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Little Big Snake + MOD (Unlimited diamond) v2.6.65

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NameLittle Big Snake
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited diamond
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Little Big Snake APK

We all have played Snakes games in our childhood and they have a deep impact and an unforgettable memory in our brains. So, to bring back the memory of our childhood the developers of games have developed a Snake game once again. Little Big Snake Apk is the best game that has a snake in it. You must play this game in order to know the spice in it. This game does not support the single-player mode. The players can play this game multiplayer and have the fun doubled. You can invite your friends to play with you. This game is best for more than one player.

Little Big Snake APK

Little Big Snake is based on Slither and is more appreciated than Slither io because of its amazing 3d graphics. The players like the graphics of a game more than anything. Personally, the graphics are the main thing of a game and you’ll get to see the Snake playing in a whole 3d view. Isn’t it amazing? So, make sure to download this game and bring back the nostalgic vibe of your irreplaceable past and memories.

The gameplay of this game is kind of similar to the one it was based on but is more adventurous and advanced in many ways. This is what makes this game more popular and demanded than Slither. The players have to make the biggest snake by eating the balls. There are other snakes too. So, be careful and make sure to become the longest snake and stay away from the enemy snakes. Be sure to make the snake the biggest on the map. Be careful and do not cross the enemy snakes or you will lose the game. Eat the power-ups that are scattered all over the map and make sure to eat them in order to gain energy. 

Little Big Snake Apk Download

Little big snake can be easily downloaded on your devices by following these steps

  • First, select the “Download” button which is available on our site to start the downloading of the apk file.
  • Now, open the downloaded file and allow the “Unknown Sources” from the settings of the device.
  • Now, install the app by opening the apk file which is present in your file manager.
  • After the installation is completed, open the game and play it with online players that will help you in making the biggest snake.

Little Big Snake APK

Little Big Snake Apk Features

These are the features of this app

  • Easy to use:

The controls are very easy and people can get used to the user interface of this app in no time. They can play the app very easily. You can use the screen to get full control of the game. You can control the movements of the snake with the help of your finger. Move the finger on the screen and the snake will move in the same way. You can even use the top right corner in order to increase the speed of the snake. Make sure to boost the speed and enjoy the game.

  • Unlimited coins:

You will get a chance to earn unlimited coins so that you can buy things in the app. You can earn these coins and get a chance to make the money and boost your Snake. Make the snake longest and be safe from the other snakes.

  • Upgrade the snakes:

You can use the money and coins that you get in the app. You will get a chance to change the skins of the snakes. This will get you very excited as you have to change the skins and brag among other snakes.

  • Complete amazing missions:

There are amazing missions n this game for the users to play and they can complete these missions to get more coins. They can select the missions they wanna play and earn unlimited coins from them. You can upgrade the missions and then become the longest snake on the available map.

  • Upgrade your Skills:

These missions will allow the users to upgrade their skills very easily. These skills will help in making the snake longer easily and they will get new features from it. The users can make coins and use these coins by upgrading their skills. You will be able to destroy other players by using it. 

  • Devour nectars:

Get a chance to become the largest snake more easily by eating the nectar and then boosting it. The size, abilities, and skills will be upgraded. Eat more and more energy left and also devour the nectars. 

  • Smash the enemies:

Smashing the enemies is now easier and will get the users to win the game more easily. Just snake the enemies around and make them hit you and they will lose the game automatically.

  • Unlock levels:

Unlock more and more levels by playing them and challenge the players. Win the game by eating more nectar. Collect the keys that are present and make the level upgrade by themselves.

Little Big Snake Latest Version

The latest version of Little Big Snake Mod Apk is 2.6.65 and is released on July 25, 2022. This version is very suitable for users as it provides the users with unlimited money and coins. The game is very interesting and sees the snake in 3D view.

Little Big Snake Unlimited Money

Yes, you will get unlimited money and unlimited coins in the apk version of the game. The users will get a chance to use all this money for upgrading the skills. And make sure to use the coins for buying the new skins to make the snake attractive and more dangerous.

Little Big Snake APK


Little Big Snake is a very fungame that will allow the users to play and collect a lot of coins. Become the largest snake and brag among the users. You will eat a lot of nectars and become more vicious and big. Collect the power-ups and upgrade the game. Make sure to check from the map if you are the largest or not. Complete more and more levels and enjoy the game by controlling the snake with just your finger and be the King. play the game with your friends or a lot of strangers online.

MOD APK version of Little Big Snake

MOD feature

Unlimited diamond

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