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Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game + MOD (Unlimited diamond) v2.2.8

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NameCooking Madness -A Chef's Game
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited diamond
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Cooking Madness Mod APK:

If cooking and discovering new dishes is your passion, then you should try this application to experience mad cooking. It will give a fast and efficient interface for cooking. You will play as a chef. You have to fulfill all the orders of customers within a short time. That’s why it is called Cooking madness mod apk.

Cooking Madness Mod APK

Note that it is not a restaurant maintenance game. It only belongs to the chef and his performance. The whole interface of the game is super exciting and adventurous. Want to get more information about it? Keep reading the article. I will tell you everything about this application.

Cooking Madness Mod APK Download:

Follow the given steps carefully, if you are interested to download its mod version.

1: You will see a download link on the front page of this website. Just hit that link to get this app.

2: Wait for a while until the completion of the download procedure.

3:After that, tap the install option.

4:If you get notified of “Unable to install” then follow the step given below.

5: Open the setting of your android and enable the option of Unkown Source.

6: Go to the recent downloads folder and select Cooking Madness APK file.

7: After selecting, again tap the install option.

8: Now, open the app and start your experience of Mad cooking.

9: That’s all.


Here are some exciting features of this game. It will certainly immerse you in the game.

Travel around the World:

As your know, this is not a restaurant-building game. It is a cooking game, which you will play as a chef. So it’s your responsibility to satisfy your customers with your services. So in order to become a world-famous chef, this application will give you a chance to travel around the World to enhance your progress. Discover the most famous recipes in the world. Each level has unique layouts and attributes. So enjoy the incredible and exciting game. Keep moving forward to gain more experience.

Fastidious Services:

You have to complete all the ingredients before opening your restaurant. You have to purchase all the basic and required ingredients from Store. You can purchase all the ingredients with gold coins and reward money. Because if the customers arrive, then it will become impossible for you to fulfill their orders.

 In the beginning, you will find everything easy but after a few minutes, you will feel that the interface of the game has become fast. So you have to boost up your speed in that situation. 

If you don’t fulfill your customer’s demand, then you will lose the level. After that, you have to start at the same level again. Moreover, fastidious activities can diversify your recipe. So be alert while cooking a specific dish. Follow the recipe book carefully while cooking. 

Purchase Kitchen Appliances:

In order to perform all the tasks, you must have some advanced kitchen appliances. This application offers you to purchase some advanced and useful kitchen gadgets like a coffee maker machine,  Juicer, blender, cooking range having multiple flame portions, knives, and many other things.

Cooking Madness Mod APK

In addition, you have to purchase some expensive ingredients to create unique recipes. In this way, you will become a famous chef in your area.  Purchase one of the most expensive meats like Kobe beef is 4 times more expensive than normal meat. Use the rarest ingredients in your recipes to become the most popular chef.

Working in multiple Kitchens:

You know this is not a restaurant app, it just belongs to the chef and his performance. Start your experience as a chef in a small Street Food kitchen and keep moving forward. After completing each level, you will find yourself in an entirely new kitchen. Is it seems exciting? Of course, It is! 

This feature gives you promotions to a better restaurant, but it totally depends upon your work. So give the best services to your customers to attain good positions in famous Restaurants.

Discover hundreds of new dishes:

You can discover your recipe and dishes using this feature. Because it offers you thousands of rare and basic ingredients.  Use the map and explore all the available options in your kitchen. So use your tactics and wisdom to create delicious dishes. Add your discovered dishes to your Recipe Book. In this way, you can save the exact recipe of a specific dish forever.  Because each dish requires a specific amount of raw materials and ingredients.

Dozens of exciting levels:

Cooking Madness will give your dozens of exciting levels. The more amazing thing about this feature is that you will find each level has entirely different layouts and maps. You will never see the same map and layout on two different levels. You won’t be able to access the next level without completing the previous one. So keep moving forward to become the most famous Mad chef.

Cooking madness unlimited coins and diamonds:

Get uncountable coins and diamonds after completing each level. If you are an active user of Cooking Madness, then it offers you to get daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses. Moreover,  Unlimited rewards, energy boosters, power-ups, and gold coins are waiting for you in this modified version without any cost. What are your waiting for? Try the app and start your experience of Mad cooking.

Cooking madness online:

One more piece of good news for you dear users! Experience exciting gameplay without any restriction of data connections. Because this application can be played offline. So feel free to play exciting kitchen tasks whenever or wherever you want. But, if you want to get unlimited rewards and gold coins then you must have an active internet connection.

Cooking Madness hacks and cheats:

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut or cheat available for this application. Don’t worry! I will provide you with some tips and tricks to attain high scores at each level. You have to follow the steps listed below.

1:  Open the app at least once or twice a day to receive daily rewards, diamond, and gold coins. 

2: Perform all your chef tasks as quickly as possible. Because if you don’t do so, you will be expelled from the restaurant.

3: In order to get unlimited rewards and coins,  search for LuLu Box Pro APK on google. The results will appear in seconds. Click the download link and install the app. Login your with Gmail account and Put the Cooking Madness account number to connect it with the Lulu Box pro APK. After getting connected with the LuLu box, you will be able to get unlimited coins and diamonds effortlessly. 

Cooking madness Boosters:

Unlock dozens of energy boosters and power-ups. Enhance your abilities and power by utilizing these energy boosters and power-ups. Some energy boosters are as follows

1: speed – ups

2: Power-Ups

3: Magnetic field( to collect all the coins appearing on your screen), etc.


Try the mod version of this application to experience unlimited power-ups and boosters. Moreover, you can get an ad-free interface in its mod version.  You will experience a memorable time with Cooking Madness.

Cooking Madness Mod APK

You can play it offline, whenever or wherever you want. I have inserted a link to download the mod version on the top of this website. Just click that link to get it. 

MOD APK version of Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game

MOD feature

Unlimited diamond

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