steps carefully.

1: Go to your phone’s settings and give permission to download third-party apps.

2: Now, come to the site again and hit the download link given at the top of the title page.

2: Wait for a couple of seconds.

3: Now, tap to install.

4: Open the application, and create an ID to start your game. Remember! Creating an account is compulsory. You won’t be able to play until you create an account.

5:That’s all.

Simple and Easy Touch Controls:

You will find a very simple and easy interface when you open the app for the first time. You will get familiar with all of its touch controls and gestures in no time. The screen controls option is given on the lower-right side of the screen. You have to control all the movements and motions of your character with the help of this popup joystick. It also has some gestures that will make your gameplay more convenient and efficient. You can easily move your character by swiping, sliding, rotating, and jumping. Double tap the left side of the screen to customize the background sound. Similarly, click the right corner of the screen to adjust the brightness of the screen.

Call of Duty Zombies MOD APK

Purchase and Unlock multiple Weapons:

You can purchase all the available weapons with your reward money and coins. In the initial levels, you have to choose some small weapons like rifles, guns, and pistols. But as you move forward to the next levels, powers will increase. In such circumstances, you have to compete with more enemies with powerful weapons. You can purchase a submachine, it will resolve all your battles. Get a flare gun, it will help you to take down numerous enemies at once. Shoot every zombie victim that comes your way, otherwise, they will infect you and transform you into a zombie. The only way of coming out from this disaster is your weapons and tactics to overcome. Some of the available weapons are listed below. You can pick one at a time.

1:Flare gun

2:Blow gun


4: Molotov Cocktail

5:Rocket Launcher

6: Hand Grenade, and many others.

All the above-mentioned weapons are the best and most reliable tools to defeat all your enemies. You can blow more than 50 zombies at once with the help of Rocket Launcher. The submachine is the second powerful weapon that can be used when there is no way to escape. It will take away all the zombies in just one shot. But you can’t use it without paying. All the mentioned weapons cost too much to their users especially Rocket Launcher and Submachine are expensive tools. But I also have a free version for you.

If you are in search of a free version then the hours of waiting are over. The best alternative to the original version has been launched for you. Just hit the above link and get the cracked version of this app without getting paid. In the hacked version, you will find each and every feature of the original app free of cost. It is like a duplicate copy of the original app that is completely free of cost. No need to buy expensive weapons, because you will have all the weapons already unlocked in the hacked version.


In the initial level, you will find yourself in a tutorial video. Watch that phase carefully and act accordingly. If you follow all the given instructions carefully, you will understand the main script or central idea of the game in a very short time. After getting familiar with its touch controls and gestures, you will be given four different phases and you have to select one among them. These four phases are actually maps. Each map has its own visuals, graphics, obstacles, and sound effects. After selecting one of them, your epic series of levels will start. Each phase has more than 100 levels. You will certainly enjoy all the impressive series of levels. 

Call of Duty Zombies MOD APK

We can’t imagine fighting games without maps. That’s why the developer added this feature to make it more impressive and super-exciting. Follow the map to discover the locations of your enemies. Unlocked all the available locations by shooting the maximum infected person. Because they are responsible for spreading viruses. In this way, you can protect the remaining persons who are not infected by zombies yet.

Single Player Campaign:

This feature is programmed for offline gamers. It offers you 50+ incredible and impressive levels that will certainly hook you in the gameplay. First of all, select a suitable character of your preferred gender. Give it an awesome look by applying some facial hairs and body hair. If you select a female character then select a female warrior costume for her. Choose hairstyles, hats, jackets, shoes, and many other useful items from the store. After that, select difficulties and hurdles for yourself. You can even choose your hurdles and tasks in the campaign mode. Shoot and blow your enemies to get infinite coins and rewards. As it is a simple player mode, so you can enjoy it without having internet connections. But if you want to play with other online gamers then you must have a strong internet source. 

Completing challenges and getting rewards:

After completing each level or mission, you will get many achievements in the form of bonuses, gold coins, money, games, and many other rewards for further levels. Unlock unlimited speed-ups and boosters to shoot enemies at 4x speed.

Multiplayer Mode:

Multiplayer mode permits you to play this game with world-famous and professional online gamers. If you want to enjoy your gameplay with multiple online gamers, then you must have a strong internet connection. You can compete with other players to get a high rank on the leaderboard. You can compete with 4 online gamers at a time. In other words, you only can create a group of 4 players to play with.

Call of Duty Zombies MOD APK


Try the mod version to get the default version completely free. The mod version not only unlocks all the paid features but also gives you some convenient features like an ad-free interface and fast and effective data processing.  Moreover, you will get all the expensive weapons already unlocked in the mod version. It is such a great blessing for online gamers. 

What are you waiting for? Just try it once, you will certainly get immersed in the addictive gameplay. Don’t forget to share your positive reviews about it in the comment section.

MOD APK version of Call of Duty Zombies

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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