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Carrom Pool : Board Game + MOD (Unlimited Coins) v6.0.10

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NameCarrom Pool : Board Game
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
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Carrom Pool mod apk

The Carrom Pool is a board game that can be played with multiple players. It was created by Miniclip. The Carrom Pool Mod Apk game has genuine sights, original noises, and natural features that make it feel as though you’re performing on the actual carrom board. If the players want to win in this game then they must pot each colored puck that belongs to them before their rivals do that. You can achieve victory by potting the “Queen” and then covering it. You have to choose the bid amount, decide the striker, and then throw the puck. That is all that it requires.

Carrom Pool mod apk

You can play against great opponents while traveling the world with easy controls and excellent mechanics. Miniclip developed and released the Carrom Pool Mod apk, which can be played online as well as offline. Southeast Asian nations such as Pakistan, India and many other countries enjoy playing this game. The game’s graphics are so amazing that they will give you the feeling that you’re performing the real game of carrom. The Carrom Pool Mod Apk game is very popular and has several forms. Korona, Bob, Couronne, Pichenotte, Pitchnut and Crokinole are just a few of the best-known variants. You may add a different range of unlocked things to the pieces in order to customize them. You may customize them as you like.

Carrom Pool mod apk Features

Some of the amazing features of the Carrom Pool mod apk game are mentioned below:

  • Multiplayer game

The Carrom Pool mod apk game allows for a multiplayer experience, so you can bring friends and other players to start a game with you. Nothing is more fun than performing together in a fantastic company.

  • Single player game

Additionally, It’s a game you may play by yourself. Due to the numerous unique levels and objectives for every level in this version, it will never become boring or uninteresting.

  • Unlimited Money

You will have access to unlimited money in this game for free. You may play Carrom Pool Mod APK for as long as you’d like without running out of money since it offers free access to every level.

  • Offline mode

The Carrom Pool Mod APK game can be played offline. Thus, an internet connection is not required to play this game. The android game Carrom Pool Mod APK provides a new take on the board game. The pool has two different modes like Disc and Classic.  By selecting any one mode, you may play this game. You can select a model based on your needs.

  • Variation of boards

The Carom pool game is well-liked all around the world. There are several additional variations that enable you to play with family or friends from all over the world, including Couronne, Korona, Bob, Pitchnut, Pichenotte and Crokinole.

  • Simple and easy controls

The Carrom Pool Mod APK game may be used without even any issues. You should not be concerned because Carrom is easy to handle and the mechanics are accurate.

  • Various levels

As there are no longer coins or money required to play this game, the players who like Carom Disk Pool may now enjoy it even more than ever. This Carom Disk Pool game has two modes which are Disc Pool Mode and Classic Mode. The Carom Disk Pool game offers a variety of levels and goals for every level, ensuring that it never becomes repetitive or uninteresting.

  • Free download

The Carrom Pool Mod APK game provides unique variations on the classic game of Carrom for single-player as well as multiplayer gaming, and it also offers customizable features for things like suit kinds,  table layouts, backdrop colors and many more. Moreover, it has two game modes such as Disc Pool Mode and Classic Mode, all of which are interesting and engaging. If you want to play the Carrom Pool Mod APK game then you do not need to worry about anything because it does not demand any money or coins. 

  • Unlocked pucks and unique strikers

Moreover, the Carrom Pool Mod APK can provide a variety of items that have been unlocked. You are able to modify your pieces in this version of the Carrom Pool game by obtaining various unlocked pucks and unique strikers after accomplishing certain objectives during this game.

  • Exciting rewards

Playing the Carrom Pool Mod APK game also offers you the opportunity to win rewards and bonuses. As the Carrom pool game does not require money or cash to play, the game is very interesting and it never gets really boring. This makes it a lot more exciting to play Carrom with the family, friends as well as other people.

  • Distinct design

In fact, the players who love to play the Carrom Pool game may now relish it even more than ever because they no longer require money or coins to get several distinct design components in the Carrom Pool game, including various types of suit, table layouts, backdrop colors and so much more.

  • Compete with family and friends

One of the best features of the Carrom Pool game is that you can invite your family members and friends to compete with you in the game. Now you can enjoy all the fantastic features of this amazing game with your family and friends for free.

Carrom Pool mod apk

Carrom Pool mod apk download

By just pressing the link on our page, you may download the Carrom Pool mod apk game without paying the cost.  To play this game on the Android phone, you must download and run the Carrom Pool mod apk mod apk. To download the Carrom Pool mod on your mobile phone, you must read the instructions mentioned below:

  • To get the Carrom Pool mod apk on your mobile phone, just tap the link given on this page.
  • You must go to the settings menu and select the option for installing unidentified resources on the device in order to download and utilize the Carrom Pool mod apk file.
  • It is now required to find the downloaded Carrom Pool mod apk file in the downloads folder of file manager.
  • You must choose the recently downloaded Carrom Pool mod apk file.
  • You can now install the Carrom Pool mod apk on your Android phone by choosing the install option.
  • All you need to do now is follow the steps shown on your phone’s screen.
  • You must now enter the email address or phone number to finish the signup process.

Our Carrom Pool mod now has all of the amazing unlocked features of this game. You just need to tap the given link on this page if you want to access all of the fantastic features of this amazing Carrom Pool mod game.

Carrom Pool download for pc

Users may still download the Carrom Pool mod game using emulators even if it isn’t officially supported by Windows 7, 8, or 10. There are various ways to install the Carrom Pool mod game on a Windows PC using emulators (7, 8, or 10). We’ll discuss one such approach in this section. The Android emulator “Bluestacks” is often downloaded and used by users to run Android apps on Windows computers. Users of Mac OS may download the Bluestacks software as well. Using the Bluestacks application, we will download and install the Carrom Pool mod game on Windows computers running versions 7, 8, or 10. Let’s now discuss the whole installation instructions, which are as follows:

  • You need to install Bluestacks 5 first on your computer by downloading it from the official website.
  • The installation procedure is very simple and easy to comprehend. Now you can use the Bluestacks application on your PC after it has been successfully installed.
  • It will take a little more time for the Bluestacks application to start for the first time. However, you can access the home page of the Bluestacks application after it has launched.
  • Bluestacks already has the Playstore installed in it. All you need to do is locate the Playstore button on the homepage and double-click it to launch it..
  • You have to search for the application you really want to download immediately, then run it on the pc. So you have to simply search for the Carrom Pool mod game and then download and install it on your PC.
  • The Carrom Pool mod game can be installed immediately by selecting the Install option on the Bluestacks application. After that, the Carrom Pool mod game may be seen in Bluestacks’ folder of installed apps.
  • To launch the Carrom Pool mod game on the pc running Windows (7, 8, 10) you must now double-click it in the Bluestacks application. You can play the Carrom Pool mod game on the Windows PC in the same way as you would play it on an iOS or Android phone right now.

You may enjoy all of the fantastic premium features of the Carrom Pool mod game as soon as it becomes accessible on the Windows operating system of your PC. You can also load the Carrom Pool mod on a Windows PC using various emulators like MEmu Player and Nox Player. The same procedure as previously explained might be used to install these other emulators as well.

Carrom Pool mod apk unlimited coins and gems download

The two main types of currency in the Carrom Pool game are coins and gems. In this game, a large number of items may be purchased using coins and gems. Unlimited coins and gems are available with our Carrom Pool mod, which is free to use. You only need to click the link provided on this page to get our Carrom Pool mod. You may play the Carrom Pool game for free and get unlimited access to its fantastic features.

Carrom Pool mod apk hack

If you wish to enjoy the Carrom Pool game with an unlimited amount of coins, gems, pucks, strikers, and other items, you must download our mod. With the help of our Carrom Pool mod, You can get everything you want without paying the cost. You can download and enjoy the fantastic Carrom Pool game on the devices with its unlocked premium features by simply clicking the link given on this page.

Carrom Pool mod apk

Carrom Pool apk old version

Coins, gems, and pucks are all available in unlimited quantities in the older version of the Carrom Pool game. There are several distinct levels in this older version of the game. If the most recent version of the Carrom Pool game app is incompatible with your devices, you can install this older version and enjoy the game.

MOD APK version of Carrom Pool : Board Game

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins

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