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Dino Bash: Dinosaur Battle + MOD (Unlimited Coins) v1.3.14

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NameDino Bash: Dinosaur Battle
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
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Dino Bash Mod APK:

If you are always curious about the existence of dinosaurs and their habitat and extinction, you always try to watch documentaries made about them. Then this game, which is right below, is all about dinosaurs. Gather your all excited to read some insight about the gameplay in this article. Let’s just dig in to make your curiosity levels even more intense.

Dino Bash Mod Apk Interface:

The game is of the strategy genre and was published by developer pokoko studios of company tilting point. The game is all about a region where people were living happily with their families and then all of a sudden dinosaurs invaded their world all of the sudden. Due to some extreme issues, people started to face a shortage of food. The gamer has to work hard to save dinosaurs from humans but also provide food for human beings at the same time. This game will take you to an era of thousands of years ago.

Dino Bash Mod APK

Primitive human beings were so ravenous during the Mesozoic era that they decided to confront dinosaurs and steal their eggs one day. Rewrite history based on your personal experience to protect the dinosaurs from wild humans.

Play the game Dino Bash to save dinosaurs from catastrophe. Assist the dinosaurs in surviving and sustaining life in massive numbers. Keep the dinosaurs safe and defeat the adversaries in battle. Players will be able to train dinosaurs in Dino Bash. Strike at the ravenous cavemen. You will battle with cute dinosaurs in this game, which makes it different. Attack and promptly eradicate the bad intentions of the people.

Dino Bash Mod Apk Gameplay:

The gameplay offers the players an era of hundreds of Thousands of years ago when huge and enigmatic dinosaurs invaded the planet and made this planet their habitat. In that era, there was an extreme shortage of food. Due to an extreme scarcity of food and basic food necessities, humans end up stealing eggs of dinosaurs from their nests and have to run from them to ensure their survival.

You have to show kindness to the dinosaurs by keeping them safe from human beings. Make yourself the captain of the dinosaurs in the war against humankind to confront the attack on their eggs. Airstrikes, dynamos, and land fortifications have all been brought back from oblivion.The significant level of amusement, this gameplay is providing, has also contributed to the game’s attractiveness. Every day, Dino Bash will be there to help you unwind; play whenever you get spare time. Kill all the moronic oldies and let the dinosaurs survive.

Dino Bash Mod Apk Features:

The kind theme of gameplay:

From the title of the article, anyone can assume that all humanity is in danger because this gameplay is opposite to the usual gameplay of the games involving dinosaurs. In this game, you have to save the creatures from mankind, otherwise, their population will go extinct.

Dino Bash Mod APK

Your roleIn this game, you are not going to play any specific role. You will be an invisible power helping the miserable creature in their time of adversary. Understand how to employ the ideal weapons to combat the human army. Stop the wicked atrocities done by the moronic to prevent the extinction of the dinosaurs

Protect the eggs of dinosaurs:

In this game, when the phase of mass famine happens in the world, people will become enemies of each other’s life in search of food. The only idea they get is to steal the eggs of dinosaurs. The destiny and life of dinosaurs lie in their eggs. The player must preserve the eggs in addition to engaging in the dinosaur war. Players will need to strengthen their abilities and learn new strategies. to be able to fight off several strong foes. Create a strong defense system by mixing contemporary weapons. You must use a lot of effort to counter opponents’ ferocious and tenacious attacks. Organize ground and air combat. Bring together all the dinosaurs to form a powerful army.


Upon the completion of the task assigned, you will enjoy your reward in the form of coins, stars, pacing up the level of your game and you can also get dinosaurs unlocked from the list.

Skills of dinosaurs:

In this game, each dinosaur is specialized in its skill providing a powerful response against human beings. You can choose any dinosaur depending upon your choice. On the starting level, tasks would not be as complicated and you will be able to receive help from miniature dinosaurs but with the passage of time and upgradation of the levels, the gameplay tends to become complicated. For this purpose, you will be in strong need of powerful and brutal dinosaurs from the unlocked list such as Treceps, Raptors and triceraptors, and many others.

In this gameplay, you will have to combine a great diversity of dinosaur species so that gamers may strategize their invasions. Create a strong army to take on the mystics. They will fight alongside players as they destroy human forces. You will also be able to unlock a large number of new dinosaurs. boosting their overall strength so they can fight the ancient people

Help from the universe:

You can not only defeat your enemies with the help of all small to fierce dinosaurs. But along with that, you will be able to receive help from nature too as a result of volcanic eruptions, thunderstorms, and many other extreme weather conditions.

Combating caveman:

In this game, the caveman will represent an innocent person but you have to be more cautious with them as they can make you fool by stealing the eggs of dinosaurs. You have to combat the cavemen with all the tricky tactics needed. 

You must obliterate the strength of ancient mankind. To end the existence of dinosaurs, they have taken initiatives. Players must participate in this combat because they cannot withstand such hatred. Fight against innumerable powerful armies of prehistoric people whilst dinosaurs assault. Intensifying your dinosaurs, modifying your weapons, reinforcing your defenses, and controlling the attack of cavemen is your main goal in the gameplay. 

To be able to survive the payout of most people, you must reconstruct your village lions, pump techniques, and their characteristic. Keep in mind that resistance and influence will surely increase as you win more battles.


The gameplay provides a very vibrant and beautiful landscape with 2D visualization that will make you feel immersed in the scene. The graphics of the game are very attractive and alluring that you cannot resist playing the game.

In-app purchases:

The game also allows some in-app purchases with real money, only valid in the old versions. In these old versions, While Dino-Bash is entirely free, some additional items will require real money to purchase. By turning off in-app purchases in your device’s settings, you can stop the payment option.

Dino Bash Mod Apk Download:

The gameplay is the most attractive among the people who love such genre can download the article through the website given below. For this, you have to 

  1. Tap on the link and save the file ‘Dino Bash Mod APK’ on your smartphone.
  2. Then go to settings and security settings and then enable the option of downloading from unknown sources, because of the third-party apps issue.
  3. Then locate the file in the smartphone and Download it from there.

the method has been made convenient for the players to install the app easily and efficiently.

Dino Bash Mod Apk Latest version:

This is the most recent and updated version of the Dino-Bash Mod APK. This version offers players significant features which can make their gameplay more addictive. The premium features included displacement of no ads during the gameplay, unlimited coins, unlimited diamonds, unlocked levels, unlocked more powerful dinosaurs, and bug fixes. Also, there is no virus issue in this version too.

With our mod apk app, you can now purchase everything in Dino Bash and play dinosaur games. You are free to establish your village, and you ought to serve as its finest guardian. You cannot permit enemies to incubate your eggs when they invade. The best course is for our troops to massacre those cavemen. Fortunately, you may explore the store with unlimited coins and purchase everything at the start of the game. Can it be less attractive with all these premium features? Seems to be impressed by the features, then just download the game from the link of the article displayed below.

Dino Bash Mod Apk Old version:

There are many old versions of Dino Bash Mod APK which were launched in different years. These old versions include 1.6.6, 1.6.5, 1.6.5, and many others.  The old versions of this gameplay can easily be downloaded from the Google play store.

Dino Bash Mod APK

But all these versions are not offering the premium features as the mod APK version. In old versions, players have to pass complicated levels to unlock some features or they have to do in-app purchases with real money. The developer has updated the app from time to time and improvements have been made.


Tilting Point is a game developer. This company has been in the gaming application development business for quite some time now.  Developing games with cutting-edge technology and user acquisition ward chest is their main theme of working in this industry. You can also join their platform in case you are interested in the game development industry. Some of the latest games published by this developer are Sponge-Bob Crusty Cook Off, Warhammer: Chaos and Conquest, Narcos: Cartel Wars, Languinis, Taragenesis, Zombieland: AFK survival, and The Arcana.

MOD APK version of Dino Bash: Dinosaur Battle

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Unlimited Coins

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