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Alex CS:GO Mobile + MOD (Unlimited Money) v3.8

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NameAlex CS:GO Mobile
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Size1.9 GB

Apk counter strike shooting game is now available in android version and is named as android cs go. Valve Corporation released it. CS GO mobile apk has high-end gameplay and authentic graphics. Baixar cs go is latest mod of shooter games.

To win the game, you can interact with other players while playing counter strike android apk offline. Counter strike game download for android will urge you to continue the next level after playing a level. Moreover, you will fall in love after playing a Counter strike game for mobile once.

HISTORY of development of counter strike:

If you are searching for shooting games, then counterstrike global offensive for android is best one for you. First, Gooseman developed a mod version of quake named NAVY seals. Then, he developed a mod version of quake two, the ancestor to counter strike. Nowadays, valve’s shooting game is the most famous. That version attracted a large number of players in a short period. Then, CS 1.0 and CS 1.6 were released. Till that time, Counter strike global offensive offline download is the modified version of CS, in which graphics and gameplay of counter strike go beta download is boosted to the maximum.

CSGO Mobile on Android phones:

You will face some problems if you want to play counter strike go download the free version on your PCs. Counterstrike android game has innate comfort. You will quickly learn to play cs go android apk download game on your phone because that game has straightforward gameplay. Essential keys to run cs go full game download are located on the screen, such as reload bullets option, shoot button, joystick, aim for using sniper gun, and weapons exchange system. Sitting, standing, jumping, walking, and running are the types of movements in cs go Mediafire. When you use slow-walking option, then your opponent will never know about your footsteps sound. Jumping will help you to attack suddenly on your opponent.

CSGO Mobile graphics difference from the original version:

There are many differences between the graphics of cs go offline mod and the original version of that game on PC. 3D graphics changes have been made with technology in the environment, guns, people, and everything else. Your type of movement affects the quality of shooting. So, you have to maximize your quality of shooting to beat your opponent. If you want to play cs go mobile phone games smoothly, then you should have good graphics. An other game with best graphics and same like CS GO is also uploaded on my site. You may like Bully Anniversary Edition APK. Its mod version and obb data is also uploaded on my site.

MODES of CS GO Mobile apk:

CSGO free download on a mobile phone has bomb defuse mode. Terrorist and counter terrorist are the two teams consisting of 10 members. Coubter terrorist groups have to prohibit terrorists from placing C4. In case the bomb has already been established, and the counter terrorist wants to win the download counter strike for android apk, then that team had to defuse the bomb before the explosion of the bomb.

Equipment in CSGO:

Your victory in mod cs go offline depends mainly on the gun system of the game. So you have to use these guns and other weapons excellently. The Gun system of mobile cs go is like the gun system of its original version. You can buy some extra modified weapons, although M4A1, USO, AWP, P250, FAMAS, etc., are available for free in mobile cs go. You can further collect new information from your team members, and you can also learn strategies from experienced players in the latest version of csgo.

MAPS available in CS GO Mobile APK:

Following kinds of maps are available in download game counter strike apk;

  1. Inferno

  2. Mirage

  3. Dust

  4. Cache


  1. More quick adoption of game

  2. Gameplay as for the first-person perspective

  3. Multiple levels provided

  4. Different maps available

  5. Realistic graphics

  6. Powerful unlocked weapons

  7. Classic CSGO content


If you want to download csgo offline for free on your android mobile phones or tablets, then click once on the following download button to directly download counter strike go apk.

MOD APK version of Alex CS:GO Mobile

MOD feature

Unlimited money

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