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Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World + MOD (All Unlocked) v3.38.1

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NameHotel Hideaway: Virtual World
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MOD FeaturesAll Unlocked
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Hotel Hideaway APK

Live your dream life in a resort and be happy. Everyone desires to live a life in a fascinating place with friends and enjoy everything that one’s loves to do. Hotel Hideaway is a game that is a depiction of one’s desired life. In the game, a resort or a hostel is the place where you have to live and fulfill your dreams. As you start the game, select your game avatar or character and its gender. After selecting the gender, you enter a different fascinating world where many hotels and restaurants are located. You have a booked room in one of the hotels where you have everything and you can live and enjoy what you want.

Hotel Hideaway APK

So, start your journey or vacation in the hotel. In the hotel room, you have a completely adorable and trendy wardrobe, accessories, branded makeup, and everything that you will need while living in the hotel. You can customize and decorate your character after you have entered the room. You can go to dancing parties, music concerts, galas, dinners, and dining. You can socialize and make new friends. The more friends you have, the more influence you have. The increased social influence makes you the best guest. 

Hotel Hideaway Mod APK Download and Installation

To download the Hotel Hideaway Mod APK, act following these steps. 

  • Tap on the link to download the APK file of the game. 
  •  Go to the Documents in the File Manager. 
  • Tap the APK file to install it. 
  • The file is not able to install as the security option is closed. 
  • Open the security option from the settings of the device. 
  • Click on the file again to install it.
  • The game has been installed and you can enjoy it. 


Graphics and Controls:

The 3D illustrations and graphics of the Hotel Hideaway make everything clear and fascinating. The bright colors used in the decorations or outfits are attractive to the players, especially to the girls. The controls are easy and simple. A gesture pad is available which is used to control everything in the game. There are different gestures on the pad but some of them are locked and can be unlocked when you spend money or diamonds. To move your character, you have to touch and drag your finger from one tile to another tile. 

Hotel Hideaway Mod APK Unlimited Money and Diamond

The mod version of the game has unlimited everything. You do not have to spend real money to get diamonds or to get upgrades. The mod version has provided Unlimited money and Unlimited Diamonds to use. These are used to purchase the items, and room decorations, update your wardrobe, buy the accessories, purchase the stickers or symbols, and more. 

Hotel Hideaway Online

The Hotel Hideaway Mod can be played online and offline too. In online mode, you have some extra features to use that will not be available when you are offline. You can play with your friend in online mode and use different gestures that are unlocked for you. 

Hotel Hideaway Outfits

There is a variety of outfits for the players such as trendy, fashionable, stylish, elegant, and decent. For example,

  1. Skirts
  2. Casual Shirts
  3. Gowns
  4. Glasses
  5. Bands
  6. Makeup kits
  7. Wigs

If you want something different from the available outfits, you can go to the lobby. Combine the available outfits to get something new. 

Hotel Hideaway PC

The game is completely an android application. If you want to play the game on your Computer or PC, follow the steps given below. 

  1. Download virtual android software on your PC.
  2. Use the above-given link to download the APK file for the game. 
  3. Open the emulator and install the Hotel Hideaway with this emulator software. 
  4. The game will be downloaded on a PC within a few seconds.

Hotel Hideaway APK

Hotel Hideaway All Levels

There are five different types of levels each based on the materials and rewards in it. 

For instance:

  1. Basic Levels 
  2. Prestige Levels
  3. Gem Levels
  4. Crystal Levels
  5. Dahlia Levels

Each of these types has fifty sub-levels in it. Different colors are shown to rate the level stage.  

  1. Red – Highest Stage
  2. Brown – Lowest Stage

Hotel Hideaway Sticker

There is a huge collection of different stickers that are used for the customization of your profile and to send while chatting. All stickers are present in the Dictionary. Stars are given to each sticker that tells the ranking and helps you increase the level. For example: 

  • Devil Heart – One Star
  • Hugging Hearts – One Star
  • Heart Lock – One Star
  • Laughing Seagull – One Star
  • Fist Bump – Two Star
  • Love Heart – Two Star
  • Chocolate Heart – Two Star
  • Spa Hearts – Three Star
  • Broken Heart – Three Star
  • Fire Heart – Four Star 
  • Icy Heart – Four Star
  • Twin Cats – Four Star
  • BFF – Five Star
  • Crying Croc – Five Star
  • Heart Envelope – Five Star

Hotel Hideaway Gestures

The gestures in Hotel Hideaway are the moves that are used to dance or communicate with other people in the hotel. 

Gesture Pad:

There is a gesture pad that is used to perform different gestures. You can press and drag your finger and then leave it to move from one box to another. 


Gestures are of two types in the Hotel Hideaway.

  • Single Partner
  • Targeted

Single Player:

These gestures can be used by the player when he has unlocked the gesture pad. 


These gestures remain locked until you have crossed Level 9 of the game. 

It has further two types.

  1. Targeted Partner – these gestures are locked until you reach Level 9. But, you can use these gestures before reaching Level 9 when you play with your friend who has crossed Level 9. 
  2. Targeted Feisty – these gestures are also locked until you cross Level 9. If you and your friend are playing together and both are having Level 3 or up, these gestures can be used. 

Hotel Hideaway Hack

Hotel Hideaway Mod has unlocked everything and unlimited everything. This version has unlimited money, unlimited coins, and unlimited diamonds. So, the player does not need any hack to get the resources. Therefore, this Hotel Hideaway Mod has no hacks available for it. 

Hotel Hideaway Lost and Found Tokens

There are suitcases in the game that are used to get different materials or resources that you want to use. But, these suitcases are not present in the game. If you want to get a suitcase you have to go to the “Lost and Found” in the lobby of Oasis. In the lobby, you have to watch ads to get suitcase coupons. One ad will give you one coupon for a suitcase. Each coupon will unlock three suitcases. Only two ads can be watched in one day. 

Hotel Hideaway Mod APK Latest Version

The game is constantly updated; therefore, the game has many updates available. The latest updated version of the game is 3.381. The game was updated on July 07, 2022, and was declared on Apr 27, 2018. 


The size of the Hotel Hideaway Mod APK is 72MB. The game is a little heavy so, you should check the device system before installing the game on your device.

Hotel Hideaway APK


Hotel Hideaway Mod is an entertaining game with simple but charming gameplay. It is a virtual place or world for the players. You can become a stylist, an influencer, and a popular player. If you have a large social circle or community, you are a famous guest of the hotel. So, keep influencing others, making new friends, and getting fame or popularity among all of the residents. The Mod version of the game has many new things added that are attracting the audience towards the game. 

MOD APK version of Hotel Hideaway: Virtual World

MOD feature

All Unlocked

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