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Dead Trigger 2 FPS Zombie Game + MOD (Unlimited Ammo/Money) v1.8.18

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NameDead Trigger 2 FPS Zombie Game
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PublisherMADFINGER Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Ammo/Money
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Are you still searching for a game that contains action, zombies, bullet storm, and single-player mood? This is because you did not have tried dead trigger 2 apk or dead trigger 2 mod apk. So download the game now and enjoy it all.

The Game:

Dead Trigger 2 mod apk is a popular and attractive zombie shooter game in which the developers diversified the gameplay with different elements and strategies. In addition, there will be a team of specialists who will help you get other weapons and skills to use these weapons. Dead Trigger 2 mod apk is an impressive game and has quality graphics.

The game of dead trigger 2 was updated a few days ago. This game has weekly competition features.

Dead trigger 2 is included in the best games of 2012 by Madfinger games. In Android and iOS operating systems, you can enjoy this game for free. This game always attracts players with its impressive features. This game covers the world with attractive colors caused by the pandemic.

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In this game, players have 49 missions of the storyline and some extra missions to get a bonus. In this game, the map is spread by the different areas and environments. The weapons system of this game is also excellently diversified. This system has 3D graphics, and you can enjoy playing with your friends. The default control system is user-friendly. You can watch and observe other players because a video-sharing clip system is available in this game. There are two maps to compete, named Purgatory Arena and Arena of death. Both of these are highly competitive maps. Exciting rewards and special tournaments are also arranged in this game. Madfinger reported that there are two new guns for players to choose from them. One of these guns is a metal storm projectile gun and an area 51 gun. The game mafia city and soccer star also very interesting. You may also like that.

The background story of Dead trigger 2:

Madfinger developed the android version of dead trigger 2 for free because of copying. Many security-related problems were occurred due to the applications which were published on the google play store. Players have to kill as many zombies as they can because that is important to survive. There are some extra features as in-app purchases for more enjoyment. Madfinger said that there is a 9:1 ratio between illegally downloaded and purchased applications.

Features of Dead trigger 2:

Dead Trigger 2 is free of cost. If you are worried about the availability of an internet connection, then I am telling you that you can play this game offline. So, an internet connection is not a necessary thing to play that game. The graphics of the game is highly addictive, attractive, and have 3D quality. Some more features of this game are discussed above in detail.

  1. Excellent Graphics:

A focal point of this game is that its graphics are fantastic and have excellent support quality designs. Illustrations have been made in the 3D graphics of dead trigger 2 mod apk.

  1. Mode Version:

There are no limitations with boundless coins and cash in this game. Thirty-three fights and more than six hundred battle scenes are available in this game.

  1. Guidance to play the game:

You will be provided with the guidelines by some specialists on how you can buy new weapons and how you can use these weapons.

  1. Rewards:

Players can take part in global missions of that game to get rewards. If players address more difficulties, then they will surely contact more money by completing their task.

  1. Variety of Weapons:

In the mod version of the dead trigger, there will be no restrictions on using the weapons. So you can use any gun of your interest, and you can pick your style.

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Final Words:

Dead Trigger 2 will become a popular game such as quake or an unreal tournament. Badfinger has just updated the latest version of dead trigger 2 mod apk. Dead trigger 2 is now named arena of death due to the latest update of that game. Arena of death allows players to earn money and other rewards by killing the zombies. Hungry zombies will attack continuously on players, but players have to fight with them to survive.

Download dead trigger 2 mod apk android free latest version


MOD APK version of Dead Trigger 2 FPS Zombie Game

MOD feature

Unlimited Ammo/Money

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