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Hills of Steel + MOD (Unlimited Money) v4.4.1

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NameHills of Steel
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Hills of Steel Mod APK:

All of us are fond of games when it comes to spending our spare time doing fun activities. There are many genres of games available in the market but people love action-based or battle-based games the most. The classic gameplay of an action-based game or a battlefield involves opponents who fight with each other and perform attack and defense actions to survive. But to add an extra fun element to the usual action-based games, developers are coming up with new and unique ideas which are helping their games to become popular among the users in less time. Hills of Steel is also an action-based game but here, you will get a vehicle that is armed to help you fight against your enemies and defend yourself.

Hills of Steel Mod APK

You might be familiar with Hill Climb 2 or Angry Birds, which are action-based games with a touch of fun and humor. Hills of Steel mod apk is a game with a similar concept where you will get a tank that you will ride through a hilly road with lots of bumps or ups and downs. You will also have weapons that you can use against your enemies to attack them. There are a lot of tank and weapons options available in this game and you can upgrade them by earning points on each level. Tanks like Phoenix, Reaper, Croba, Barracuda, Joker, and many more are available in this game. There are a lot of upgraded weapons like Laser Gun, Saw Blade, and Electric guns included in this game which you can use to defeat your enemy. You can also get shields to protect yourself or defend yourself against your opponent’s attacks.

You will get a lot of amazing weapons and vehicles which you can use in this game but they are locked and you need to earn money or points to unlock them. Once you have advanced vehicles and weapons and are skilled enough, you can enter the campaign mode of this game where you will fight against multiple pro players to show them who is the boss. But if you want to get all the weapons and vehicles already unlocked for free, then you can download Hills of Steel Mod APK where you will get complete premium features unlocked without spending a single penny. You will also get unlimited money and gems in the modded version.

Hills of Steel Mod APK Download:

If you want to download the Mod APK of Hills of Steel, then you are on the right platform. We will provide you with a reliable link from which you can download a safe version of this app. Besides this, we will guide you completely on how you can download the Mod version of this app step by step:

  • Download a compressed APK file on your phone.
  • Give specific storage to that APK file through your file manager.
  • Download Hills of Steel Mod APK from the given link.
  • Allow unknown sources by going into your phone’s settings.
  • Allow permissions on your device if any of them are required to install this app.
  • Install Hills of Steel and enjoy.

Hills of Steel Mod APK Features:

Some amazing features of Hills of Steel Mod APK are as follows:

Unique Tank Fighting Game:

There are thousands of action-based games available on the market but they all have similar concepts which are sort of boring. But in Hills of Steel, you will have a unique concept of fighting with your enemies with a tank. You will get multiple tank options like Reaper, Mammoth, Scorpion, and many other options which you can get for free in Hills of Steel Mod APK.

All tanks Unlocked:

In the modded version of this app, you will get all the tanks including Barracuda, Joker, Arachno, and many more already unlocked for free.

Hills of Steel Mod APK

Multiplayer Mode:

You can play this game alone if you love to but if you love playing games with your friends then you can enjoy this game with your friends through the multiplayer mode offered by this game.

Other modes available:

Besides multiplayer mode, you will get other modes that will make your gameplay more tough and competitive. 

  • Through Arcade Mode, you can fight against the experts of this game and make your place among them. 
  • Campaign mode allows you to fight against the bosses.
  •  In War Mode, you can loot the stuff of others to get extra weapons and fight against your opponents.

Upgraded Weapons:

There are a lot of weapons like Electric guns, Saw blades, shields, armor, and much more which you can use to attack and defend yourself from your enemies.

Ads free:

Hills of Steel Mod APK is an ads-free version and you will get an opportunity to enjoy smooth and interruption-free gameplay.

All premium features Unlocked:

All the premium features which are locked in the original version are unlocked in the Mod version of Hills of Steel for free.

Simple And Easy Controls:

The interface of Hills of Steel is very simple and easy and there are no technical skills required to play this game.

2D graphics:

Hills of Steel has 2D graphics which make your gameplay more amazing as you will feel as if the hills are real and you will enjoy your journey.

Unlimited money and gems:

You will get unlimited money and gems in the Hills of Steel Mod APK. So you can make unlimited in-app purchases without worrying about running out of money or gems.

Hills of Steel Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems:

Every app has its in-app currency which you need to earn or collect to enjoy all the premium features offered by that specific app. Some apps have currency in the form of money, some have gems, coins, gold, diamonds, hearts, crypto, and many more. But no matter in which form the currency is, you always need it to enjoy any game to its fullest.

Hills of Steel Mod APK

You need to perform tasks, complete missions, win battles, and sometimes do additional efforts to collect enough money to unlock your favorite items. But if you download the Mod APK of that game, there will be no need to put so much effort into collecting money. For example, in Hills of Steel Mod APK, you will already get unlimited money and gems which you can use to make unlimited in-app purchases of your choice.

Hills of Steel Mod APK Hack:

Hills of Steel Mod APK itself is a hacked or cracked version of this app which has all the premium features, weapons and vehicles unlocked for free. In addition to these features, you will also get unlimited money and gems in this game for free. As we all know, hacks are some sorts of tricks or shortcuts which might be helpful in original versions of the app to win extra rewards or get bonuses but you will not need any hack for the modded version.

Hills of Steel Mod APK Latest Version:

Hills of Steel is an amazing action-based game where you need to fight against your enemy while riding a tank through hills. This game is developed by SuperPlus Games. The latest version(v4.4.2) of this game was released on 25 August 2022. Hills of Steel Mod APK has a file size of 138.68MB and requires Android 4.4 or above on your phone.

MOD APK version of Hills of Steel

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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