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Nekopoi APK:


Anime Videos have become so popular among males and females of all ages due to their fantasy base concept. People get entertained due to the advanced level of entertainment they get from them. If you are a big fan of Anime movies and cartoons, then nekopoi APK can be the best video streaming platform. I’ll tell you why. Nekopoi APK is an online video streaming platform where people from different regions utilize the application due to its multiple features. Nekopoi APK not only gives you anime content, but it also provides users with an advanced level of entertainment for people to get relaxed. The nekopoi APK has the list of all famous episodes of Anime content. This streaming application is the best place to watch unlimited Anime without any Hassle. The only thing you have to do is to download this lightweight APK and enjoy video content free of cost. You can also get this application on the Play Store to enjoy the best video streaming experience in a light APK. This website has the best link to download Nekopoi APK.

Nekopoi APK

Nekopoi APK started in Japan and spread worldwide dramatically due to its high-level content. Nekpoi APK has an advanced level of genera. Users can choose their favorite genera of cartoons depending upon the choice. Users can select their favorite taste in Anime and watch this to get relaxed. Nekopoi APK recently introduced a new feature where users can search content by typing an icon or summary. However, you can choose multiple video streaming servers for watching content ranging from 360p to 1080p quality. You can also watch the live broadcast to get information about upcoming shows and receive notifications on new things.

 Features of Nekopoi APK:

This video streaming application has exciting features for Anime lovers. Here is the list of all of the features of Nekopoi APK:

User-Friendly Interface:

This application is one of the best video streaming applications due to its unique and attractive interface. There are many anime video streaming applications like Funimation and Crunchyroll, but Nekopoi APK has excelled in this APK due to its highly effective user interface. The app is developed in such a way that users can get easy access to content without any trouble. Nekopoi team continuously upgrades this application to enhance application performance so that people can get the best experience. 

Easy to Install:

Nekopoi APK facilitates its user by providing easy installation. Users don’t have to spend ages installing Nekopoi APK. 

No VPN Required: 

It is the smoothest app ever. Once you install Nekopoi APK, you can enjoy this application’s lifetime without using any VPN. You can watch and download your favorite Anime without using any VPN.  

No Rooting when installation:  

This application is easily installable. While installing, Users don’t have to go to the root and perform complex activities to install Nekopoi APK.

Nekopoi APK

Three valuable categories:

Besides watching unlimited content, users can take advantage of the application by utilizing categories. The developer has divided the content into three categories. One category deal with new updates of the latest movies that the Nekopoi team introduced for better user experience. One category deal with providing content near to removal. One category deals with chats where users can talk with their friends in Nekopoi. 

Multiple Anime Content:  

By installing the latest version of Nekopoi APK, users can get access to all anime content. He can watch anime movies, anime cartoons, anime videos, and much more. If you start using this application, you do not have to go to other apps to watch anime content. The team of Nekopoi continuously updates the latest anime content to satisfy their customers’ needs. 

 Download HD Quality Videos: 

Besides watching anime content and live broadcast streaming, users can download their favorite movies easily. The application provides multiple options for downloading as well. Users can choose their favorite downloading server from the list of downloading servers. The videos that the video can download also have a quality range. Users can select their choice of Video quality ranging from 360p to 1800p. The larger the quality of the video will be, the more space it is going to take. 

Notification for the upcoming hentai:

Nekopoi APK focus on updating a user with the current trends of upcoming hentai. It notifies the user of the latest movies and cartoons. Within the same platform, he can watch content, chat with his friends and get notifications of upcoming films that trigger multiple people to install this application. 

Compatible with All Android versions:

Nekopoi APK is not only easy to install, but it is also compatible with almost every android version. While downloading any APK, you must be worried about its compatibility issues and abandon the idea of installing it. However, Nekopoi APK can solve your problem because it is compatible with all android versions.

Safe and secure:

The salient feature of using Nekopoi APK is its safe and secure policy. You can download it fearlessly As this application doesn’t require any VPN. VPN can make the application vulnerable to security threats, but Nekopoi APK is 100% safe and secure. The reason behind its safety is its separate code-based password. You can make customize passwords, especially for Nekopoi APK. 

Convenient Search Option:

Although trice category management is very efficient in searching Anime content in Nekopoi APK, this has a convenient search bar option to search for your favorite anime movie or cartoon. Whatever you search in Nekopoi APK, if it is listed and present in the app and you have an active internet connection, It will be displayed within no time.

Nekopoi APK

Watch Content Free of cost:

The best thing about using Nekopoi APK is that you will not have to pay to watch unlimited HD- quality videos. This application is free to use, Only you have to download and install it, and you can enjoy it without spending a penny.

 Reduced buffering: 

While watching content on many video streaming applications, you notice buffering even if you have a strong internet connection. Nekopoi APK is developed in such a fantastic way that if you are watching a movie and have a good internet connection, you can watch it without any obstacle of buffering or advertisement. 


The downloading requirement for Nekopoi APK is:

Its latest version is V3.7

The total size of the APK is 10MB

You can easily download this on android version 4.1 and above, and a minimum memory of 1GB RAM is required to install Nekopoi APK.


  • To download Nekopoi APK, follow these steps:
  • First of all, click on the installation link. The new page will open.
  • Click on the download and download the latest version of Nekopoi APK.
  • Go to the setting of your system, Click Security
  • Allow unknown resources.
  • The system says This type of file can harm your device. Are you sure to want to install it?
  • Click on Continue.


  • After downloading the Nekopoi APK. Click on the file you downloaded.
  • A new page will open. Click on Install.
  • The system will show this message, Do you want to install this application?
  • Click on Install Anyway
  • After a few seconds, Nekopoi APK will install on your android.


 The latest version of Nekopoi APK is V3.7, developed by the Nekopoi team.


The old version of Nekopoi APK is 2.0V. This version has 8.1MB of space. The errors and bugs of Nekopoi APK in the old version are removed in its latest version.


Nekopoi APK was released on the 21st of June, 2021.


Nekopoi team developed Nekopoi APK on the 21st of June, 2021.


Nekopoi APK has become very popular due to its advanced level advantages to its users. Some of the benefits of Nekopoi APK are listed below:

Application lock protection:

Nekopoi APK is the most secure video streaming application due to its lock protection. While using any application, you may wonder how I can make it more secure. Nekopoi APK provides a quick solution by giving extra password security in the application. This additional locking facility makes it safer and more secure.

Live Broadcast stream, choose server and quality:

Due to multiple options, while watching any video, users’ experience becomes more exciting. Now users can watch live broadcasting in Nekopoi APK. He can watch his favorite shows while broadcasting. If one server is not working, another server can be the Saviour. Multiple servers give the option of numerous choices while watching any video. Users can choose their favorite video quality option. The video quality ranges from high to low, as per user requirements.

Maximum downloading speed:

When a person is watching a video and wants to download it, who waits for a long time in downloading as it can be annoying to wait, Nekopoi APK solves this issue by providing a quick and fast downloading speed As compared to other video streaming applications.


This application is completely free of advertisement. Ads while watching any video can be annoying and reduce the watching experience. Nekopoi APK provides an ads-free environment to watch videos. Now users can watch their favorite Anime without any hurdles.

Hide application as puffin browser:

Many video streaming applications don’t provide a hiding option. This app can be disguised as a Puffin browser and will no longer be visible to your loved ones. You can hide it and watch content whenever you want.

No Need to install it many times:

When you download Nekopoi APK, you can install and uninstall it as often as you want. Once downloaded, APK will stay in your android, and you can utilize it by reinstalling it whenever you want. Thus, no need to have an internet connection to install it.

Nekopoi APK


This application has many advantages and disadvantages.

Not automatic updates:

Since Nekopoi APK is available here and you install it from your browser, You cannot update it automatically. You must uninstall it and install its latest version to get more advantages.


If Anime cartoon is your favorite sort of entertainment, You have come to the right place. Nekopoi APK has a list of all famous and entertaining anime collections. You will watch and enjoy it even if you are not a big fan of anime videos. We share the fastest and latest Nekopoi APK with you. You can install it and enjoy unlimited fun content.

MOD APK version of Nekopoi

MOD feature

All Unlocked

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