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Metal Soldiers 2 + MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.84

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NameMetal Soldiers 2
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Metal Soldiers 2 APK

Android players will be given the chance to participate in thrilling action in this game that is inspired by the popular Metal Slug series. In this game, you’ll assume the role of a squad of skilled soldiers who have been assigned the mission to crush the troops of the brutal rebels destroying the countryside. You will be thrown into a number of thrilling trials with numerous exciting battles.

When you proceed in the Metal Soldiers 2 game, you have to take advantage of the large collection of weapons that were presented to you. You need to unlock specific powers and skills for every character. Observe and play in the fascinating fights where you will engage in intense battles with helicopters, bazookas, tanks as well as other advanced weapons.

Metal Soldiers 2 APK

Metal Soldiers 2 Features

Some of the fantastic features of the Metal Soldiers 2 game are given below:

A large number of interesting missions

Moreover, the players of Metal Soldier 2 will have the ability to participate in thrilling missions that will take them through a number of fascinating difficulties. You just have to feel free to engage in numerous missions with various set-ups and several frightening foes. You’ll realize that the game becomes harder and more difficult due to the increasing difficulty as you proceed in the game. You can start the game by completing the primary levels, then after that, accomplish the 15 difficult missions.

The clear and simple side-scrolling shooter

Android players will initially get access to entertaining and fascinating gameplay in the Metal Soldier 2 game, which combines elements of a platformer and a side-scrolling shooter. You will use the basic D-pad to navigate the character across the battlefield and shoot your gun at the enemy as you experience several exciting gameplay. You can jump, toss grenades, shoot and many more actions by tapping on the power buttons with clear icon representation. You’ll feel you’re utilizing the console controller because of its smooth touch controls.

Responsive maps

Moreover, the game includes a number of unique and exciting maps with different settings. You can use the ground around you to avoid enemy fire, fire in the gas canisters to blow up rivals, shoot down at barriers to demolish them, and the list goes on. Things will be significantly more enjoyable and engaging due to the fascinating map settings.

Metal Soldiers 2 APK

Fascinating vehicles

Moreover, the Metal Soldiers 2 game also has a large number of various types of vehicles with powerful shooting capabilities and speed. Having said that, you may ride your tanks to smash the opponents, take a jet and fly high over them as in Jetpack Joyride, or wear the utmost MS2 outfit to transform into a powerful robot. As the game continues, you are able to switch between the numerous choices that are accessible to you.

A variety of weapons

The players in the Metal Soldier 2 game also have access to an amazing weapon collection which have a variety of characteristics and powers. Despite this, you always can depend on the strong assault rifle that has rapid fire and amazing damage, the pistol with infinite ammo,  your deadly bazooka which can kill all of your rivals at once, or your reliable grenades to fight with enemies that are hidden. There’s many numerous and diverse options available for you to choose from.

Unique skilled characters

The Metal Soldiers 2 game also includes a large group of numerous diverse characters, each of whom possesses special abilities and qualities that you may love. As you experience the fascinating challenges in this game, you have to select the heroes. You will use their incredible abilities and powers to your advantage as you proceed through the levels and destroy the opponents.

Incredible fights

Furthermore, the Metal Soldiers 2 game offers Android players intense fights in which they will emerge against various opponents with a variety of special powers and skills. All along the way, you’ll encounter enemy helicopters and tanks. However, the most common situation would consist of never-ending groups of enemy troops marching at you while shooting at your characters. 

Play for free

The Metal Soldiers 2 game remains free for every Android player to play on mobile phones regardless of all these awesome features. You only need to download and set up the Metal Soldiers 2 game from the given link on this page.

Metal Soldiers 2 unlimited money

In the Metal Soldiers 2 game, money is the primary currency. In the game Metal Soldiers 2, you can spend this money on any item you want. In-game purchases are possible with the money. Furthermore, the money in our Metal Soldiers 2 mod is unlimited and you don’t have to pay anything to get it. To begin, just click the link provided on our page. You can receive unlimited money for free by simply downloading and installing our Metal Soldiers 2 mod on the device. You can now enjoy the Metal Soldiers 2’s unlocked premium features without paying anything.

Metal Soldiers 2 APK

Metal Soldiers 2 APK download

You may get the Metal Soldiers 2 mod apk game for free by just clicking the link on this page. You must download and launch the Metal Soldiers 2 mod apk in order to play this game on an Android device. You must read the following steps in order to download the Metal Soldiers 2 mod on the android phone:

  • By tapping the link provided on our page, you can download the Metal Soldiers 2 mod apk to your smartphone.
  • To download and install the Metal Soldiers 2 mod apk file, visit the settings page and choose the installation of unknown resources on your device.
  • It is now necessary to locate the downloaded Metal Soldiers 2 mod apk file in the file manager’s downloads folder.
  • You need to select the Metal Soldiers 2 mod apk file that was just downloaded.
  • By selecting the install option, you can now install the Metal Soldiers 2 mod apk on the Android device.
  • Now all you need to do is follow the instructions that are shown on the screen of your phone.
  • You should now provide your phone number or email address to complete the registration process.

All of the fantastic unlocked premium features of the game are now available in our Metal Soldiers 2 mod. To enjoy all of the excellent features of the Metal Soldiers 2 game, you only need to click the link provided on this page.

MOD APK version of Metal Soldiers 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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