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Monster Legends + MOD (All Unlocked) v14.1.5

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NameMonster Legends
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MOD FeaturesAll Unlocked

Monster Legends APK

Breed and coach Monsters to fight against Monster Bosses. The game is all about Monsters. The army and the enemies all are monsters. Monster Legends is a game with unique and different gameplay and interface. When you open and start the game, you have to construct or build a city with all facilities in it. This city is a residence for your monsters. All of your monsters live in this city in different areas. You have to provide them with every necessary thing for their living and satisfaction.

Monster Legends APK

It is your responsibility to take care of them. You have to give them enough food, and other resources. These resources and food are obtained from your enemies and some are achieved when you complete different tasks or quests. In the city, you have to create more species of monsters by breeding them. These new species are grown by utilizing all the things that are mandatory to survive. When they are grown up, you have to train and teach them all the skills that are required to fight with enemies and rivals. In the end, you will get a strong army of monsters who obey you and execute your orders. So, create monsters and make them skillful to step into the battlefield. 

Monster Legends APK Download

To install the Monster Legends game on your smartphone, read the given method of installing the game. 

  1. Go to smartphone settings and enable the security of the smartphone for all sources including third-party. 
  2. Press the download link which is given above this article. 
  3. Go to the Documents in File Manager of the smartphone.
  4. Tap on the recently downloaded APK file of Monster Legends to install it on your device.
  5. The game will be downloaded within a few moments. 
  6. Enjoy! 


Graphics and Visuals

Although the game has two-dimensional graphics still the graphics are so clear that it does not cause interruption or difficulty to see the enemies or the resources. The colorful background and the different beautiful colors of the monsters give charm to the eyes of the player.

Monsters’ Clan

You can create a clan of monsters as the Monster Legends game provides the opportunity of breeding the monsters. You can breed two common monsters to create a different uncommon monster that may be epic or rare. By breeding the monsters, you can increase the army of monsters and train them to become enough strong to fight and win against the masters. You can make almost 400 new monsters by breeding every day. 

Team Mode

The game can be played as a single player with monsters and also with friends. This team mode feature of the game is brilliant as it offers to add friends. All friends can play the game together and enjoy beating enemies, opponents, and rivals.

Restriction of Ads

This Monster Legends game has a complete restriction on all types of advertisements in the new version. You will not see any ads while playing the game. All ads are removed from the game to give leniency to the users. There is no interruption of ads. 

Monster Legends Mod APK Unlimited Everything

The latest mod version of the game offers unlimited features. It provides unlimited everything which is a helpful feature for the users. As the users need gems and money to purchase items, build a city, clear spaces, fight against enemies, to buy food for monsters and others. It presents 

  1. Unlimited gems
  2. Unlimited Money
  3. Unlimited Monsters
  4. Unlimited Resources

Monster Legends Elements

There are many Monster Elements in the game depending on the common monsters that are used to breed them.

  • Nature – A combination of Firesaur and Treezard. 
  • Earth – Firesaur and Rockville
  • Water – Firesaur and Mersnake
  • Dark – Firesaur and Tyrannoking
  • Thunder – Firesaur and Thunder Eagle 
  • Metal – Firesaur and Metalsaur
  • Magic – Firesaur and Genie

Monster Legends APK

Monster Legends Unlimited Gems

The monster Legends mod version has an additional feature of unlimited gems. Players use these unlimited gems to breed the monsters, speed up the timer of breeding, and unlock more monsters. 

Monster Legends PC Download

The game can be downloaded on Windows and PC by using an android emulator. 

  1. Download any android emulator, for example, the BlueStacks on your PC. 
  2. Download the APK file of the game from the above-mentioned link.
  3. Open the BlueStacks and install the APK file of the Monster Legends on your PC. 
  4. Now enjoy the game on the bug screen of your computer or PC. 

This android emulator acts as a virtual android for PC. 

Monster Legends Facebook

Monster Legends game is connected with Facebook and this will let you add Facebook friends to the game and play with them. 

Monster Legends Codes

Monster Legends codes and hacks are used to get more gems and money. 

There are some active and expired codes for the Monster Legends game.

Active code for Monster Legends:

  • DUNGEONS – to get 150 gems. 
  • 150KVISITS – to get 150 gems
  • SOULS – to get 250 gems
  • LUA – to get 150 gems
  • UPDATE3 – to get 200 gems.

You can redeem any of these active codes to get extra gems for your game. 

  1. To redeem a code:
  2. Open the game.
  3. Press the blue bird icon shown on the right side.
  4.  Enter any active code.
  5.  Tap on the Redeem. 
  6. The gems have been redeemed. 
  7. Enjoy these free gems. 

Monster Legends Breeding Guide

To breed two monsters or beasts to create a more powerful and rare monster, you should follow all the steps one by one. 

  1. First of all, select a Breeding Mountain near a Hatchery. 
  2. Press the “Breed” button. 
  3. two columns will be shown containing all the monsters that you have at that time. 
  4. Choose two monsters, one from each column. 
  5. Tap on “Start Breeding”. 
  6. When the breeding is completed, press on the “Take Egg”. 
  7. Place the hybrid egg in a Hatchery. 
  8. Start the timer given on the lower part of the screen.
  9. The specific time will be required to complete the process and it will depend on the type of the monster. 
  10. The timer will be stopped after the completion of the hatching process.
  11. PLace the new Monsters where you want to place them.

The time on the timer can be sped up by spending money and gems.

Monster Legends Best Monsters

There are two types of the Best Monsters in the Monster Legends game. 

Legendary Power Monsters:

  •  Radar
  • Hayman
  •  Hyperia
  • Lucifer
  •  Nitroblaster and Zenfira
  • Zunobia and Makugan
  • Talany and Draghar

Mythic Power Monsters:

  1. Yoroi
  2.  Armul
  3.  JoshDub
  4. Erder
  5.  Crusty and Glubu
  6.  Cyberiel
  7.  Xavipit
  8.  Blazinger 

Monster Legends APK Latest Version

The last updated version of Monster Legends is 14.1.5. this version was updated and released on Aug 04, 2022. This version came with Mod features, Unlimited everything, and unlimited money. The game was first introduced on Jun 12, 2014. 

Monster Legends Size

The APK size of the Monster Legends is 119MB and it is large. You must have a good operating system device to download the game. Otherwise, you will face many problems and issues like hanging, disturbance, and interruption.

Monster Legends APK


The game is getting popular because of its distinctive and quirky features, unique gameplay, stunning graphics, variety of sources, and unlimited everything. Anyone who wants to play a fighting and strategy game with a different concept must join the Monster Legends. You are the owner of a huge number of monsters and make them fight with enemy monster bosses. The gams have banned all types of ads and bugs have been fixed too. So, the game is smooth to play. Although, the game is heavy but has much to explore in it.

MOD APK version of Monster Legends

MOD feature

All Unlocked

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