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Lords Mobile: Tower Defense + MOD (Unlimited Gems) v2.84

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NameLords Mobile: Tower Defense
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gems
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Lords Mobile Mod APK

Be muscular and indestructible enough to command an army of troops and protect an unowned Kingdom. Lords Mobile is a game with strategy and tactics where players have to use their minds to win. The game is about a Kingdom or Empire which is not owned by anyone now. As the King of the Empire has died and no one is leading the castle and the residents. Other ruthless people are trying to get command of this empire. You have to save this empire from these cruel people. You have to take the control of everything and create muscular armies and command them.

Lords Mobile Mod APK

You have to lead them in the battleground in the right way using your mind so that the enemies can be defeated. There are several troops in the game and different regions where you have to fight. You have to win the wars, challenges, and tasks to level up your game. When you will conquer every opponent, you will become the leader of the empire and the boss. There are missions in the game which you will have to complete to get rewards and gifts that may contain troops, equipment, or accessories. The game is getting fame as it offers interesting challenges and creates suspense for the player that what will be going to happen next. It is the game of sharpness and intelligence of your mind. 

Lords Mobile Mod APK Download:

To play this warfare game, you have to download Lords Mobile Mod APK following the procedure. 

  1. Click on the link which is shown above to download Lords Mobile Mod APK file. 
  2. Enable mobile security in the settings. 
  3. This will allow the installation process from all sources. 
  4. Tap the file in the folder to install it. 
  5. Hold on a minute. 
  6. Lords Mobile has been downloaded on the mobile. 



Lords Mobile has 3D, stunning and clear graphics. These limpid visuals make the look of landscapes, mighty buildings, troops, and castles captivating. 

System Requirements:

Lords Mobile is a heavy game with a large APK size and it requires heavy operating systems or devices such as only 4.1 and above to fluently play the game and wars. 

Team Mode

This is helpful for the players so that they can add their friends to the game. They can play with their friends to help them or seek help. You can also add your friends to a battle to fight against them. 

Facebook Account:

Players can connect their Lords Mobile account with their Facebook account. It will help them to play with their Facebook friends. 

Lords Mobile Mod APK Unlimited Gems:

Lords Mobile Mod has unlocked premium features and that is the reason that it is a highly suggested game among all. You can get gems by purchasing Gems Packages and spending Diamonds. You can also earn gems by completing missions. But, these gems will be utilized and get finished after upgrades of some items. It takes time to earn gems in the original version of Lords Mobile. Now, it is easy to get free unlimited gems in the mod version so, you can upgrade and purchase whatever you want. 

Lords Mobile Mod APK Latest Version:

The latest released version of Lords Mobile is 2.84 and it was declared on Aug 1, 2022. The game was introduced on Mar 11, 2016, and since then many updates had been released.

Lords Mobile Mod APK

Lords Mobile APK Hack:

Hacks are used to get unlimited money or gems. The mod version of Lords Mobile gives all premium features including unlimited gems and unlimited money. So, players do not need any illegal hacks to attain gems or money.

Lords Mobile Quick Swap:

Quick Swap is promptly used to change the equipment set to another set that is saved in the game. To change it, players will require Equipment Quills, for example, 90,000 coins or 1000 gems. Two free Quick Swaps are available in the game. 

  • Construction-Set-Helper Swap
  • Research-Set-Helper Swap

Lords Mobile Redeem Codes 2022:

Redeem codes are used to get gifts and rewards for your game. For example, you can obtain speedups, VIP points, and shields for your account. There are some Promo Codes and Expired Codes that are released in 2022. 

Promo Codes:

  • LM001
  • LM2022

Expired Codes:

  2. IGG15TH
  3. gswwsu
  4. 2022ARTIFACT
  6. 2021cj
  7. Kungfupanda
  8. Easter2022
  9. TrialByFire

Each code has a specific duration after which the code will get expired and cannot be used. 

Lords Mobile on PC

Lords Mobile can be played on a PC by using BlueStacks. 

  • If you want to enjoy this battle and war on PC, you have to download the BlueStacks on PC which will function as an android emulator. 
  • Now, you can install the above given downloaded APK file with the BlueStacks. 

Lords Mobile Account

To play Lords Mobile, you have to create a game account. You can sell or buy Lords Mobile account. But, it is necessary to sign up. 

Titan Account:

There is another account named Titan account and it is only for the best players who are on the top. This is an unofficial name for the game. 

Lords Mobile Diamond

Diamonds are the official currency of Lords Mobile and you can use these diamonds to purchase any Gems Packages for Lords Mobile. If you do not have diamonds in your account, you can purchase diamonds from the store by spending money. 

Lords Mobile Guide

  1. Map out a strategy. 
  2. Find or make a guild if you have enough resources. 
  3. Learn every point and trick of war. 
  4. Make a strong army with special heroes. And upgrade it. 
  5. Step up your empire or castle. 
  6. Focus on research and ignore siege. 
  7. Focus on your troops or army in T4 and T3. 
  8. Complete the main tasks and the admin. 
  9. Accomplish the Limited Challenge within the given days. 
  10. Construct and upgrade your buildings to get Might earnings or points. 

Lords Mobile Limited Challenge

There are some special events in Lord Mobile which give rewards and medals for a specific hero if you complete these events. These events are limited challenges. They are unlocked when you have completed Skirmish3 – vantage or crossed level 5.

There are different stages in each challenge. Every limited challenge has a specific time limit within which you have to finish it. For example, some challenges may be for 7 days or some may last for 60 days. The best thing is that there is no loss of stamina while completing the stages of the limited challenge. 

Requirements for completing the Limited Challenge:

  • Pass each stage within the given restrictions. 
  • It is necessary to use a special hero for which you will be awarded a medal. 
  • All heroes should survive. 
  • Time limit should be reduced till the 60s. 

Lords Mobile Bot Commands

There are different commands in the game that are used during the fight to talk with the team players or to give commands to your army when it is needed.

For example: 

  1. Help – This command sends a complete list of all commands present in the game. 
  2. stats – It will send stats of received gifts that you have obtained from monsters. 
  3. pos – this command will send the location of guild bank
  4. recall – it recalls the troops. 
  5. relocate – this command will relocate the bank in the game. 
  6. addtiitle – it will give a title to the bank. 
  7. Lords Mobile Monster Hunt

There is a monster hunt in Lord’s Mobile in which you have to fight with monsters to achieve rewards. You have to use your heroes to kill the monsters. 

Monsters in Monster Hunt:

  1. Terrorthorn
  2. Noceros
  3. Blackwing
  4. Queen Bee
  5. Snow Beast
  6. Gryphon
  7. Hardrock
  8. Frostwing
  9. Gargantua

Monster Hunt Guide:

  • Choose the strong heroes to confront the monsters
  • Assault monsters with only one hunt. 


The APK size of Lords Mobile is 340MB which is heavy in size.  So, this heavy game needs high operating system devices to run fluently and fluently.

Lords Mobile Mod APK


This game is a strategic game with a simple but fascinating interface. The war system, empire, lands, and battleground look amazing in the game. You can add friends to increase the chances of victory or triumph. You can play Lords Mobile offline too. You have to fight and complete events to unlock more interesting features and game items. Moreover, this game is available for iPhone users. In the mod version, there are no ads and bugs. Start playing and getting engaged with your friends. 

MOD APK version of Lords Mobile: Tower Defense

MOD feature

Unlimited Gems

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