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Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.12.18

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NameJohnny Trigger: Action Shooter
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Johnny trigger mod apk:

Johnny trigger mod apk is a vigorous action game with a criminal conspiracy in which you have to abolish all the criminals and mafia with the stickman.Principally the game is very straightforward to play. You have to eradicate the gangster with cunning and dexterity.

Johnny trigger mod apk

johnny trigger mod apk is a riddle in every phase with lots of weapons, platform engineering configurations and antagonists at every turn that you have to battle with your abilities.

Introduce johnny trigger mod apk : 

This is a very challenging game that will save you from lethargy in your downtime and add amusement to your vitality. In the game Johnny Trigger, it’s all about moving forward and not hanging around to see whether the men holding firearms wanted to communicate. So let me introduce you to a game that is a killer character-established game with tremendous graphics. A game that destroys the enemy in one blow. Games with an assassin character fascinate people.

  • By coming to this game, you become a secret spy, single-handedly ceasing all the depravities.
  • All the tasks have to be handled with a gun. The game has its factors of less talk and more action. 

Publisher of johnny trigger: 

Johnny trigger MoD APK is a premium quality action-packed game published by SayGames LTD, which has created hundreds of other popular mobile games, created the platform action game. But without a doubt, this is one of their best efforts.

Platform gaming is altered by Johnny Trigger to create something truly unique. Because of the game’s fascinating slow-motion action scenes, you’ll want to play it anytime you have the chance. The new version 1.12.18 of johnny trigger was updated on 12/07/2022. Full of action and thrills, this game is 88MB in size. 

Agent johnny: 

Johnny Trigger is the main character of this game who is a creative and cunning killer. It is fearless as well as reckless.When he dared to penetrate among the traitors to conquer the world. Surely everyone knows the laws of the world, everyone is right in their connotation, and only weaklings and losers are wrong. So your task is to encourage this clumsy spy who expects to exterminate the terrorists of all time. Get it right the first time with your favorite firearm and high-flying ability. 


  • As you play the game, your complications upgrade from low to high levels.
  • At each phase, some foe appears.
  • Defeat the opponent quickly and move forward before any of the previous enemies unexpectedly appear and shoot you.

The player must have a strategy to evade the bullets because the velocity of the enemies’ bullets is very fast and after every 10 phases you will face a powerful and fearless enemy, it will be very problematic for you but not impossible. Because the abundance of enemies is very high, you have to utilize your capacities to conserve yourself.

Johnny trigger mod apk

Your assassin character can perform amazing parkour so you can easily control your character to avoid enemy counterattacks. With the use of slow motion, you can detect every factor of the game and every situation vividly, which is quite rare in this game.

Defeat and kill enemies:

Coming to johnny trigger you will have an opportunity to combat against hostiles, defeat them and destroy all the shit. Apply your combat wisdom with instant explosions to people who are ruining the economy with their power.

Apart from this, you should be careful of enemies who are lurking around you to harm you. Choose the right time to attack and be careful of enemy activation

Conquer all enemies:

Battles in a game are quite difficult and stressful. Learning how to fight and overcome difficulties is very tough, but you have to get used to it. There are too many enemies which are very complicated to fight. Moreover, apply stable strategies to avoid being taken hostage and defeat the enemy at different tiers. Also, be careful not to let the comrades you have taken hostage defeat the enemy, otherwise, you may lose the battle.

Some tips that will help you win the competition, will see gas tanks everywhere in the game, target the tanks to destroy many enemies at once and shoot and make a thrilling explosion around them. All enemies existing will be destroyed by the explosion. Time your fire so that the enemy doesn’t escape you. You can use different guns like SMG guns. Each gun has a different way of working and effect. 

Johnny trigger Unlock all:

After traversing each level you will enter a new level and the next level will be more rigorous than the previous level. You will also get gold coins and unlock numerous weapons.

You need money to buy more weapons which you get when you pass each level in the game. You must have heavy weapons to defeat the enemy. There will be many types of guns in your game stock that you can purchase and use (such as the SMG gun) which can damage the enemy by firing multiple shots at once. And especially the Super Guns which are very fast, very costly, powerful, and damaging, abolish the enemy quickly.

In addition to weapons, you can also change the character’s appearance with clothes. However, whatever appearance you choose to go into enemy territory, you are a bloody killer.

Surprising fact:

The mod version of johnny trigger unlocks all kinds of weapons for you like guns and all the costumes and remarkable graphics.


The developer of this game has established a luminous and realistic graphical interface for the users. The unique compositions and attractive graphics have won the souls of the players at first glance.

Like this game its graphics are modest and attractive, simplicity doesn’t mean it’s too tedious and disastrous but it shows less horror in the stage of killing the enemy.

More than 20 screens have ensured for the players to play in the interface of their choice. It includes all styles of interfaces which are very convenient. 

Endless levels:

Johnny trigger offers thousands of levels for players to crush the enemy. And the player has the sovereignty to choose their levels to contribute according to their proficiency. Each level is organized from manageable to problematic so that people don’t have any difficulty finding their way. So you have to choose the place of your choice and solve the problems using your intelligence.

Collection of guns:

Johnny trigger has many functional guns which are crucial for the players to participate in the battlefield. The player has the full right to choose his weapon. In this game, you will discover more than 57 different types of weapons including 11 different pistols, 12 SMG guns and many more. You can also use the rocket launcher to deal with more powerful enemies. 

Get the outcomes you expect by using these weapons. 

Tremendous background music:

In addition to the combination of graphics and weapons in this game, the music is also sensational and tremendous, which keeps the attention of the players. Enchanting the game and immersing the player in the game with the background music makes the game very easy and interesting. 


Along the trip, be on the lookout for hostages and traps. You’ll need to act swiftly to avoid being shot as the game tries to give you progressively challenging terrain to work with.

Captain fighting:

Boss battles have been successfully incorporated into the game. It’s wonderful to see SayGames attempt to restore this because it’s something we frequently find absent in contemporary games. The boss battles function similarly to the game’s regular foes, with the exception that it will take a lot more ammunition to defeat them. The most crucial thing is to fire them as many times as you can on each run; otherwise, you risk running out of ammunition and they’ll kill you.

Interesting maps with many elements:

Johnny trigger also offers amazing maps with many elements, this is for those who have chippy in it. Get boosted by great maps to explore the gameplay of johnny trigger. To kill the enemy, gas Cans can also be used. Instead of wasting time shooting, kill the enemy in one strike. 

Enjoy the game even without the internet:

To improve the portable gaming experience, johnny trigger furnishes you with the facility to enjoy even without internet and net.

Johnny trigger mod apk

Even when you are often away from home and don’t have an internet connection, you can open this game and play without data. 

Free to play:

This game is free for all android users despite having many features. You can download it for free from Google without paying any money and enjoy all its features for free. You can check our link to get it for free. With this mod, you unlock gameplay that includes lots of money, lots of weapons, no ads and more.

Johnny triggers unlimited money:

We bring you a brand new action game that will not only satisfy your craving for adventure but also provide you with incredible gameplay, from which we earn lots of money. An incredible game that has all of your favorite elements baked into one sweet game experience. You receive unlocked, with no advertising to pay for upgrades. Upgrades can be used to buy new clothing and more effective weapons. Overall, the game will be more entertaining as a result.

Feel free to customize your in-game characters:

In Johnny trigger, you can improve and enhance the game’s prosperous visuals by customizing your character. The more you play and progress, the more powerful your character will become. This can be achieved by collecting more upgrades and equipment. You should also try and recruit new allies which will help you defeat several adversaries in this action-packed game.

Johnny trigger MoD APK ios:

With johnny trigger, you can enjoy hours of high-quality offline gaming for both android and ios. With the app’s offline capabilities, no matter where you are, you can still play your mobile games with high-quality illustrations and visuals.

Watch out for tricks:

You won’t need many hints to attain the game because it is rather easy to understand. The majority of what you’ll need may be acquired during the initial gameplay, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble estimating it out. However, we will provide you with a few tips to ensure that you receive the highest possible score.

You can feel as though you can never get to an opponent before they shoot you at times. At this point, you must be on the lookout for alternative strategies to take them out first, such as shooting a metal object to make your bullet ricochet or a rope to drop something on them. If you employ these strategies, you’ll earn bonus points.

Mod Apk features of johnny trigger:

  • Dominant weapons
  • Untie All
  • Infinite wealth
  • 3D illustrations and maps
  • Thousands of phases 
  • No ads
  • Free to play

Suggest everyone play this game:

Everyone has the chance to contribute to amusement and relaxation while playing this game. Join this game right away to rebuild your enthusiasm and drive for a residence if you feel pressured and worn out by life.

Download the Android version of Johnny Trigger MOD APK:

Johnny Trigger is a straightforward game. This is a good choice if you want to test out the underworld or become a well-known mafia boss. And in keeping with the game’s ethos, converse briefly before firing right away!

Johnny trigger mod apk

For a journey into the mafia vendetta world and to sharpen your shooting abilities to the maximum, download the Johnny Trigger Mod APK with unlimited money. Additional firing limited discussion.

How to download the johnny trigger mod apk file?

Here, we’ll provide you with a detailed explanation of how to get modified apk files. Mods from other websites can be downloaded using a similar method. It was very simple to obtain modified APKs, and this website offers a straightforward method to do so. Numerous websites offer safe and secure mod APK. You can obtain mod apk files from these websites.

How to install the Johnny trigger mod apk?

  1. Change your security settings to allow Unknown Sources. You’ll be able to download apps from sites other than the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the APK file you downloaded, then install it just like any other app.
  3. Enjoy playing Johnny Trigger!


  • Since Johnny Trigger has so many features, you’ll never get bored playing it.
  • As a hero, you must play this game to save your people.
  • Already, millions of people play this game.
  • That’s why it’s a game that’s highly recommended.
  • Play Johnny Trigger, which you can easily get from our website if you wish to join the ranks of heroes.
  • Play this enjoyable game to improve your skills, and don’t forget to tell others about how awesome you found it. 

MOD APK version of Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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