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Drive for Speed: Simulator + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.25.5

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NameDrive for Speed: Simulator
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Drive for Speed APK

Do you want  to play a speed driving game and kill your time? Yes, then you are most welcome here. Drive for speed is an amazing simulator driving game where you can just put your feet on the accelerator and drive through the city. Drive the car and get complete access to a lot of features and run the vehicle as per you want. Be able to race in different races and be a champ. No need to worry about the locations and the routes as the users are provided with the feature of  maps. There is a map given on the upper-right corner of the screen. You can easily search the events and get access to all the roots from the maps.

Drive for Speed APK

In addition to providing the locations the maps are also providing the information of races. You can know about races in different places and be a part of the races. Win against a number of competitors and be a champ. Race your vehicle at a high speed in the mesmerizing 3D graphics of the game. Apart from racing, the users will also get a chance to roam around the city without any restriction. The users have a free-hand to visit and drive around the city and have fun on their own. Do exciting stunts in the city like skidding, jumping the car racing, and a lot of things without any barriers.

This game even allows the users to earn money by doing amazing stunts and being a rich racer. Do various tricks and develop a stunty vibe in order to earn money. Get money by using your car on different things like jumps, flyovers, bridges and performing different dangerous stunts there. But you can check on the events and get a chance to earn a lot of money by performing stunts and skits by your car in the events. The driving and gameplay of the game is very simple and resembles that of Burnout Paradise one. 

Drive for Speed Apk Download

You can easily get access to this game on your androids by applying these steps.

  • First, you must download the apk file of the game by clicking on the “Download” button present on our page.
  • Wait for the download to be completed. Once the download is completed.
  • Now, allow the “Unknown sources” From the phone settings of your Android.
  • Now, open the apk file which is downloaded on your device and tap on the “Install” button in order to install the game.
  • Once the game is downloaded, open the game to run the car around the city at full speed along with performing various stunts.

Drive for Speed Apk Features

These are the features of this driving game that almost every user must be aware of.

  • 20 different cars:

The players are able to choose from the 20 different cars that are present in this app. Be the one to choose from these exclusive vehicles and run them on the roads of the city at full speed. Use the maps present on the top right corner of the screen and visit different places and enjoy on your own as you have  all the freedom to yourself. 

  • Different types of Missions:

The players are challenged to do missions in this game. These missions are very much different from one another. These missions are very difficult and almost impossible to play and depend on the player’s level for the completion. In this way, the users will never get bored of these missions and will work hard again to access the missions.

  • 3D Graphics:

The graphics of this game are very astonishing and generate interest in the player to play this game. The surrounding is very amazing and mesmerizing that the players will love to roam around the city. The players will get a chance to drive a racing car in high quality 3D graphics that will give them a realistic feel. The players have all the access to the controls of the game.

  • Easy controls and friendly user-interface:

The game is very much appreciated by more than a million users because of its easy gameplay and very friendly user-interface. The players will get access to all the controls of the game. This feature will let the players use almost everything in the game. They can simply race with other cars, make stunts and do a lot of interesting things along with enjoying the graphics.

  • Customization:

You can customize your car as per your liking. The players are allowed to change the things and color of the car with the given accessories. Change the color, tires and many other things. Make the car according to your taste and use it for different races and make a name. Get popular and earn money. 

  • Earn money:

Personally, I like this feature the most as the users can get a chance to earn money by racing with other users and performing different stunts and making jumps on different platforms. This feature will make you earn a lot of money and you can buy the things to customize the car as per your liking. Run your car in different places and earn money by going to different events and doing dangerous stunts by your amazing racing car. 

  • Truck races:

As I already said, the users will get a lot of opportunities and have access to more than 20 different vehicles in the game. Choose cars, trucks, wagons and many more. There are different events and some events are limited to a special type of vehicle like some events only allow the racing of Trucks. And to take part in that type of race you must have a truck of your own. So, feel free to choose among these trucks and race with different trucks and earn money.

  • Different camera types:

The users can run the vehicle with different angles and become a pro. See the rod on different camera levels and win the race. You can enjoy the race from the driver point of view, a third person’s view and many more. So, download this game from the link given on our site and get access to a lot of features.

Drive for Speed APK

Drive for Speed Apk System Requirements

The system recommended for this game must be Android 4.4 or any system of higher capacity. Do not install the game on any lower system as it will harm your device and will be unable to play. So, it is better to install the game on the recommended system and you are good to go. 

Drive for Speed Latest Version

The latest version of this game, 1.25.5 was released on July 6, 2022. The size of this version is 127.40MB. The developers of this game have been working very hard for the updates of this game as this game has gained popularity among a lot of users. The new version contains a lot of updates and has unlimited money.

Drive for Speed Developers

The developers of Drive for Speed is Play365 and they are still working on this game and many features are being updated on this game nowadays. So, install the game from our site and get access to all the latest features of this game.

Drive for Speed Apk Unlimited money

Yes, you will get unlimited money in the apk version of this game. In this game, you have to use money for a lot of things like buying accessories for the car, engine, tyre and many other things. You can get access to all these things as you can buy the things by money in the game. So, in order to get unlimited money you have to download the game from the link by following the corresponding steps.

Drive for Speed APK


This game is basically about cars and you can earn a lot of money by racing on these cars. Do amazing stunts and earn money. Join different events and perform stunts and earn a lot of money. You will get access to a lot of features by downloading the apk features. Visit the cavity as you have no restriction in the game. Visit different places and explore the world with high quality graphics. You will get a chance to race with incompatible racers and win the race.

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MOD APK version of Drive for Speed: Simulator

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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