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Cricket League + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.3.5

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NameCricket League
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Cricket League Mod APK:

Let’s execute and play authentic and realistic Cricket matches and fulfill the passion for cricket. Cricket League Mod is a podium for cricket lovers and trains people to play cricket with real rules and directives. There are different tournaments in the game where the players can participate and win to get rewards. Cricket League Mod users are free to choose their teams and players. They can select their favorite players from teams of any country. Players have a choice of practicing over the long pitch and short pitch.

Cricket League Mod APK

The Cricket League Mod has many modes and players can play the mode whichever they want to play. These modes may be quick, 20-20, Asia Cup, and Test Series. This game is full-time fun as you can travel and explore other countries and play the matches and tournaments in other locations like India, Pakistan, Australia, etc. it is up to you what you choose. You can take part in events and tournaments and get rewards by winning these tournaments. These rewards are used to unlock more players and improve their skills. You can also change the ball if you do not like the previous one. Everything in the Cricket League Mod is just like the real Cricket world. So, it is completely fun for the passionate audience.  

Cricket League Mod APK Download:

Follow the following steps to reach the real cricket world. 

  1. First, click on the link above the article to download the APK file of the Cricket League Mod.
  2.  After completing the download, allow the android device to enable the security of the phone.
  3.  Go to “Files” and then “Documents”. 
  4.  Install the APK file of Cricket League Mod.
  5.  Allow your phone to give some permissions to the Cricket League Mod.
  6.  Start playing and practicing the Cricket matches.


Graphics and Controls:

Most people in the world want to play games with high graphics and visual effects. They keep the graphics their priority and search for games with high-quality graphics. The Cricket League Mod has stunning and incredible graphics and 3D visuals that catch the audience. It feels soothing to play a game with clear and limpid graphics. This app has very easy controls for everyone, either a beginner or an experienced one. If you are batting the first, swipe to hit the ball coming towards you. If you are looking forward to making a six, pull the hit, and a sixer is scored.  

Supported Devices:

The Cricket League Mod APK smoothly runs when you download it on a device with 4GB RAM and Octa Core Operator or processor. All android phones with 4.4 or above operating systems support the game and do not cause trouble or interruption. 

Location and Places:

It feels boring when you play thrilling matches in the same place or country. The Cricket League Mod has resolved the problem of getting bored and added many locations and places from different countries to entertain the audience. These places include:

  •  England
  •  India
  •  Pakistan
  •  South Africa
  •  West Indies
  • Srilanka 

Tournaments and events are held in different countries and this environmental change gives pleasure to the players and increases their exposure. 


Other Mod features of the Cricket League Mod APK are the following.

  •  Unlimited Money
  •  Unlocked Premium features.
  •  Unlocked levels and locations.
  • Fixed Bugs.
  •  Removed ads. 

Game Types:

It is not necessary to play one type of match and get bored. There are many types of matches that the game presents and people can play any of them. 

These game types include:

  • Quick match between only two players.
  •  ODI matches.
  • Test Series or Matches – continued for five days.
  • World Cup
  •  Asia Cup
  • Twenty-Twenty Series. 

Team Creation:

When you start the game, you have to create your team first. You can choose your favorite players from the world. You can customize their abilities and skills. The players are selected based on their playing styles like batting, bowling, or keeping styles. You have to make a team of eleven best players including all-rounders, batsmen, and bowlers. Your team creation is the first step to selecting whether you win or lose. Be careful while choosing the players as they help you win the events and tournaments. 

Cricket League Mod APK

Cricket League Mod APK Unlimited Money:

This feature of the Cricket League Mod APK is the best among all of the others. Unlimited Money helps the players to buy different types of balls, pitches, uniforms, and more. You can use this Unlimited Money to unlock popular players and locations. The best players increase the chance of winning the tournaments and leagues. This feature was not available in the previous versions but in the Mod version, this feature is creating enthusiasm as you can purchase what you want to get. 

Cricket League Mod APK Latest Version:

The game was last updated on July 29, 2022, and the newest Mod version of the game is 1.3.5. This mod version came with so many interesting and wonderful features that were getting praised and favored by the audience. This game was introduced on Oct 15, 2021


The gameplay of the Cricket League Mod APK is simple, obvious, and straightforward. You have to create your team of favorite players and start the matches. If you win the matches, you will receive rewards and gifts that may contain coins, gems, balls, or uniforms. These rewards can be used to improve the players and your matches. When you keep winning the tournaments, you unlock many popular and the best players. These players help you win more games and you become an expert. You can tour different locations given in the game. Also, friends from the game or real life can be added. 


The game size is not large and contains only 61MB.


The APK file of the game needs some permission from your mobile phone.

  • Device Storage,
  • Location.
  •  Microphone 

Cricket League Mod APK


The Cricket League Mod APK is the best platform for all those who are cricket lovers and passionate to learn or practice cricket. Simple controls, unbelievable graphics and visions, and easy gameplay make the game more interesting and amazing. You never get bored as there are many locations in the game and your favorite players to make you win. This game is free of ads and all the viruses are removed. There is no interruption or disturbance in the game as all bugs are fixed. 

MOD APK version of Cricket League

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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