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Frequently asked questions

Is Cube ACR app safe?

The app uses Microphone and audio call sources. So the app is safe to use. You should also use VPN if you want to be safe from hacking your data

How to hear the other person on cube ACR?

 If you are having a problem hearing other people on cube ACR, then you need to open the Cube call recorder ACR setting and enable the “Force VoIP calls as a voice call.”

Which is the best app for Call Recorder?

As mentioned above Cube acr recorder app is one of the best apps to record calls.

Can ACR record WhatsApp calls?

Yes, the cube ACR call recorder app can record WhatsApp calls and also supports many other websites like the cube ACR call recorder app can record IMO calls, WeChat calls, KAKAO calls, Slack calls, and many more.