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Dead Cells + MOD (All Unlocked) v2.7.10

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NameDead Cells
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MOD FeaturesAll Unlocked
Size1.39 GB
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Dead Cells APK:

Feeling tired of your hectic routine? Don’t worry, just try this gaming app. Because it is the best way of killing your boredom. The storyline and graphics of this game will certainly amaze you. This application is a perfect strategy game that introduces a unique concept of fighting. It is full of fantasies, magical powers, and mysteries. A supernatural evil has attacked your city and killed almost all the warriors and troops of your town. A mucus link structure enters the Dead Cells APK warrior you selected and the game begins.

You have to fight with powerful bosses, enemies, and evils. The horrible world of darkness is waiting for you. You have to protect the people of your town from these evil powers. There are many magical weapons available for you. Moreover, your character also has many magical powers. Collect diamonds and coins after killing each enemy. Unlock advanced and more powerful weapons by spending these diamonds and coins. The conflict, storyline, and theme of this game are so unique and addictive. You will fall in love with this game even after your first trial.

Dead Cells APK

How to Download?

The way to download this application is very simple and easy. The steps are given below.

1:Scroll up and click on the available download option that is located on the top.

2:Downloading will start automatically.

3:Tap the install option.

4:Unable to Install? Don’t worry. It is just because of a third-party app. Go to the settings and turn on the option of Unknown Source to grant permission. 

5:Now, open the gallery of your phone and search for the recent downloads.

6:Select the required APK file that you want to download.

7:That’s it.


Deadly Warriors:

This application is becoming popular because of its unique concepts of fighting. It is basically a fighting game in which you have to play as a Ninja warrior with immortal abilities. You will experience addictive gameplay with super-exciting features. As the title shows, the Dead cells of the gameplay are related to a protagonist that enters the body of a dear warrior in the form of mucus. After it enters the body of the warrior, he will be possessed by supernatural powers.

This parasite character will kill every living thing that appears on the screen. You will play as the possessed warrior that can destroy everything with just a single tap. The greenish mess in your body will be powerful enough to compete with strong and powerful enemies. But the most amazing thing about this application is its effective and efficient touch controls. You can easily control the movements, actions, stunts, and traps of your character with its touch controls. Swipe left, up, and right to move your character. Swipe down and flip up to jump across the upcoming hurdles.

Dead Cells APK

Fighting Against Evils:

The whole interface of this game is all about fighting and rescuing people. Your city is attacked by huge monsters, bosses, and evil spirits. They are hurting and killing the people of your town. You have to face all the bosses, giants, and horrible creatures that may possess your town. You have to face many enemies and each enemy has specific magical powers that can blow you out. But note that, you can also acquire some magical powers that are powerful enough to defeat your enemies. It also offers you to unlock weapons directly from the store.

Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons when there is an update required. Because weapons are the only way to come out of any disaster.  Try to collect as many diamonds and gold coins as you can. In this way, you will be able to purchase anything you want.  There are an infinite number of horrible and super-exciting locations for you guys. Try to unlock more locations by killing maximum enemies. You will certainly enjoy this game even after your first trial. Use your tactics and take each step wisely. One wrong turn can spoil all your gameplay. So, be careful and keep an eye on every moment of your enemies. 

Simple and easy to understand:

The developer of this application has programmed it quite simply and is extremely easy to understand. You will never face any trouble or complications while playing it. Because of its touch controls, options are available on the device’s screen. You will not get puzzled by its tools because the graphical interface of these tools is too expressive. You will understand the function of each tool just after viewing its icon.

Its inbuilt popup joystick contains almost all the necessary tools that can help you to fight efficiently. Moreover, its gesture systems make it more simple and more effective. You can easily move your characters on your mobile screen using its amazing gestures. Flip up to jump, flip down to slide, and move left and right by moving your screen left or right. Swipe up the left corner of your screen to adjust brightness. Similarly, swipe up the right edge of the screen to customize the volume.

Dead Cells APK

Thousands of levels:

In this game, you need to explore new adventures and hurdles level after level. It offers you many adventurous and super-horrible levels to play with. The most exciting thing in that aspect is the uniqueness of its level. That means each level has its own layout, obstacle, visuals, graphics, and locations. You will enter an entirely different world after every level. Even the bosses, monsters, evils, and creatures are totally different at each level.   When you proceed to the higher levels, you will notice more powerful enemies with advanced magical powers. You will never see similar layouts and structures at any level. All the levels are completely different from each other. That makes it more exciting and super adventurous. 

The infinite number of Magical Weapons:

At the beginning of the gameplay, you will be awarded only two weapons. Using these two weapons you have to unlock more weapons. As these games include a fantasized environment, that’s why you will see some magical scenes. Use your magical weapons to vanish your competitor from the gameplay. You can use a magical sword, knives, axes, handguns, and many other weapons to beat your enemies.

It also allows you to unlock some super-powerful spirits that can help you in blowing out bosses and enemies. Keep moving forward and try to unlock more weapons because they are the only source to fight long. Otherwise, your enemies will take only a second to blow your neck. Must try Rope Hero APK, Raid Shadow Legends APK, Undead Slayer 2 APK, and Dokkan Battle MOD APK and discover the best gameplay.

Pros  Cons
Infinite level to play with Costs too much amount of money, not for free
Magical weapons and powers Compatibility Restrictions 
Customization of characters.

The latest version:

The latest version of this application is v2.7.10. It was recently updated on 23 July 2022. The link to download the latest version of this application is already given on the top front page of this site.

Dead Cells APK

Dead Cells APK iOS:

If you are an iPhone user, then you would be glad to know that this application is also available on the App store. You can freely download it directly from the App store. But the modded version is still not available for iPhone users. You have to pay a specific amount of money while downloading its paid version.

Dead Cells Cursed Sword:

The cursed sword looks like a sword-type weapon having high DPS. 

DPS stands for Damage Per Second. In simple words, it is considered the optimal output of damaging someone per second of each combat action. It means, if you hit someone with this sword, your every attack will be strong enough to kill that person. It is named cursed because the player would be under the curse of continuous and endless hardships.


When you open the app for the first time, you will see many dead warriors lying on the battlefield. You have to select a powerful warrior from these dead bodies. That’s why it has been given the title of Dead cells. When you select a warrior, a mucus-like structure will enter the dead body of that character.

After that, you will be able to move that warrior by using your spirit. Your soul can replace the warrior according to your choice.  It also allows you to choose a warrior of your own choice. You can also change the physical appearance of your character. Feel free to select ironed costumes, shields, swords, and many other useful gadgets for your character.


Maps usually play a very important role in fighting games. Because it allows you to keep an eye on every single movement of your enemy. The developer of this game also included the feature of the map in it. As I mentioned, it has so many levels to play and each level has its own map. The locations, obstacles, hurdles, challenges, and even bosses are different at each level. In this way, you will never find any reason to get bored of it.

Dead Cells APK


Despite all of its super-exciting and adventurous features, one thing that will disappoint you. And that is its cost. Yeah, this game is not for free. Almost all the features of this game require some amount of money. Moreover, it also requires some amount of money as its subscription fee. But, you don’t need to worry. Its free version also exists on the internet. You can try its modded version because it offers almost all the premium features completely free of cost. Moreover, it also facilitates you with its ad-free and lag-free interface. The way to download its modded version is so simple and easy. You just have to hit the above download option and get the latest modded version.

MOD APK version of Dead Cells

MOD feature

All Unlocked

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