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MagicCall – Voice Changer App + MOD (Unlimited credits) v1.6.1

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NameMagicCall – Voice Changer App
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited credits

Magic Call MOD APK:


At the running time, every person in this global world is fully busy in his daily life activities. Some are doing an office jobs, women are running their houses since everybody is busy and just busy in his own life. But those people also want to have a little bit of fun by keeping their practicals to a side. For this purpose, some are playing different games, some are doing part-time entertaining jobs others are going to cinemas and theaters to watch different movies and other entertaining programs. Besides all of these now we are moving forward to introduce such a fabulous application that surely inspired you with its amazing and eye-capturing features.

Magic Call MOD APK

Do you love to do some pranks or prank calls? Do you like to do some fun with your friends and relatives? If yes, then this application is especially for you. Because the application on which we are going to start the discussion is full of entertainment. So hold your breaths because it’s time to introduce such an amazing, finest, fabulous and astonishing application. Dear Users, the application that will be discussed in this piece of writing is “Magic Call MOD APK”. As its name shows that Magic Calls, means this application can help you to build up some magic in your calls for fun and to prank your loved ones.

  • What is Magic Call Mod APK?
  • Magic Call Voice Changer:

Magic Call is an application that can change your voice to any gender. If you’re a female, you can change your voice to male. Similarly, a male member can change his voice to a female. This application is full of amusement and entertainment.

It is an amazing application to prank your loved ones especially when you want to make your voice fully changed or unidentified. This application has many background sounds that seem real and add more fun to your pranks.

This application permits its users to adjust the voice tone according to their own will. You can also change your voice to any cartoon character. You can also swap the voices during calls.

You can also change background sounds into rain, horror, laughter, noise, etc. You can also play some sounds of emotions that includes clapping, crying, kissing, and so on.

How does this application work?

  • Operating this application is not so difficult you just have to follow these steps:
  • Open the Magic Call application.
  • Pick up the voice you want.
  • Do some adjustments to the tone.
  • Click on the call button.

It is an application for prank lovers. You can utilize this application to change your voice to different voices including female, male, birds, animals, children, cartoons, emotions, etc. Also, this application has a vast range of effects that can enhance the beauty and demand of this application. By knowing about this application, now is the time to have an eye on its features.

Because the features of any application are very important to attract the users to download this application. So, let’s move on and have an eye on its mesmerizing features. The following are the main points or features of this stunning application that will surely inspire you.

Features of Magic Call MOD APK:

Features are the main portion of any application. Because this portion helps the users to know about the properties of the application so that users can utilize this. Moving ahead, we are moving to discuss the features of this Magic Call MOD APK.

Change your Voice Tone:

Magic Call is an amazing application that permits you to change your voice into many other voices of the world. You can change your voice during calls and do pranks on your near ones. This is an entertaining and prank-lovers application.

Huge variety of voices:

In this application, you will capable to find a variety of voices of your own choice that include:

  • Female
  • Male
  • Child
  • Animal
  • Bird
  • Cartoons
  • Robots

User-Friendly Interface:

This application has a very unique and simple interface that attracts users. It is an application that has no more difficulty to operate its functions. You can easily operate it very easily without any error or difficulty.


This application has many effects that can be played in the background this feature makes your call seem to be real and attractive. These effects include the sound of rain, wind, water, traffic, party, music concerts, and so on. This feature is magical.

Magic Call MOD APK

Free of Cost:

This application does not require any package or cost. You can easily run this application without any fee. It is completely free of cost.

Magic Call Mod APK unlimited Credits:

Magic Call MOD APK offers you many credits. These credits help make unlimited calls. Use this application to prank your friends, family, and relatives and make your time memorable.

Add Emotions:

To make your call more realistic you can add some emotions like anger, crying, laughing, kissing, etc in the call. This feature makes your call very amazing.

Unlimited Coins:

By using this application you can earn many coins that help you to make unlimited credits.

Besides all of these some other features of this application are written below:

  • It is the cheapest entertaining application.
  • This application makes you feel relaxed in many worries of your life.
  •  It has a very attractive boundary that is highly demanded by users.

Magic Call MOD APK Download:

Now, go ahead to look at the download method of this engrossing and commendable application. You can download this amazing application on your device when you have followed some necessary instructions. You need to know about mobile Specifications for having Magic Call MOD APK, on your mobile device. Download the finest APK on your mobile and enjoy this great fun app. 

Device Specification:

  • Look at your device, it should be Android 5 or the latest version.
  • It is necessary to have a space of almost 100 MB on your hand-picked device because this Music Call MOD APK is thought-out to be 60 MB for this application.
  • Kindly compute the APK file for downloading this application.
  • Then, now build up this application.

Download Procedure for Magic Call Mod APK:

 For downloading this application, you must follow the following steps:

  • To initialize this application, you need to download the link that will be given in this piece of writing.
  • Then, browse Magic Call Mod APK.
  • Now compute this application through the specified link that is mentioned in this piece of writing.
  • After all of these just install this application and enjoy this magical and finest application with great entertainment.

Installation Commands:

The best thing about this application is that you are not required to connect your Android Device to the internet because this application can install without any Internet Connection. For the installation purpose of this application, you should have to pursue the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Access your Android setting box.
  • Allow all exchequer to be installed without any stumbling block.
  • Next, there will be some unavoidable rudiments to clicking on the Install Button.
  • After a few seconds, this application will be part of your Android device.

Why do you prefer this amazing APK?

We promote this application to our customers because of many reasons, so we are going to partake with you. Let’s have a look at some points that are the huge cause of its preference:

  • This tremendous application is free of cost and does not demand any premium package to be adopted.
  • It has a very enticing interface.
  • This finest application is a source of great amusement; you can change voices according to your need.
  • It has many new updated impressions or editions.

Latest Version of Magic Call MOD APK:

Let’s talk a little about the latest version of this application, v 1.6.1

And this is recently updated on August 04, 2022.

MOD of this application:

MOD of this fast-spreading application is unlimited credits and plenty of surprises for its users.

Developer’s Name of Magic Call MOD APK:

So, our beloved users! the developer name of this highly accepted, fabulous, and engrossing application is BNG Mobile.

Release Date of Magic Call MOD APK:

This out-class game application Magic Call Mod APK was released on September 12, 2021. In just a time of one year, this application has won the hearts of so many peeps with its tremendous features. 

Advantages or Benefits of the Magic Call MOD APK:

After thorough research now we are going to move forward to just have a look at its Advantages, through which this application is becoming demand for every user. So, let’s move on:

You are capable to play different sounds:

In this application Magic Call MOD APK, you are capable to play a variety of sounds that are highly demanded by our users.

You can get some surprises from this application:

In this application, you can get many credits, and surprisingly that is a very magnificent point of this application. Because at this era users usually demand such an application that gives credits, money, and surprises.

This application gives you many credits:

By winning coins by utilizing this application you can earn many credits.

An amazing advantage of this application is that you can change your voice in any gender may be female or male or so on.

Also, you can change your voices of different ages.

Disadvantages of Magic Call MOD APK:

The only disadvantage of this application is that you can’t operate or run this application while you are offline. This application requires Online Medium, this is just a disadvantage but don’t lose heart because, besides this, this application provides many entertaining features that are enough for the satisfaction of users. Because the main things and main features that are mostly demanded by users are present in this application.


After plenty of research, we conclude that this application is very fabulous in the present time. Because every second person is depressed due to present circumstances, everyone wants to be relaxed and have some entertainment to kick out worries for a short duration. This application is best for doing some Pranks and for many purposes to amuse others. Dear Users! You can even do prank calls to your loved ones. But be careful, that prank call may counterattack you.

Magic Call MOD APK

Magic Call MOD APK, is best suitable for entertainment. Reach this application and make some prank calls to friends and family for huge entertainment. You can change your voice to any character that may be female, male, child, youngster, old man or woman, different cartoon characters, etc. You can also use some background sounds and music to add some spices to your voice that seems to be realistic.

So why are you waiting for Users? Go and download this astonishing application on your devices and make fun together with family and friends.

MOD APK version of MagicCall – Voice Changer App

MOD feature

Unlimited credits

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