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Film Maker Pro - Movie Maker + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v3.2.2.0

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NameFilm Maker Pro - Movie Maker
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Filmmaker Pro Mod APK:


No one is here who doesn’t love filmmaking, photography, and creating videos. Everyone is fond of creating videos and films and making photographs. For shooting video, you must have a good decent android device and for editing and making videos cinematic and Professional you must have a certain application that helps you to convert your skills into a great cinematic film.

FilmMaker Pro Mod APK

Filmmaker Pro Mod APK is one of those applications where you freely make fantastic clips and videos, it is easy to use for Professionals as well as for beginners. It has a built-in editor that beautifully works while editing videos and has some other interesting and amazing features which can be conveniently unlocked by users. This application will give cinematic styles to your footage and you will experience creative editing while improving your filmmaking skills. 

This application can comfortably work on captured videos to make them exciting and different editing effects can be applied to them. Convert your simple videos into Professional works of creative art with many accessible features and tools. You can create casual videos for your social media networks or you can also have Hollywood-style films for your videos or for many other occasions and purposes you can create astounding videos from this video maker.

This video editor allows beginners to be experienced simultaneously, also, all the new features and templates can be unlocked, you can add as many filters as you want to stylize your films and videos, and you can adjust the speed of videos and settings of playback and you can make and design animations on videos as well. You add music from the application or you can choose music from your audio file, different text fonts and styles are also included in this application and you can also use cute-funny stickers and text animations to enhance the visual impression of your videos; there are so many features and tools that will stylize the videos attractively and beautifully.

The Filmmaker Pro Mod APK can comfortably work on any android device but there are many alternatives to this application that can be used by users on their videos:

  • Filmr
  • In-shot
  • Lomotif
  • Filma
  • Videoshop

Features of Filmmaker Pro Mod APK:

This application has to offer you many different and exciting features, let’s discuss them here:

Accessibility of video editor and maker:

This application has a built-in camera feature that is used to record any chosen video footage which android users will have fun with while using it. The immediate setting of an application can customize videos quickly, premium features can be unlocked, and slideshows are made with built-in features.

Video templates are free:

You can conveniently put up compositions to your videos, intros, and outros help you to make videos more creative; you can select any intros and outros with innovative and unique editable elements and setups. You can add many interesting themes that make your video more appealing. You can also write captions on your videos by using its beautiful text and font styles.

FilmMaker Pro Mod APK

FX editing effects:

By FX editor, you can add special effects to your videos like, 

  • Glitch effect
  • Shake videos
  • Lumafx, etc

All these effects are predetermined that can be creatively adjusted to your videos. Thus, you will become a master of video editing with little experience.

Video speed editor:

The filmmaker offers an extensive speed editor tool through which you can adjust your slow-motion videos or time-lapse footage. You can adjust speed to make your videos more Professional, also, you can try many interesting actions to enhance motion graphics on your videos that facilitates your videos with better flow and motion.

FilmMaker Pro Mod APK

Add audio and music:

You will be benefited from audio and music resources; there is 100 free music added in this application that can be used in your video without any copyright issue. To narrate your stories, you can select voiceovers and many other audio files are accessible on your device. You can adjust volumes, speed of playbacks, and many other necessary effects.

Unlimited filters and transitions:

You can select filters and many transitioning effects to make your videos more creative and artistic. These filters and transitions have their special creative styles. There are 50+ fantastic choices given to you to stylize footage and video clips.

FilmMaker Pro Mod APK

Simple edits on videos:

Android users are free to make simple edits on their selected videos, to remove unwanted parts use the crop tool on videos, you can split videos into small and customizable parts or can merge small clips to make a complete video.

Blending effects on videos:

You can freely play with blending effects on your videos and create unique special impressions on them. Apply brightness, saturation, contrast, and many other basic blending effects on the selected footage, and also apply overlays to enable presets on the videos that will make your videos visually more interesting. 

Customization of size and resolution:

If your videos are too large and have high resolution due to which you are unable to share on social media networks, don’t worry, the Filmmaker Pro Provides useful features to customize the size and resolution of your videos accordingly. Without compromising on video quality, you can adjust and customize export settings, resolutions, video formats, and several other things, you can easily convert or compress the videos subsequently.

FilmMaker Pro Mod APK

Picture in picture (PIP) option:

If you are interested in making collages and want to create one single video of many clips, then the PIP (picture in picture) option will be useful for you in terms of addressing lots of pictures and video clips in one complete format.

Unreal Hollywood styles:

If you want to give your videos Hollywood effects then use chroma key and green screen features to create unreal Hollywood-style videos. You can customize your background by giving it landscape and scenic effects, animated effects, or many beautiful scenes.

Unlocked and free version:

The unlocked version of the filmmaker is available on our website with all features, you don’t need to pay for this application to have it on your phone, moreover, it is an advertisement-free application which means you won’t be interrupted by any advertising while enjoying this application. To have a free version on your phone, just follow the simple steps of downloading and installing it on your phone to enjoy its creative features.

Filmmaker Pro Mod without the watermark:

If you are downloading a free version from our website then you will get unlimited unlocked features and you can also have your edited videos without a watermark. That means, your privacy is now in safe hands if you download this staggering and gorgeous application from our website. 

Filmmaker Pro Mod APK Reviews:

The reviews about this application are very positive, it has benefited many people with its amazing features. This application is loved by all users around the world. It is a top-notch application that has provided access to all of its unlocked features. People are loving the performance of this application and it Provides so many choices to users that can make their movies or videos more interesting and creative. 

This application has gained so much popularity that it has become a favorite application among other video editing tools. If you want to explore more about the filmmaker Pro Mod APK, you are welcome to visit our website and explore.

Filmmaker Pro Mod APK Rating:

This application has received the highest ratings of 4.5 out of 5, this is Proof that this application is cherished worldwide and because of its highest consumer acceptance and adherence, it is downloaded in a wide range that’s why it has the highest level of ratings.

FilmMaker Pro Mod APK

Filmmaker Pro Mod APK system requirements for Android:

The system requirements necessary for android devices is that this version is compatible with Android OS 4.3 and above, furthermore, it requires file storage of 35MB, to optimally run on your device.

Filmmaker Pro Mod APK download:

  • To download this application, first, visit our website and locate the APK file of Filmmaker Pro Mod. 
  • If you find the file, click on it to download the file.
  • The file will take a few minutes to download on your phone.
  • If you want to download the file quickly, then you must have a stable internet connection.

Installation commands:

  • For installation, you have to go to your phone settings to enable unknown sources.
  • When the file is completely downloaded on your phone, go to file/download manager and locate the APK file.
  • Once found, click on the file to install the application.
  • The application will take a few minutes to install.
  • When the application is installed on your phone, open it quickly and start using this application to enjoy it with unlimited unlocked features.

Filmmaker Pro Mod APK latest version:

The unlocked version of the filmmaker Pro Mod APK is available with all the necessary features. It is the best video editor and free filmmaker which can easily be used by both beginners and Professionals. This version is compatible with Android OS 4.3 and up and it comprises a file of 35 MB. 

This Mod version is free to download, you don’t have to make payments for this application. Many exciting and interesting features and effects are available that don’t need any premium subscription from its user, also, it removes ads that won’t make you feel interrupted during performing your edits on videos. 

You will experience immense pleasure from its final results, also you can adjust the size and resolution of your videos so that you can share your videos on social media networks without any difficulty. You can add music, transitions, filters, backgrounds, fonts, and many other elements to your videos and this version also remove watermarks from your videos. So, feel free to download this Mod version from our website and enjoy its astounding features while making artistic edits.

Filmmaker Pro Mod APK Old version:

The old version of filmmaker Pro is v2.8.0.0 which was released on April 10, 2020. The features of this version are similar to the latest version, the only difference between both the versions is the file size; the file size of the old version is 40MB and the file storage that the latest version required is 35MB. Apart from this, you have to make payments to unlock certain features but the latest version is free where you can also remove watermarks from your videos without making any payment.

Filmmaker Pro Mod APK Release Date:

The filmmaker Pro Mod APK that delivers next-level video editing elements and tools was released on April 10, 2022, afterwards, it was updated on September 3, 2022.

Filmmaker Pro Mod APK Developer:

The filmmaker Pro Mod APK was developed by Cerdillac.

Filmmaker Pro Mod APK Advantages:

  • The editing tools are easy to use and there is no restriction to editing videos.
  • This application is free to stylize videos creatively.
  • You can use unique filters and transition effects to make videos more beautiful.
  • You can add and merge songs and other background music to your favorite videos.
  • Online and offline modes are available. 
  • Many built-in features are available which are free to use.
  • You can add cute and nice stickers to make videos more aesthetic.
  • You can write captions and one-liners with text fonts and styles available in this application.
  • You can convert and compress the size and resolution of videos.
  • You can make collages and one single video of lots of pictures by using the PIP option.
  • No watermarks, no ads, and no premium subscriptions are required in this application.
  • Bugs and crashes can easily be fixed, also, the interface of this application is user-friendly.


If you are interested in editing and making cool edits to your videos, then this application Filmmaker Pro Mod APK is the best choice for both beginners and Professionals, this application makes you the master of editing. This is a decent editing tool with a user-friendly UI and excellent features.

Feel free to use this application and make creative and Professional videos and movies, give your videos HD and Hollywood effects and use many other features to create fantastic videos. So android beautifiers, download this application on your phones and start using it to design beautiful videos.

MOD APK version of Film Maker Pro - Movie Maker

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