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Cover Fire: Offline Shooting + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.23.16

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NameCover Fire: Offline Shooting
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Cover Fire APK:

For those who are indulged in action-packed thrilling games Cover Fire apk full of fighting and shooting then congratulations, you are at the right place. Today we are going to introduce you to an amazing yet unique action-based genre that will blow your mind with its extraordinary features. Have a look at the article to have some deep insight into the characteristics of the game.

Cover Fire APK

Cover Fire APK Gameplay:

The game rotated around the plot in which there is darkness everywhere and the world is being captured by Terracorp. They have made all the human beings of the world, slaves. Nobody’s life is at peace as people are constantly facing issues like war, drought, famine, outbreaks of infections, and diseases. There is not a single day without stress and anxiety. But some human beings are showing resistance to these calamities and wars but all of these measures get wasted.

You are the player playing the role of a powerful and skilled soldier whose major task is to fight against the enemies and also, train the newcomers who are not skilled enough to take part in the battles. Train your soldiers perfectly so that you can gain victory against your enemies.

You will be a savior for humanity in times of depression and oppression. The happiness of the people of this world depends upon your actions. The game is quite similar to the gaming modes of Special Force Group 2 and Modern Ops. Download the application from our website and enjoy the thrilling and adventurous gameplay which you have not played ever before.

Cover Fire APK

Cover Fire APK Features:

Now you have almost known about the gameplay and the plot of the game, so you are now in the position to know in detail about the features of the gaming application.

Some of the features of the application are as follows :

Intuitive touch controls:

The touch control system of this application is highly sensitive so you will play the game very smoothly. The smooth gameplay is enough to attract the attention of gamers. Moreover, all the control buttons are available on the screen of the game which has made the navigation easy to access. In addition to this, one can find tutorials, guides, and instructions on how to play the game.

The shooting experience in the game gives the players the ultimate realistic experience to a maximum level that they feel intense pleasure while playing the game. Download the application and enjoy the integrated interface with the smooth touch control system which makes this game distinctive and unique.

The exciting storyline of the game:

After downloading the application, you will be able to enjoy the adventures offered by the exciting storyline of the game. There are many action-packed stories available in the game which are enough to hook the gamers in the game for long hours. Moreover, each story is unique and challenging so that one cannot feel bored while playing the game. Feel free to indulge yourself in the thrilling storyline of the game and enjoy the game to the fullest.

First, make strategies, then play the game:

FPS Games are first-person shooter games that are very popular and demanded these days by gamers on the internet. To combat your enemies, you will first have to come up with a plan. Organized strategies will make your way easier and smoother in winning against opponents.

By making adaptable strategies and giving proper training to your untrained armed forces, success will be guaranteed you. Create a challenging situation for your enemies and make their survival difficult in such brutal shooting and fighting against the enemies.

Create a skilled army with amazing qualities:

To achieve victory, your very first step is to build an army full of skilled and armed soldiers who are always in the mood of fighting against the enemies with valor and giving them brutal answers when they get attacked by them.

There are many powerful characters available in the gameplay who are unique in their powers and skilled to a maximum level. You can choose these characters from the game and can add them to your army to make your squad powerful. Download the mod APK file of the gaming application and enjoy creating your squad from scratch and enjoy the adventurous shooting in the game which will scare the gamer to death.

Enjoy an intense shooting experience in the game:

The game, at one level, becomes highly challenging as it offers the players to face brutal and scary phases of the battles where deadly and intensive shooting is taking place, enabling the player to enjoy the deadly storyline to the fullest. Moreover, during such deadly fights, the player has to do all the protective measures to ensure his safety during the battles. Not only, he has to keep himself safe but also provide protection to his squad against these evil forces.

Cover Fire APK

Online challenges and tournaments:

In this gaming application, apart from fighting against these evil forces, there is also an amazing yet indulging option for the players where they can enjoy online tournaments and challenges with their friends and other fellow players.

Moreover, you can also enjoy these tournaments offline with your friends. This feature is quite amazing as you don’t have to wait for the internet connection to enjoy the game as you still play the game while offline.

No availability of internet?

The gaming application is available for players with or without an internet connection. Download the game and enjoy the offline mode of the game without worrying about the internet connection.

Free of cost:

Downloading the mod version of the application will not cost you any bucks as it is free of cost, to download the application through the link given by us, on our website. Enjoy the free downloading of the application along with the free premium features of the application.

High-rated graphics:

The game is unique as the developer has introduced 3D graphics with immersive effects and filters. Moreover, you can also adjust the settings of the graphics. You can also opt the slow motion graphics which will give your game a different touch, enhancing your experience to a whole new level.

Background sound effects:

The sound effects are quite dramatic which gives realistic vibes when a shooting occurs in the gameplay. It feels like you are presently standing on a battlefield and witnessing the real shooting action arcade. This feature is quite indulging in that the player gets hooked for long hours without getting bored from the game.

Cover Fire APK

Cover Fire APK – Download:

Although the game is available for Android and PC devices, we are here to tell you about the downloading procedure for android devices. Giving the android gamers a chance to enjoy the gaming application with the successful working of the link which gives the free version of the gaming application upon tapping. Just click the given clickbait and download the application in one click. If the procedure takes time, then enable the unauthorized source’s downloading as this is a mod APK file.

Cover Fire APK – IOS:

Cover Fire APK can also be downloaded on IOS devices. To download the application, download the mod APK file of the application on the iTunes application on your computer. Then transfer the file from your computer to your device by connecting with the USB device.

Cover Fire APK – Unlock everything:

Dealing with the mod version of the gaming application, you will be amazed by the features of the mod version. Some of the features of the mod version of the application are as follows :

  • Unlocked weapons
  • Unlocked characters
  • Ads-free experience
  • All bugs are fixed
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-ban
  • Free shopping of all the features
  • Unlimited Money

Download the mod version of the game through our website and enjoy all the premium features of the application unlocked, without paying a single penny for it. This is quite an attractive feature as the gamers don’t want to spend money on the game which is quite heavy on the pocket.

Cover Fire APK – Hack:

To hack the premium features, one can make use of the modded version of the application as it offers all the premium features unlocked and unlimited. But in case, you don’t want to download the modded version, then there is a hack given below to obtain unlimited gold and money.

To obtain unlimited gold and money, you need to open a webpage named Lucky Patcher. Then open the menu and search for the desired game. Then choose the option of ‘support patch for in-app and LVL emulation’ then tap on applying. Then you will see patching for almost 5-10 seconds as the application will be analyzing the results and in the end, you will be able to enjoy the unlimited money and gold.

Cover Fire APK – Mod menu:

The Mod menu is all the premium features of the application offered by the modded version of the application. The primary MOD of the Cover Fire APK is unlimited money along with free of cost, unlocked premium features, VIP 5, god mode, high damage, banned ads, anti-ban, and anti-virus properties.

Cover Fire APK – Cheats:

Many web pages offered cheat codes for Cover Fire. These cheat codes come with the expiration date which should be checked before redeeming the codes.

A few codes are given below:

  • Clip size – it enhances the capacity of the magazine.
  • Reaction time – it enhances the period during which one has to crush the explosive materials.

Cover Fire APK – Weapons:

Being an action-packed shooting game, one can enjoy a lot of weapons that are highly advanced in technology and use these weapons in their battles. There is a huge list of weapons available in the game of which some are free to use but a few powerful weapons are available in the locked list which either needs money or some hack to unlock them. These weapons include arsenals, shotguns, and many others.

Moreover, the use of these deadly weapons with simulatory effects and mechanics which involves firing and fire is addictive enough that it will complete the craving of the gamers of playing a thrilling storyline of the game. The point which needs focus is that if you download the mod version of the application, you will have unlimited access to these high-quality weapons for free.

Cover Fire APK

Cover Fire APK – Characters:

Like all other action games, this game also includes powerful and skilled characters having different and unique powers which differentiate them from others. The gamers can also choose characters from the list in which some high-quality characters are locked which can be unlocked by using the in-built purchasing option or the mod version of the application, free and unlimited. Choose the characters wisely and create your powerful squad against your brutal enemies and achieve victory, creating peace for humanity.

Cover Fire APK – Icon:

The icon is the logo which contains the written form of Cover Fire with a man holding a heavy gun aiming at the enemy having a background of weird forest, giving dark and scary vibes.

Cover Fire APK – PC / PC Cover:

The gaming application can be installed on PC having windows 7, 8, and 10. To install the modded version, make use of an emulator such as MeMu or Bluestacks. First, download the emulator, and then through these emulators, download the application in its mod version.

Cover Fire APK – Conclusion:

Cover Fire APK is a shooting game full of thrill and action that one can think about. Choose your plan about how to proceed against the enemies, and make your squad of a powerful army with skilled characters and deadly weapons which will make a brutally powerful combination of an armed force.

Fight against the enemies and defeat them to earn peace and prosperity for the despised humanity. Download the mod version of Cover Fire to enjoy the premium and pro features of the application without paying any charges. The unlimited, unlocked and free features will make your gameplay worth playing. Also, play the game with your friends in offline and online modes.

MOD APK version of Cover Fire: Offline Shooting

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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