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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy + MOD (All Unlocked) v1.9.4

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NameGetting Over It with Bennett Foddy
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MOD FeaturesAll Unlocked
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The getting on it mod apk is the only solution for the one who is frustrated, the one who is tired, the one who is feeling bored, the one who wants to enjoy a satisfying game, and the one who wants to pass his free time with gaming. Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is the only game for you that can help you to pass all your free time without any complications. Moreover, Bennet Foddy is the designer of the game.

Getting over it:Download getting over it mod apk latest version

The game getting over it was released on October 06, 2017, with a great boost of downloads and installs. This game became famous all over the world just because of the feelings we get after winning each level. And, the game is developed to make us mentally strong, and make us feel better. Moreover, it is developed to make us don’t quit any job after a time. After playing this game for hours, I just realized that we should not be hopeless and that we have to do our best in every task.


All you have to do is to move a hammer by clicks because you can’t do anything else. All of your body is in the cast-iron tub except your face and hands. Moreover, you will have a hammer in your hands. In the gameplay, you have to climb up different hurdles. Sometimes, you have to climb up on trees, hills, mountains, towers, buildings, and many more just with the help of a hammer. There will be many hurdles to stop you from climbing but you have to pass all of those. That is how your frustration will vanish and you will be thinking completely about the game in a few minutes.

Take care of falling back. Once you fall back instead of climbing, you can lose all of your previous progress. Therefore, you have to move the hammer wisely and don’t be angry. Once you win the game after all these hurdles, the feeling will be amazing. That will overcome all of your previous anger and boringness. If you get too boring, you should try modern combat 5 mod version apk.



In the beginning, there were no customization features. But, after several updates, the customization feature is now also available. You can customize your character, background, environment, sound effects, maps, costumes, the color of the tub and hammer, and many more. You will also get various skins to change. This will make you able to have an environment of the game according to your wish.

Progress saving:

The most irritating and interesting feature of the game is you can’t save your progress of the game. Once you quit the game, you will have to take start from the beginning. Don’t be anxious while crossing the same hurdles again and again but keep climbing up with your best.


The obstacles on your way will stop you from climbing. And, there could be various kinds of obstacles. You have to move your hammer wisely and use your obstacles as your helpers to keep moving. The same obstacles can also be your helpers if you understand and use physics. All is about physics. Put your hammer on the right place to jump higher. Otherwise, you may also fall back.


The comments of many philosophers you will get on each accident are the real beauty of the game. I know that the comments on each accident will make you frustrated more. But keep calm. And, if you are calm then these comments can be meaning full and helpful for you in your real life.

These were the features of the game getting over it with bennet foddy that made it more famous than many other simulation games. Now, we have to discuss what you will get extra from apkhammer site.

Getting into it mod apk:Download getting over it mod apk

The apkhammer is offering getting over it with bennet foddy mod apk latest version. The benefit to download this game from this website is that you will get it for free. Otherwise, if you downloaded it from the google play store, then you have to pay about $7.99 for the installation of the game. Moreover, you will never face any ads while playing the game. You can make the comments off. And, the one of best modded features is that you can save your previous progress. All the next levels are unlocked automatically without passing the previous levels. You will get all the skins and other customization features unlocked in getting over it mod version.

Final Words:

All of this will make you frustrated but once you download this game it will be an amazing feeling to win each level. If you remain frustrated every time or you are sad then you should try this game once in your life. It helps from getting free from your sadness in life. Share this game with your friends.

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