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HotspotShield VPN & Wifi Proxy + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v9.4.0

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Hotspot shield mod APK


Dear users! The Internet is full of great knowledge and entertainment and everyone wants to explore it fully because it is an endless world and almost has no boundaries and it has knowledge about every aspect. So anyone with any kind of confusion always moves towards the internet to find the solution but nowadays there is a problem that some content is blocked on the Internet and you don’t have full access to every aspect of the online world and in this situation, people often like to use the VPN services which help them to explore it fully.

Hotspot shield mod APK

So if you are also searching for a trusted and high-quality VPN application then here we are going to present in front of you an incredible and amazing VPN application which is the hotspot shield mod APK. Yes this application is providing you with all the features freely and you can access it easily. you can use it to view any of the blocked content in your country and on the internet. So if you also want to destroy the barriers between you and your online world then use this amazing application because it will help you to explore almost everything belonging to your interest on the internet.

It will make all the websites and content easily accessible for you and you can enjoy all the interesting things on the internet without any blockage or restriction with a high and fast internet connection. When you think about using the VPN connection then make sure that that connection is totally secured and safe to use so this application is also providing you the full safety and security of your data and you can use it anywhere without any fear and danger.

Features of Hotspot Shield Mod APK:

Easy interface:

Most VPN applications are a little bit confusing to use and you have to search for different servers and different options in the application with great complexity but in this application, you don’t have to do this much because the interface is very easy to handle and simple to use. Anyone can use this application easily because of all the things you will find in the main menu of the application easily and you don’t have to be that experienced to use this application.

Highly accessible:

Sometimes VPN applications are not accessible in all countries but you can find hotspot shield mod APK anywhere you want as it is highly accessible and you can use it no matter in which part of the world you are present. It has high numbers of servers and connections and you will find nearby servers anywhere.

No restricted content:

With Hotspot Shield you can access almost all the content on the internet and you will not get annoyed by the restricted content banners. By using this application you can explore every website you want, and enjoy all of your favorite information, the movies, newspaper, sports events, and anything you want. It means no more restricted content will annoy you while using the internet.

High security:

While using this application you don’t need to be worried about your security and personal data. It will keep away all the hackers and stalkers from you. No one will be able to learn about your personal information. You can set your own security measurements and in this way, your personal data will be safe from everyone. you can also hide your IP address from everyone in this way you can browse the whole internet without any fear of being hacked.

Stable connection:

When you use this application you will have a fast and stable internet connection and you can browse the internet without any hurdles. This application will help to stabilize your internet speed and in this way when you will start browsing then you will not have to wait that much for some website to load because of your weak internet in this way this application is providing you a secured and fast internet connection every time you use this application.

Millions of users:

This application has a wide range of users in the whole world and for them, this is the only trusted website for the VPN connection on the internet. So if you also want to enjoy the social network world with full access then use this application as other millions of people are doing.

No more online chaos:

As there are billions of people who are using the internet so sometimes the websites are too busy that you are not able to open them and if that is an urgent call then it would be a very bad thing for you. So to avoid this kind of situation you should download this application and use it. It will help you to keep yourself protected from that online chaos and you can use any website at any time so fastly.

Multi connection:

You can use one account and can sync their subscription with any of your other Android devices. In this way, you don’t have to make many accounts to use on different devices. you can use one account and connect it with any device anytime.

Free of cost:

In some VPN applications, you have to pay for 1 monthly and annual package if you want to use all the services of the application but in the case of hotspot shield, you don’t have to pay anything at any time because all the features are unlocked and available freely for everyone so you can enjoy every feature of this application without paying for it. That’s why this application is the choice of millions of people because they are enjoying that fast service for no money.


 The version of this application is 9.7.0

Hotspot shield mod APK download:

If you want to download this wonderful application on your mobile phones and any devices then you have to follow some guidelines given by us in this article, follow every step carefully and then you will easily download this application wherever you want.

  • If you want to download any application first make sure that what android version will be required to download that application 
  • So in the case of hotspot shield, you require an Android version of 5.0 and any latest version. 
  • The second most important thing is to make enough space to download the application. 
  • The hotspot shield requires 28.78 MB of space.
  • Make sure that you have that much free space to download this application.
  • As it is an APK application so you should have an APK file on your mobile phones and other devices. 
  • If you do not have an APK file then download and install an APK file on your devices.
  • After fulfilling all these requirements now you can download this application by clicking on the given link under this article. 
  • Now follow the following installation process.

Installation Guide:

  • Before clicking on the given link go into the settings of your device 
  • Here you have to permit all the unknown resources 
  • Now come back to the link and click on it 
  • It will lead you to the install app key
  • Click on that key and it will be installed within a  few seconds 
  • After the installation will be completed app will appear on the homepage of your device 
  • Now you can click on the app icon to access all the amazing features of this application.

Hotspot shield extension:

If you are worried about your security and privacy while using a VPN connection then you should use an extension with it. When you use the Hotspot shield extension then all of your activity is encrypted and no one can see whatever is your searching history and your IP address and any other personal information.

Hotspot shield mod APK

All the information is totally encrypted and no one has access to you so the extension will provide you premium security and privacy while using the application. Moreover, the quality of the application will not be affected. You can easily access all the features in a fully private environment. Extensions are good if you want some extra security while using a VPN connection.

Hotspot shield review:

The reviews about this application are very good as it is considered to be the fastest VPN available on the internet nowadays. The download speed of this application is about 31.3% and the upload speed is 60%. Moreover, the latency percentage is about 42.9% so overall it is a good application as it is trusted by millions of people around the world. Some other more amazing applications are also available but sometimes the security issues arise that’s why Hotspot shield is mostly recommended if you want high-quality security.

Hotspot shield release date:

Hotspot shield was released in April 2008 and then it was available for iOS and Android users in 2011 and 2012 respectively. In 2008 it was mostly operating on Mac OS and Windows.

Hotspot shield developer:

The developer of this amazing VPN application is AnchorFree, Inc. They have worked wonders by establishing such an encrypted application for their users and they have worked on the privacy and the internet speed of their application very well. 

Hotspot shield old version:

Sometimes it happens that the latest versions of some applications do not work on old devices and mobile phones. This happens because of the compatibility clashes between the latest version and the Android version of your device. So if you also face this type of problem then a solution to overcome this situation is to use the old version of this application.

As all the old versions are available on the internet, you can download any of the old versions according to your choice by the given link under this article. There is no danger in using the old version because the developers are the same and all the security and the features are also the same. So if you want to use an old version then you can use it freely without any fear and danger of being hacked and stalked by anyone.

Hotspot shield latest version:

The most latest version of this application is 11.3.1 and this is the version for Windows available free of cost you can use this variant at any window from 7,8,10, and any the latest one.

Here in this version, you will get all the premium features of this application and the security of this application is more updated in which you can increase your own data security and you can hide your IP address also so that no one can reach you while you are browsing your internet with Hotspot shield.

Hotspot shield account:

If you want to start with the hotspot shield then the start you will get a basic mode of this application then if you want to jump from the basic mode to the premium mode then you have to make a premium account in this application.

Hotspot shield mod APK

In this way, you can enjoy all the premium features of this application easily. If you have signed up for the basic mode of this application and you want to also try the premium account then you can also use it freely anytime.

Hotspot shield download for PC:

If you also want to download this application on your PC then you have to follow the following steps carefully in this way you will be able to download it on your PC without any hurdles we are guiding you step by step that how you can download this amazing application on your PC to have a full fun on a little big screen.

  • This application requires Windows 8.1, 8,10, 7, and any of the latest versions.
  • The size of this application is to find 28.78 MB so make sure that you have enough space on your PC to download this application.
  • Click on the given link under this article to download this amazing application on your Windows PC 
  • Within a few seconds, the application will be downloaded to your PC 
  • Then you have to click on the application icon to open it 
  • There is a key connect 
  • Click on it then select the location 
  • You have to give a proper location so that you will get the nearby server easily 
  • When you will find a specific server then connect and now can use this application on your PC without any hurdle.

Hotspot shield login:

  • If you want to log in to your Hotspot shield account you first have to click on the application icon 
  • It will lead you to the main interface of the application 
  • Here you have to select the login button 
  • Click on it to log in to a Hotspot shield account 
  • Then you have to click on the start key 
  • Then the hotspot shield VPN will be on.
  • When it will be connected then you have to choose your location 
  • For this, you have to click on your specific country name which is present above the map 
  • When you select your respective server the whole setup is done.
  • And now the VPN is ready to serve you fully with a high-speed connection.

Pros and cons:

As we know that there are millions of people who are using this application and enjoying the facilities available on it but everyone has their own thoughts about it. Here we are discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using this application and by reading this you can evaluate whether the pros are more useful and the cons are more worth looking upon. So first we will have me look up the pros of this application.

Pros of Hotspot Mod APK:

  • It is considered one of the fastest VPNs available in the whole world 
  • There are almost 650 million users who have their full trust in this VPN application 
  • This is considered to be the most followed VPN application in the world.
  • It will provide you the maximum privacy 
  • There is a kill switch available in it and it has AES – 256 encryption.
  • This application covers almost 5 continents of the whole world.
  • It serves almost 82 countries
  • The interface of the application is very easy to handle. 
  • The app looks very good and the design is very fascinating. 
  • You can use one connection simultaneously on 5 devices as
  • This application also works with torrents and with Netflix.

Cons of Hotspot Shield Mod APK:

  • The premium features of this application are a little bit more expenses 
  • It is non-transparent 
  • It is not installable on routers.


Hotspot Shield is the most trusted VPN application of this age and millions of people are using this application for a strong and stable internet connection.

Hotspot shield mod APK This application is providing you with almost all the features with higher security. You will not suffer from any damage to your device while using this application. The whole browsing history is encrypted and you are totally in a safe and sound environment while using this application.

MOD APK version of HotspotShield VPN & Wifi Proxy

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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