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CuteU: Video Match Friends + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v4.5.0

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NameCuteU: Video Match Friends
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MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked

Cuteu MOD APK:


At the present time, there are fewer chances to find a good and entertaining company. For this purpose, we all need to do different activities just to pass our leisure time. These activities include book reading, painting, shopping, gardening, cooking, etc. But all people do not want to do this. They just want to talk with people to find good company. But the running time is not so easy to find a good and honest person with whom you can talk and share your thoughts and feelings. 

Many people in this technical time want to make online friends as well. Because everyone is busy in his own life, he can not make a few hours from his busy day to spend a little time with his friends. Also, making new friends Online is not easy and trustworthy. Because this time is technical without any doubt but this time is also full of scams. Because many people have Fake Ids and in such a way they may cheat us in many ways. But CuteU MOD APK is a very trustworthy and friendly application. In this, you first find a friend and then have a chance to read about his Bio from his profile, after a real and authentic identification you are able to make him a Buddy.


But in this piece of writing, we are going to know about such an amazing and super duper application through which you can find many friends all over the world. So, let’s hold your heartbeats because we are just very close to the introduction of this fabulous application. This application is named “CuteU MOD APK”,  by this amazing application you can find new friends from the whole world. This application allows you to connect by audio and video as well. 

Information about CuteU MOD APK:

CuteU MOD APK is such an amazing and stunning application that can provide you with fun in your free time. This application provides entertainment to its users to chat with different people from all over the world and make new friends.

In this application, you can not only chat through messages, but you can also chat and connect to people through audio and video calls as well. This feature enhances the demand for this application. 

How to run this application?

The use of this application is very easy. You just have to set up your Profile or log in with your Gmail account and this is ready to use.

Features of CuteU MOD APK:

Every application has its own unique and different features that could be helpful to rank this application very quickly across all over the world. So here we want to discuss some of these features to introduce this amazing application to all of you. Features of CuteU MOD APK are discussed below, so let’s move ahead to have a look at the stunning and surprising features of this cool and friendly application.

Chatting to many people:

In this application, you can chat with many people from all over the globe. You can make new friends including males and females as well. And the best point is that you can make friends according to your taste. Because it is very important for all to have a good friend who can keep secrets from his friend and be helpful in their time of need. So this application provides the opportunity to find such a good and honest friend.


Authentic Application:

This application is very authentic. At the present time scamming is running all over the world. But this application does not deceive its users. In this, you first check the profile of the fellow then you decide whether to make him a friend or not.

Variety of ways to connect:

You can connect through voice notes, text messages, audio calls, or video calls by this application. It’s upon you to choose the ways to talk to others. It may be text, video or audio, etc.

Meet new buddies:

By using this fabulous application you will be able to find new mates from the whole globe. This thing will be helpful to you in the sense that you will be able to know about the people of different areas and you will also be able to know about the taste of different places as well. By making new friends from a variety of places you will also have a command to get the information of different persons living at different places in a variety of climates and also you are capable of knowing about their way of living, their foodstuffs, etc.

Video Call:

The best feature of this application is that you can call video as well. Sometimes we are not getting the exact meaning of the next person through voice notes or text messages, for this, we want something new that can be seen in front of our eyes. This video call feature fulfills our demand and makes our difficulties easier.

CuteU MOD APK, allows you to connect with people also by video call, this thing helpful in making the connection stronger between two mates without any doubt.

Text Messages:

This feature is almost present in all connecting applications. This feature is very helpful, because sometimes we are not comfortable with Audio or Video calls, and do not convey our message properly. This feature is helpful in the time when we are too busy with our other activities and can not make Audio or Video calls.

Live Streaming:

You can also go live to meet others. 

This feature is very interesting because when there is a concert or any live program is running you can go live and watch it.   

Free of Ads:

The very amazing feature of this application is that it is free from ads because users mostly want such an application that is free from Ads.


The similar applications to CuteU MOD APK:

The interchangeable application to CuteU MOD APK are:

  • Skype

 CuteU MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds:

The best thing is that when you call others you have a chance to win Diamonds that are helpful in enhancing the features of this application. More diamonds, more features with many advancements.

CuteU MOD APK Download:

So it’s time to move toward the download process of this stunning application. You will be able to download this application when you have followed a few instructions. To download this application make sure to know about your mobile space and other necessary specialization that this application CuteU MOD APK requires. Download this super duper and friendly application on your device and make new friends all over the globe. 

Device Specifications:

  • Your device should be Android 5.0 or the latest version.
  • There is a need to have a space of 100 MB on your mobile because this application CuteU MOD APK requires 68 MB of free space. 
  • There is also a need to download the APK file.
  • Now, we are stable to download this application

Download procedure for CuteU MOD APK:

For the download process, you have to follow the instructions that are given below:

  • At the very first you need to download the given link of this APK, the link will be given in this article.
  • Now, browse CuteU MOD APK.
  • And then download this amazing application from the link that is given in this article.

Installation Commands:

When you do all these steps, you just now install this application and make your leisure and boring time full of entertainment and fun.

To install this application, you need to pursue the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Give access to your device settings box.
  • Give access to unknown resources to install this app without any error or restriction.
  • Next, just click on Install Button.
  • After a few seconds, this application will be a part of your mobile phone.

The download procedure of CuteU MOD APK for PC:

This application can also operate on a PC, for the download process of this application on a PC, you have to follow these instructions:

  • Your PC should have Windows 10 or 8 or 7.
  • Then, the other important thing is that you have to check the storage capacity of your PC, it should have a space of 4GB to work this application smoothly.
  • The necessary thing is to download the Emulator named Bluestackes emulator.
  • When you download this emulator, click on the link.
  • After clicking the link, just write CuteU MOD APK download in the search bar.
  • Allow it to download.
  • When the download is complete, install this super application on your PC.

  CuteU Mod APK Developer’s Name:

The developer name of this CuteU MOD APK is CuteU Team.

Updated Date of the CuteU Mod APK:

This application has been freshly updated on September 07, 2022.

Latest Version of CuteU Mod APK:

The Latest Version of CuteU MOD APK is v4.8.0.

MOD feature of this application:

The MOD feature of this application is Premium Unlocked. This means you will find all the premium features already unlocked in this app. 

CuteU Mod APK Genre:

The genre of this application is Social.


Advantages of CuteU Mod APK:

Everything has its advantages that are helpful for attracting users. There are some advantages that are very helpful to convince the users to use this super duper application. 

  • In this application, there are no commercials or advertisements. Because our users usually seek an application that is free of ads. So, this is the right application for those who want such an amazing application. Download this application and get the benefits of this. 
  • In this application, you can make new buddies from the whole globe. Also, it’s your choice to make friends male or female. 
  • Many applications require a monthly fee or premium to run the application smoothly and without any error. But this application has unlocked all premiums and gives access to its user’s use of this application.
  • It is very interesting to hear that you can make money or diamonds by using an application, but it’s true that this application gives you unlimited diamonds when you download this application. Also, many other points come to win and make money. 

The disadvantage of CuteU Mod APK:

The only con of this app is, you can’t use this app while offline. You need a stable internet connection in order to connect with your loved ones. 


After much discussion, we concluded that it’s very easy to make new mates in the present time without any doubt by using CuteU MOD APK because it is free of any doubt. You can make friends after identification. This is an authentic and real application. This feature is very important for the ranking of any application. Because if you are providing many features but these all are full of doubt then your all demanding features are all in vain. Real and authentic work is the demand of any user, also this application keeps your messages safe and doesn’t allow anyone to leak them. You can easily talk on text messages, voice notes, voice calls, and video calls without any danger.  

MOD APK version of CuteU: Video Match Friends

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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