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Ocean Is Home: Survival Island + MOD (Unlimited Coins) v3.4.1.2

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NameOcean Is Home: Survival Island
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The game about which we will discuss today will cover many of your interests in a single way. And that game is the ocean is home apk. The game will cover adventure, action(like frontline commando d day apk and modern combat 4 apk), survival, casual, offline single-player, and stylized categories. The game that I will share today is totally different from other common games. The ocean is home mod apk will also be provided. Read the content below to get detailed information about this game and a direct download link.

The ocean is home apk:

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island is one of mostly being played games from all over the world. It has crossed over 10,000,000 downloads from the play store. The traffic to this game is increasing day by day just because of its amazing gameplay, graphics, storyline, and features. All the game is about living a life far from everyone on an island. You have to survive and face all the challenges of life and there will be no one to help you in difficult situations. Can you do this?

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Imagine you are alone on an island. You will have to manage food, water, and other important things to live a life. Start working on that else be ready to die with hunger or other problems. If you need to live a happy life, then everything is important for you on that island. You may get help from stones, woods, and all other things available on that island. The most important things to live on that island are:

  1. Home

  2. Food

  3. Weapons

  4. Electricity

  5. A source of water

Are you thinking that how would you manage all of these things? You did not need to worry too much about all of these. All you need is to have a great focus on all the little things in the game. A little thing may work great for you. Make your weapons hunting and fishing, things for house making, and many more by using stones, woods, or other available things. The ocean is home survival island map is really great.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. The first point that you should keep in mind is that everything in the game is beneficial for you. Therefore, have a great focus on all the suspected things.
  2. You have to be active to make your own home. According to my opinion, you should make your home with the help of the woods. Start collecting the woods.
  3. You will also have a need for weapons. The weapons through which you can hunt to prepare your food. Fishing may be a good source of food for you. Other methods may also work.
  4. A good strategy is also required to live a happy life. Make a strategy plan all about where to invest and how to manage other things. It is all depending on your strategy, experience, IQ level, gameplay, and creativity.
  5. Experience is also a key point for the game. The more you are experienced, the more you will be able to earn money and live easily. Through this experience, you may get a job. And that job will become a permanent source of income for you in the game.
  6. The thing that I love about this game is that I can spend my time as I want. No one can stop me from doing anything. I can do anything I want without the need for permission from anyone. Is it not interesting? Of course, it is very interesting.

The ocean is home mod apk:

In the ocean is home mod apk game you can enjoy everything without paying for that. You will have unlimited things available in this game. All the things will be automatically unlocked and unlimited money will be redeemed into your account. You can also purchase anything for free. Download link for ocean is home mod apk will also be attached. This will allow you to access the ocean is home island survival cheats.


The download button under the main picture of the game will redirect to a new page. There you need to wait just for 5 seconds. A direct download link will be generated within 5 seconds. All you need is to click that button on the version that you want to download.


All the information and direct download link for the ocean is home apk and ocean is home mod apk is provided on the above article. Play the game with a good strategy and make a collection for a difficult times.

MOD APK version of Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins

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