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Evertale + MOD (Free Shopping) v2.0.67

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MOD FeaturesFree Shopping

Evertale Mod APK:

Plunge yourself into a world full of imagination in the impersonating or portraying game Evertale Mod APK and see what happens. This game is just like a story where a land named Erden is present and monsters and humans live there happily. They live, fight, and compete with each other. This land is in trouble now because of a Pandemonium that has befallen the inhabitants of the land.

Evertale Mod APK

After 100 years, this curse destroys the land and the same has happened this time. You are the future of this land and now map out your plans and strategies, build an army of humans and monsters, prepare them for the battle and confront the enemies and monsters to get freedom. There are many monsters in the game that you can purchase or defeat and then train to fight on your side. This game is fun as it is like a fairytale where you can see the humans and monsters equally beautiful and in anime style. This anime style is a charm for the audience to capture. If you love anime, you will be going to love the game.  

Evertale Mod APK Download

  1. To download the APK file of the Evertale Mod, tap on the “Download” button given above the article. 
  2. Wait for a minute to complete the download of the APK file.
  3. Allow the phone to enable the security from all resources and then go to “My Documents” in My Files.
  4. Install the APK file and enjoy the game.



The whimsical 3D graphics of the game make it a real story and attract people to play it. As the clear and transparent graphics and display of backgrounds, color and theme is fascinating, players feel like they are genuinely in the real world.

Game Modes:

There are two modes of Evertale Mod APK. you can play it offline and online too. Be careful when you are playing the game online because in online mode you have to fight with powerful monsters joining the game from all over the world.  Use your skills and tricks to defeat the opponents. In offline mode, you can play without internet access.


Only android with 5.1 API or above supports the game without hanging and disturbance. 

Evertale Mod APK Unlimited Soul Stone:

Evertale Mod APK has many new features to explore. It provides Unlimited Soul Stones which are a globe that is used to see and discover many regions and areas, unlock resources, upgrades, monsters, equipment, guns, and other necessities. If you are a beginner and do not have soul stones, you can create an online generator for getting free soul stones. But this online generator is an illegal way of getting soul stones.

Evertale Mod APK Latest Version:

The latest version of Evertale Mod APK is 2.0.66. This version is updated on July 11, 2022, and Evertale was first released on Mar 21, 2019. In this latest version, many miscellaneous and assorted bugs are fixed that will help the user to play without any interruption.

Evertale Mod APK

Evertale Mod APK Free Shopping:

 This mod of the game offers free shopping opportunities for users. Players can shop monsters, necessary items, guns, and others for free. You just have to install the Evertale Mod APK Free Shopping to enjoy these features. 

Evertale Mod APK Unlimited Gems 2020:

Evertale Mod APK Unlimited Gems 2020 is another mod version of the game that presents unlimited gems to users for exploring the lands and getting extra new features. These unlimited gems are used to purchase the game items and customize your character and monsters.

Evertale Gameplay:

Assemble and create an army of monsters and humans. Train and prepare them for a fight, and collect accessories and equipment for the battle. During the fight, try to convince them to fight for you or defeat them and then train those monsters to be your army.  


The game size is 66MB. But the other resources such as monsters and upgrades need more space. 

Evertale Ads:

The game is free of ads. There is no advertisement while playing the game. So, you can fight and complete your battle or missions without any interference and disturbance.

Evertale Tier List:

Tier list of Evertale contains monsters or fighters who can fight or you can select them as your character. Each of these characters has its own specific best thing. This list includes:

Tier A:

Rizette (dark) – this character is the best choice if you are a beginner in Evertale Mod.

  • Jeanne d’Arc (light)
  • Kaidaros (water)
  • Rolotia (earth) 
  • Norza (storm) 
  • Fornaxos (fire)
  • Elmina (dark)
  • Ludmilla (water)
  • Kirin (light)
  • Shirra (earth)

Tier B:

  1. Maxima (fire)
  2. Lucius (light)
  3. Le Fay (dark)
  4. Finn (storm)
  5. Druke (fire)
  6. Astrid (fire and water)

Evertale Mod APK Unlimited Everything:

This mod version of the game is now giving many new things like it provides unlimited money and coins to get more free rewards and for character upgradation. It also offers unlimited soul stones, money, coins, keys, and free shopping so you can enjoy more features using these.  

Evertale Cheats:

There is an unfair and illegal way of getting unlimited money, gems, and soul stones. You can make an online cheat generator to get free unlimited gems and tokens which are used to get the things you need in the game.

Evertale Mod APK

Evertale Codes:

There are three types of codes in Evertale Mod APK. These are 

  • Restore Codes:

They are used to recover your account data if you have risk or you lose it anyway.

  • Redeem Codes:

 These codes can be used to gain extra gifts and free rewards. 

  • Friends Codes:

You can use friend codes when you want to use your friend’s legionnaire or soldier. Whenever your friend uses your soldier, you will get points in return for it. So, make a lot of friends to gain extra points.

Evertale Characters:

There are almost 180 characters or monsters that have different abilities and strengths. These characters can be upgraded using money or soul stones. There is a main character in the game who is Finn belonging to tier B.

Finn is a very powerful character with a peaceful mindset. Each monster has its fighting expertise. If you are a beginner, you have to unlock the monsters or catch and capture the opponents to train them for your side or army.

Evertale iOS:

Evertale Mod APK is a completely android app. But, if you want to download the game on your iPhone, just follow the simple steps and you will be enjoying the game.

  • First, you have to download BlueStacks and install it on your iPhone.
  • Then, use the link given above and put it in BluseStacks. 
  • The download will be started. You can enjoy the game now.

Evertale PC:

This android game cannot be directly downloaded to your PC. You should install software such as an android emulator which will act as an implicit android. After installing the software, paste the above-mentioned link into the software and start downloading the game.  In a few seconds, you will be having fun playing the game.

Evertale Guide:

  1. For beginners, it is important to make an army.
  2. Make different teams considering if they can play mutually.
  3. Complete the extra missions or tasks to get rewards. 
  4. Discover the landscape for mystery boxes that contain treasure and gems.
  5. If you are having duplicate fighters, exchange them with others to get silver.
  6. Be a part of an active league or team to increase exposure.
  7. Spend your gems sensibly. Make friends and play with them as a teammate.


The game is all about defeating the monsters, capturing them, and making them your army. You have to liberate the landscapes from enemies who are teasing the inhabitants and natives. There are almost 6 lands in the game and all have different items and levels which make it thrilling for the audience.

Evertale Mod APK

You can play it with your friends and teammates. Make your teams and get participated in events to win and to get rewards and gems. There are 100 levels you have to discover that’s why it is attracting more people around the world.

MOD APK version of Evertale

MOD feature

Free Shopping

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