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God of War | Mimir’s Vision + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.0.3

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NameGod of War | Mimir’s Vision
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God of War APK is an action genre game that is strategically an adventurous game. The plot of this game is based on the war between good and evil in the online world. Mindful skills and abilities are required to conquer enemies. It is an award-winning android game that is packed with plentiful features that one would never expect. This popular PS game has notable designs and it is highly popular among players from its release date till now. It shows an indignant encounter between Gods and monsters, from old Greece.

It’s a 2D game legendary series roaming around Kratos, who challenges the Greek gods. Kratos is obsessed with taking lifelong revenge but also wants to raise his son so he tried to settle down in his life. But it seems that Kratos can’t settle down in his life because his character is surrounded by plots and different kinds of numerous monsters.


Furthermore, Kratos has his signature weapon that was lost in the final battle, called the Blades of Chaos, but now he has a magical ax, a new weapon that has elements of energy. It is very effective and painful when it is thrown at the enemy on a battlefield. It is a full-fledged role-playing game (RPG) where players can systematically develop and level their favorite characters. You can not only utilize weapons but also use your special abilities during every battle and you can also craft weapons and other things. 

Hey users! Do u know that there is another game same like God of War APK? The name of that battle game is Horizon Zero Dawn. This is the same RPG game as the God of War game. 

This game is itself a top-level brand, this game series has already become a trend and anticipation for other different platforms. This series, released in 2005, has gained millions of fans due to its cool graphics, gripping and interesting story, and astounding personality of Kratos. The heroic and fierce combatant can deliver the passion feels and you can enjoy the vibes of lethal and astounding fights. 

Features of God of War APK:

Following are the features of the God of War mod APK discussed below:

Unlimited money:

To kill your enemies you have to use two sharp weapons, after killing each enemy, you can earn points in the form of unlimited money. And with the help of that limitless money or points, you can purchase more weapons and other abilities.

Upgradation of skills and abilities of a hero:

During the god of war, you can assist your hero to become more powerful and energetic by choosing the right and suitable skills and abilities for your hero as it will also enhance the energy and life span of the hero.

Powerful bosses for battles:

This game has the main feature to provide gigantic bosses during battles, every boss possesses its characteristics, and can cause fear to enemies. That means you can utilize these powerful bosses during the fight for supremacy.


Quality sound graphics:

You may experience good quality sound graphics, although it is two-dimensional. Soundtracks are pleasant and delivered and overall game’s performance is complemented by the sound made by weapons and enemies. This attribute is too much enchanting and melodious.

Descriptive mode:

Some purchases are required in the game but it is free to play. You can learn skills, and new weapons and enjoy many other benefits. So, download the modified version of the God of War APK game.


Controlling feature:

It is the standard feature of the god of war as you can control the directions of the character. You can use your left hand to change the movement and advice of your character and with your right hand, you can hit your enemies, hop and jump and utilize many other effective skills.

Mobile Edition: 

Along with mod APK, the mobile edition is free, but initially, you have to pay once to get complete access to this edition. You can also purchase a license to include some other features. Android OS 2.2 and above are not compatible with this mod APK version.

2D Graphics:

Although this game has 2-dimensional graphics, still you will be going to enjoy this game too much as it has an astounding 2D display. No matter if it has a 2D display, the point to focus on, is that this game has so many eye-catching and attention-grabbing things for you, that will surely multiply your interest in the game. 

Feasibility of Map:

If you are going to explore an unknown place then one thing that should be with you is a map. Yes, so that you can easily reach your destination with the help of that map. So, this brilliant game has the feasibility of a map. Yes, the map that this game will provide you, will help you a lot in finding your destination. So, do not be afraid of getting lost in the game, as we have full fledge map feasibility for you in this game application.

God of war characters:

Following are the characters of the God of war APK:

  • Kratos (Main Character)
  • Atreus
  • World Serpent
  • Thor
  • Loki
  • Mimir
  • The Witch
  • Sindri
  • Odin
  • Brok
  • The Stranger

God of war APK Download:

God of war requirements:

    • This two-dimension gameplay is compatible with android 7.0 or above.
  • 104 MB file size is required in androids.
  • The processor required for android is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845/2.4GHz.
  • You must have downloaded and installed an APK file on your devices before downloading this game application. 
  • Your device must be attached with a smooth internet connection. 

God of war APK Download for Android:

  • To start the downloading process, you have to click on the link on our website.
  • After clicking on the link, downloading will start.
  • Your downloading will take some time as this APK file is 104 MB and also depends on your internet connection.

Installation commands:

  • When the download is completed, search the APK downloaded in the download folder to install the application.
  • Open the file and start installing it on your phone.
  • Open your phone settings and tap on security and click on unknown resources.
  • Now open this game on your phone and start playing with joy and fun.

God of war requirements for PC:

  • 64-bit processor and operating system are required.
  • Windows 10 64-bit is compatible with this game.
  • Intel i5-6600k (4 core 3.5 GHz) processor must be essential to run this game.
  • RAM required for a PC must be 8GB.
  • Hard disk storage should be 2GB.

God of war download for PC:

  • To download this game on your PC, you have to download the WINRAR file first.
  • Now download the game file from our website by clicking on the link.
  • Use WINRAR to extract files from it.
  • Now open the folder of the god of war, then double click on setup to install it.
  • Copy all files from the FLT folder and now paste your files where you installed the game.
  • Select the god of war icon, and click on it to play your game. Enjoy the most astounding game on your PCs!

God of War Latest Version:

Currently, there are 8 main games in the God of War franchise. There are three collections, one remaster and two spin-offs, and almost 14 entries of gods in the game. The God of War (2018) was released on April 20, 2018, on play stations, it is a sequel to God of War III (2010). This game has become the fastest-selling game worldwide. Japan sold around 46,091 copies in the 1st week and 3.1 million copies were sold worldwide after the release of this game in just three days. 

Furthermore, in May 2019 more than 10 million copies were sold around the world. 1.0.3 is the latest version of the god of war, this version is compatible with android 7.0 or above. Its modded features are unlimited coins, souls, and unlimited money. You can easily get it on Google Playstore.

God of war Release Date:

It was first released on March 22, 2005, and lastly, it was released on April 20, 2018, and also, it was released on Playstation in 2018, and in January 2022, it was released on Microsoft Windows. The game was updated on September 5, 2022.

God of war Developer:

This action genre adventurous game was created by David Jaffe and the developer of this game is Santa Monica Studio. Later, it was Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE).

Advantages of God of War APK:

  • The PC version of this game delivers brilliant quality as PC gamers undergo all the high-quality graphics benefits they desire. It gives you high resolutions and frame rates.
  • The interface of the god of war is completely customized and it seems amazing with high as well as low resolutions.
  • As you ace each level, your character will also strengthen and you have the benefit to customize your character as you want, you can use different skin, hairstyles, or appearances on your character.
  • This game is easily compatible with all of your devices.
  • You even have the liberty to modify game settings without any issues.
  • You don’t have to spend any money to change any feature again and again.
  • You can get gifts and many other freebies when you download this modded game.
  • People of all ages from young to old can enjoy playing this game.
  •  Any bug or crash can be fixed and quality of life can be improved by warding off the attacks by enemies and inconsistencies can be fixed. 
  • This game has an RPG system, unique weapons, compelling characters, an amazing storyline, and upgrades to its abilities that satisfy players. 
  • You will explore many paths and amazing locations, and solve many puzzles to defeat your fierce enemies. 
  • Its interesting story keeps you engaged to play even after the main narrative is completed.

Disadvantages of God of War APK:

  • It is difficult and frustrating to keep multiple track records of enemies because cameras are very clunky and very much closely pulled in. 
  • Some enemies can be frustrating for you to fight with rather than having a fun fight with them. 
  • The frame rates of this game are very inconsistent. 
  • This game has 2D graphics. 
  • Focus on the enemies can’t be switched smoothly because the system of targeting is very sensitive and difficult.


God of War depicts an incredible tale of virtue and evil through an artistic spectrum. It is a series based on Greek mythology, in this chapter Kratos tried to let go of his destructive past and wanted to start a new life with his Atreus but it’s possible to have a quiet and settled life for heroes as his life is surrounded by many plots and tales so he has to fight his constant battles.


All information about the god of war is mentioned in this article, you will experience all the top-class free-of-fee features and functions. Collect and gain all your unlocked tools and experience a great adventure through this game. The gripping story will keep you engaged till the end, it has superior graphics as compared to its older version, and you will see Kratos with new weapons and more divine magic that helps him to conquer and defeat his multiple enemies. This application has reduced game size and trailers.

So, download this game of thrill, blood, and brutality from our website. If you face any trouble or have any queries you can share them with us, we are always available to help you at any moment, don’t forget to give us your reviews. Enjoy this game and share this with your friends and family.

MOD APK version of God of War | Mimir’s Vision

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Unlimited Money

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