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Guns of Glory: Survival + MOD (Unlimited Gold) v7.23.0

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NameGuns of Glory: Survival
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold

Guns of Glory APK

Protect the Kingdom and save the Throne! Guns of Glory is a prominent strategy game in which you are the savior of natives of the kingdom. You are the last hope of pity natives, they are waiting for someone who protects them and you can become the light for them. A powerful enemy names Cardinal has murdered the King and now dominating the castle and its inhabitants. The castle and its inhabitants are in deep grief because of the cruel Cardinal who is teasing them. You have to protect the crown from the enemies.

Guns of Glory APK

To do this, plan a strategy, build an army of the best soldiers, train them to fight fiercely, defeat all the enemies and be the King of the Kingdom. You should remain hidden until you prepare the best army and troops. You must clean and refine the equipment and guns and troopers for the battle. There are different rounds, you have to complete those rounds and missions so that you can conquer all the opponents and build a triumphant city. You must learn to manage the time so that you can finish the rounds in time and get a chance to wear the crown and become the king.

Guns of Glory APK Download

  1. To download and install Guns of Glory APK, there is a simple way you can try. 
  2. Download the APK file of the game from the link that we already have mentioned.
  3. When you have finished the APK file download, go to your android settings.
  4. Allow the device to install the APK files from all resources.
  5. Now open “My Files” and check your documents where the APK file has been downloaded.
  6. Install the Guns of Glory APK file and start your journey to become a triumph.



This is a very heavy game and consists of 788MB. So, it will not be supported by low-operating devices or androids. Otherwise, it will cause issues or problems of hanging and interruption. 

Graphics and Controls:

The graphics or visual effects of the game are very clear and amazing. When you start the game, the home screen the game is very captivating that shows crystalline pictorial army or troops posters. It attracts the audience and urges them to play the game and become a fan of it. The controls of Guns of Glory are simple and plain. Everything is displayed on the screen. When you play the game, you can easily see the controls and use them. Enjoy limpid, crystal-clear visuals and backgrounds.

Free Game:

Guns of Glory is a free game and you can easily download and play it free of cost. But, there are some purchases or features that require money if you want to use them. 


The currency in the game may be Unlimited Money or Gold or Diamond. These currencies are increased by playing the game and passing the levels and unlocking the next levels.


The gameplay of the Guns of Glory is quite plain and everyone can easily understand it. Everything is shown on the home screen. Moreover, there are some tutorials for beginners. You have to build a castle and a hidden place where you can start your journey. Training the troops and fighting against enemies is all about the game. Add friends to play with them and get rewards upon winning the events and special occasions.

Guns of Glory APK

How to redeem codes of Guns of Glory?

It’s simple to redeem the codes if any codes are available. 

  1. Open the game and check the settings.
  2. You can see here “Gift Codes”.
  3. Tap on the button for gift codes. 
  4. Paste the code in the search bar and click on “redeem it”.
  5. So, your gift code is redeemed. 

Guns of Glory Unlimited Money and Gold:

Guns of Glory is giving the best in its latest version. If you are passionate about the fight, army, and all that, this feature is the best choice you can have. This mod version is offering unlimited money and coins to get in-game resources and purchases. This feature helped the users to purchase the game items that they want such as troops or musketeers, guns and weapons, food and surviving items, training equipment and components, etc. so, you can better enjoy the game now as unlimited gold and money are at hand.

Guns of Glory Update:

The latest update of Guns of Glory is 7.22.0 and it is recently updated on July 15, 2022. The game was first released on Sep 13, 2017. This latest update has popped up with many new features in it.

For example:

  1. Unlimited Coins
  2. All levels are unlocked.
  3. Unlimited Money (gold)
  4. Unlimited Everything
  5. Unblocked premium features. 

Guns of Glory Gift Codes:

Gift codes are used for getting many necessary things and components in the game such as gold, unlimited money, Airship exp, lord exp, speed-up, attacking components, and other items.

There are many codes for Guns of Glory that have been given but all of them are expired now. These are the following.

  • GoGJuly22 
  • UPG615
  • FridayGoG
  • UPG700 NEW618UPG
  • PlayGoGFriday
  • UPGDay619 
  • DesignFrameDiscordEvent
  • Blackbeardsjourne
  • AirshipSkin
  • GoGUpdateToday

 No gift code is working at the moment. They will be available whenever released.

Guns of Glory Guide:

Those who just started Guns of Glory can watch the video tutorials and may take guidance from these steps.

  1. Make an army of the best troops, train them for the battle, and start fighting.
  2. Practice before getting into a match. Be a part of the league to top and win prizes or rewards. 
  3. Use these rewards to unlock levels and get the components for your army and battle. > Add your friends to your team to play online and play with them as teammates.
  4. Use rewards and game currency to purchase upgrades for your game. 
  5. Conquer the opponents and become the boss.

Guns of Glory Hacks:

There are no hacks for Guns of Glory as the game is online and the hacks of any kind do not work on it. But yes there are some other ways like creating generators or own hacks for features and upgrades. Players, if it is necessary, can make and use these hacks and get benefits like currency or gold, and unlockable items.

Guns of Glory Cheats:

  1. Guns of Glory cheats are available and used by an online generator that helps to provide cheats. 
  2. You create the cheat generator for the game and then open it and use it to get rewards and golds.
  3. After creating the generator, open it. 
  4. put the basic account info and enter the amount of gold that you want to get or cheat on. For example, enter gold2000.
  5. get the gold in your account.

 But, this is an unusual and unjust way of getting extra gold so be careful.

Guns of Glory APK


Guns of Glory is a thrilling and exciting game that keeps its audience engaged in combating and confronting the enemies. The game with many premium features, updates, levels, and easy gameplay is growing its community. It’s like a story where you are the survivor and guide of everyone on the land. Conquer the land with your planning and strategy and be the boss or king of the kingdom or castle.

MOD APK version of Guns of Glory: Survival

MOD feature

Unlimited Gold

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