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Hunk TV + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v3.5

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NameHunk TV
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MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked

Hunk TV Mod APK:


A person who likes to watch versatile types of movies and TV shows and always remains in search of different premium applications. Now the fact is that all the famous streaming applications are so expensive that middle-class and low-class people can’t afford these types of tantrums so what will they do if they want high-quality movies and TV shows to watch without spending money? This era has come to the point where nothing is impossible so don’t think that you will not be able to watch your favorite shows and movies online free of cost because an amazing online free streaming application is here to facilitate you by providing a limitless library Hunk TV Mod APK. 

We cannot say that it is a well-known and famous online streaming application because there are only a few people who are getting benefited from this application because there are a small number of users on this application so the quality and the services of this application are incredible and faster than the expensive premium applications. This application emerged from the time when there was an era of DVDs and CDs but after that when social media got famous then some most expensive applications like Netflix, Amazon, and many others came forward and take the whole space.

Hunk TV Mod APK

Now people are facing the problem that these famous channels are just uploading content that is highly invested so users don’t have a vast variety of content on these applications. If you are one who also likes to watch TV shows and movies from different countries of the world and in different languages then you can go for hunk TV mode APK which contains a large Library full of content in different languages. Moreover, there is no division of content on this application where you will only watch the strategic web series. Now you will get the content of all kinds of genres including horror, comedy, strategy, and many others.

Features of Hunk TV Mod APK:

Detailed application:

When you watch any kind of content on this application you will see detailed work on each video. There will be a description below the video where you will get the information about the actors and genre of that respective content and you will get a description of the storyline of that content also so that it will become easier for you to understand it.

My List:

Here in this application, you will see an option on my list where you can make a list of the content which you want to watch later on so that you will not need to search for your favorite content again and again. You can mark any video and movie to be part of your my list option available in the application.

Watch sports:

Now here we come with the most exciting feature of this application which is that you can also watch international tournaments and matches on this application. So this application not only contains movies and web series from different parts of the world but you can also access International matches and can watch them online in high HD quality.

Updated regularly:

This application gets updated regularly so new content is added regularly in this application with some new and amazing titles so you can search for any of your favorite shows and movie by giving any title because there is no specification regarding the title. You can search for any certain show and video by typing 1000 and different types of titles for it.


Because the content is highly categorized in this application, it becomes very easy for the users to search for the show and movie in the respective category of that video. So if you are searching for a comedy video then you have to go into the comedy category and then search for the specific video and you will get it within seconds.


When any of the new movies and web series come on the market you will see that one in the suggestion part of your hunk TV mode APK application. So this becomes easier for the people who like to watch the newly updated and trending content immediately. So they can go into the suggestions option and can get the newly updated content there.

disable trailers:

You can disable the trailers of the web series you are watching so that you will not get bothered by seeing the trailer videos in the list of the episodes of your respective season and web show.

Quality content:

The best thing about this application is the quality of the content present here so you will watch every kind of video and movie here in HD quality. You can also change the quality of the content you are watching depending upon the availability of internet speed. so if you are getting these all things in a free streaming application then why do you want to go on an expensive streaming application and want to spend the money to watch the same kind of content there?

Modded Features:

  • As this application is the modded version of the real one so you will get some advanced modded features in this application.
  • The ads are got removed from this application so if you will download it then you will not get any ads while watching any of your favorite movies.
  • Now you don’t have to give so many permissions to this application.
  • The active trackers have been removed from the modded version.

Hunk TV Mod APK

Hunk TV Mod APK download:

If you are going to download this application then the most important thing is to know about the important necessities of the download process of this application. So if you want to download this application accurately then follow the given guidelines here.

  • You should have an Android version 4.1 if you are interested in downloading Hunk TV Mod APK on your Android device.
  • The size of this file is 12 MB so if you want to get a modded version of this application then you have to make the required space in your device to download it.
  • Download an APK file for this online free streaming application and then you will be able to download this application.
  • After downloading its APK file now you just have to gently tap on the link given here to download this application on your device.

Installation guide:

  • The important step to start the installation process is to give this application some required permissions.
  • For this, you have to search for the settings on your device.
  • There you will see key unknown sources
  • Now here you just have to tap on it and have to enable this option.
  • After that, the last step of the installation process is to click on the link and then click on the install app button to install this application. 
  • After a few seconds, you will get the application on your device and you can access it by clicking on the application icon which will be present on the homepage of your mobile phone.

Hunk TV Mod APK release date:

The new version of this application was released on 14 September 2020.

Hunk TV Mod APK developer:

This application is developed by Hunk TV.

Hunk TV Mod APK latest version:

The latest version of this application is 3.5 which was released on 21 September 2022. Here you will get the modded version where all the premium features are already unlocked so you can download the amazing latest version of this application by just clicking on the link present here. The latest version is free of cost for everyone so you can get it right now and can start watching your favorite web series and shows over it.

Hunk TV Mod APK old version:

The best old version of this application is v3.4 which was released on 30 May 2021. It contains some amazing features with a vast library. You can get the content in different languages and you can also download any of your favorite shows and videos from this application in HD quality so download the old version of this application from the link given here on this website and enjoy the wonderful features provided by the Hunk TV Mod APK.

Hunk TV Mod APK advantages:

  • You can download any of your favorite videos and web series from this application on your phone storage.
  • The size of this application is small so anyone can download it.
  • This application does not require any rooted device.
  • The application gets updated regularly so new content is introduced in the library which anyone can access.
  • You can adjust the quality of the movie you want to watch according to the speed of your internet connection.

Hunk TV Mod APK


Hunk TV Mod APK is the best option for those who want some versatility in the content they are watching and the people who want an amazing free online streaming application are advised to go for this option because the developers are working hard for this application and it is said that it will become one from the list of the top streaming applications soon. So if you don’t want to regret that time then enjoy the free facilities and benefits this application is providing to everyone. The amazing point of this application is that there are not many requirements essential for this so anyone can download this application for free. The content quality and the vast library is the thing that the users like very much so if you also want to explore some different kinds of content then download this application and start having fun for free.

MOD APK version of Hunk TV

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

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