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Pocket FM: Audiobook & Podcast + MOD (All Unlocked) v5.6.7

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NamePocket FM: Audiobook & Podcast
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MOD FeaturesAll Unlocked

Pocket FM MOD APK:

The new generation, to be exact the 4th generation prefers listening to Audiobooks and Podcasts. Those were the old days when we used to collect a number of PDFs and pages for our favorite books and novels. Now, it is the age of technology and advancement. We used to read a book through PDFs for hundreds of days as it takes so long to read such a big book in small time. But now, reading has become easy and simple. You can download this app and start easily reading your favorite book. Pocket FM MOD APK is an app that gives the user the feature of reading a book in small time. The users can just listen to podcasts and Audiobooks. This will help you in completing a whole book in days instead of months. You can just start a book and listen to the audio.


Language is a major barrier when it comes to reading or listening to something. Because not all people are good at the recommended language. They don’t understand that language to its core. For example, most of the podcasts and Audiobooks are in the English language and are written in hard English that cannot be understood by all people. So, this app has the feature of choosing the native language. Yes, you can choose your Native language and then wait to listen to the audiobooks in your language and understand everything in detail. It will make the time shorter as you don’t have to replay the line if you haven’t understood it the first time. 

This app also has a premium subscription and it is obvious that the premium subscription is always better and has a lot of premium features that are locked in the simple version. To get these privileges the users must pay for a subscription. So, we are providing you with a modified version of Pocket FM that has all the premium features unlocked and the users can take benefit from it to the fullest. Get a chance to listen to your favorite music and podcasts for free. This app is available on Androids and provides users with a number of podcasts.

Pocket FM MOD APK Download:

The procedure of downloading this game is very quick and easy. You just have to follow the steps given below and you are good to go 

  • Click on the “download” feature present on our site to start downloading the APK file of the Pocket FM mod APK.
  •  Now, wait a bit for the download to be completed, and do not click on the link more than once as it will cause an error. 
  • After downloading, open the device’s settings and allow the “UNKNOWN SOURCES” from there to allow the downloading of the APK file of an app from a third party.
  •  Now, open the download link from your device and tap on the “install” option that’ll pop up on the screen. 
  • After the installation procedure is completed, open the app and listen to amazing podcasts that are not available in many apps. 

Pocket FM MOD APK Features

The users of Pocket FM must know the features of the app before using it

Two-in-one experience:

It is very rare for any app to give two in one experience at the same time but Pocket FM is giving this opportunity to the users for free. The users can listen to Podcasts and Audiobooks at the same time without switching to any other app. All types of podcasts are available on this app and you can listen to them anytime and everywhere. No need to be worried as this app is always in your pocket that is one of the reasons it is named Pocket FM. 


The users are given a feature to select whatever language they are comfortable with. Listening to podcasts is difficult when they are not in your Native language because we can’t understand the meaning of a lot of words and it is kind of hard for us to Google them or understand them.

But we can easily get to understand the respective podcasts when they are in our language. That’s why Pocket FM is giving the users a chance to listen to the podcasts in their language. They can select the language and everything will be easier.  You will be able to complete the book in less time than usual. 


Nowadays a lot of people love reading books and novels. As this is the main and interesting way to gain knowledge and to improve their vocabulary. But this hobby is very time-consuming and it takes months to complete a book and people eventually lose interest. So, the easy way to read a book or know the story of a book is through Audiobooks. Yes, you can now listen to the books you wanna read and you are good to go. It saves your time and you can read more than one book at a respective time. Make sure to download this app to save time.

Automatic Recommendations:

When you listen to one Audiobook or listen to a podcast, this app analyzes the category and the story, and even the taste. And then it uses the information in recommending amazing podcasts and Audiobooks according to your taste. There are more than thousands of podcasts on this app and it especially recommends the podcasts of your taste to you. The same goes for the Audiobooks that lay in your category. Get ready to listen to amazing podcasts. 

Select your favorite podcasts:

Yes, you can select your favorite podcasts and then listen to them. You are not bound to listen to the given podcasts. Make sure to make a number of podcasts your favorite and then listen to all of them one by one. You should select the audiobooks you wanna read and then start listening to them.

This will get you at your best as you will be able to read your favorite ones in a short time. Make sure to mark the ones you like so that the app can recommend to you stories that are most likely to be your favorite. Use the app to its core by downloading it from our site. 

High sound quality:

Yes, most of the users are insecure about the sound quality of the app because they think that the sound quality of the app will not be good and will harm their ears and that’s why they do not download such apps. But I am assuring you that Pocket FM gives the users a very good sound quality so that the users will not get irritated and even listen to the podcast using headphones for better access. The sound of this app is of high quality and does not harm the user’s senses at all. It helps them in getting a good hearing experience when using this app.

Unlocked all features:

The features that are locked in the normal version of the app are unlocked in the modified version. Usually, people have to pay for a subscription to get those features unlocked and the subscription is very costly. But, we are giving you a chance to enjoy the unlimited features version just by downloading this app from our site. Get a chance to enjoy the Vip features without paying a single penny. 

Contains all types/genres of books:

This app contains a lot of very famous audiobooks. These audiobooks are mostly based on movies or even series. The users can select the Audiobooks of any genre and they are good to go. Make sure to select one of the audiobooks from the recommended ones. Choose any genre and you are good to go.

All your feed will depend upon the genre you choose. You can even change the genre of the app when you are done with it. This app shows you amazing books that you just listen to. They are from different countries, and cities, and in different languages. You can even change the language of the Audiobooks. 

Search history:

Search history is the basic need of a user. The users are allowed to search things up on the search engine and their history will be saved so that whenever they wanna visit it again they can do it without any restrictions. Sometimes, a person forgets what he searched for to get a good story. In that case, he can simply search in his search history and he will know what he wants to know. The recommendations given by the app also depend on the search history. Because the app shows the things that the users wanna read analyzing them from their search history.

Unlimited coins:

Coins are a very important thing when it comes to a podcast app. A lot of things in the app are done with the help of coins and the users have to earn those coins by paying through real money. But there are unlimited coins in the APK version. You can use those coins for a lot of things. Most of the podcasts and Audiobooks get unlocked with the help of these coins as they are locked in the normal version. Some authors have their podcasts locked and they require coins to listen to them. So, get unlimited coins and listen to whatever podcast you wanna hear.

Offline mode:

The best feature of this app is the offline feature. Because sometimes the user has a very bad connection and they are not able to read the audiobooks they wanted to just because of the internet connection in their free time. For that issue, the app has given an offline mode but you can use it in the premium version only.

That means you must have a subscription to enjoy the offline mode. But no need to worry as we are providing this mode in the modified version of this app. The users can use the offline mode in the Mod APK version of Pocket FM. They can get this feature without paying a single penny. And they can just download the app from our site and are good to go.


Ads free:

Ads are the most annoying thing when it comes to songs or anything we listen to. These ads destroy the fun and the interest of the users is also ruined. Imagine listening to an audiobook and suddenly an ad pops up on the screen and that too on a thrilling part of the Audiobook.

You will get very irritated, right? So, to save the users from this irritation we made this modified version of the app that allows listening to several podcasts without any barriers or rest restrictions kind of audio or video pop-up of any third party ad is prohibited in this version. 

Choose the Audiobooks of your favorite Author or artist:

This feature is very much appreciated among the users because they can select the author or the artist they wanna listen to the podcasts. The users can select the audiobooks of the author they prefer and hear it in the voice of the artist they like. This feature is appreciated by a lot of people as they only listen to their favorite artists. Some people listen to some preferable topics or issues as they are interested in gaining knowledge rather than knowing a story. So, make sure to select this feature and enjoy your time on this app.

Pocket FM MOD APK customizing the sound:

The users are even able to customize the sound of the podcasts as per they want. They can adjust the volume, sounds of the podcasts, and relative talks as they want. You can even change the space of the story you make the way you like it. The users are even allowed to change the chapters they wanna listen to.


It happens that many of the users listen to a story and then turn the app off. But the next time they start the story it’s from the start so they can skip the chapters till the place they left reading. So, no need to be worried about the chapters being lost when you can switch back to the same main point. You have a chance to even skip the commercials that are annoying and boring for the users. 

Pocket FM MOD APK Timer feature:

This feature helps the user in getting a relaxing and relieving sleep. The users can get to listen to things that may relax your mind including slow music, soothing podcasts, and many more things that may relax your mind in many ways. Use this app to make your mind at ease by listening to some motivational Podcasts or night podcasts. This feature will help the users to sleep peacefully when they’re kinda tense.  So, set up a timer and sleep tight without any worries. It’ll turn off by itself so that the battery can be saved.

Pocket FM Mod APK Login:

Login in an app is only possible when you have an account. So, you need a subscription to have an account to log in to the app. The users can log in to their already existing account by putting in some information. Like the email address and the password. If you have a username then the login process is very simple. But if you have forgotten the username and the password you can still log in with the help of your email address. So, make sure to have an account. 

Pocket FM MOD APK Owner:

The owner of this app is Prateek Dixit and he developed the app in September 2008. At that time the audio songs and audio files were almost non-existent but still, this app gained popularity in months because of its features and availability of a lot of podcasts and Audiobooks. The developers are working on this app to make new updates in the app and upgrade it according to today’s world. So, a lot of versions have been updated recently that have new features and more podcasts are being added to this app on daily basis. 

Pocket FM Mod APK All Episodes Unlocked:

Pocket FM Mod APK is giving the users all episodes unlocked for free. These episodes are looked at in the normal version and the users can get excess to them only by paying the subscription or by buying the coins. But, the modified version is offering the users all these episodes unlocked for free. Make sure to get benefit from this feature and watch all the episodes you wanted to watch. 

Pocket FM Mod APK Latest Version:

The latest version of the Pocket FM Mod APK is 5.7.3 and was released on the 5th of August, 2022. As I already told you that this app stands out from the crowd of related apps so its developers are working on this app and are making updates to match it with the needs of today. The new version contains more features and new podcasts and Audiobooks. More and more features are being added to the app. 

These are the updates of the latest version

  • The bugs that appear in the previous versions are being fixed in the new version. So, do not get annoyed by them and update to the latest version. 
  • The users are being provided with new designs that were not available in the old version. So, to get access to these designs you must update to the latest version.
  • Lastly, the performance of the app has been improved so that the users can have a better journey on this app. 

Pocket FM Mod APK Famous AudioBooks

The famous Audiobooks of Pocket FM are given below and you must listen to them to get a thrilling and different story vibe. 

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Grow Rich
  • Half Girlfriend
  • Influence People
  • How to win Friends?
  • Madness in Love
  • Ad many more 

Pocket FM Mod APK Languages:

These are the languages that are available on Pocket Fm Mod APK so the users can choose any one of them to listen to the podcasts they are interested in.

  • Hindi
  • Gujrati
  • Marathi
  • Kannada
  • Telugu
  • Vashla
  • And many more

Pocket FM Mod APK GenresThere are a lot of genres in this app that are from different countries. This app gives the users a chance to choose between these genre’s podcasts and audiobooks

  • Novels
  • Math
  • Autobiography
  • Study
  • Romance
  • Self Help
  • And many more


Pocket FM MOD APK is an amazing app that allows users to listen to several podcasts and even Audiobooks for absolutely free. They can choose whatever podcasts and Audiobooks they want depending on their taste. There will be no ads or any kind of restrictions in the app. The users are getting a chance to select from whatever category and genre they wanna read the books.


The sound quality of the app is also very appreciated and does not irritate the users. Choose the language of the podcasts and make your journey on this app easier. Search the books you wanna read and this app itself tells a lot of books to the users after analyzing their tastes from the search history.

Thanks for reading my article, I hope you like it.

MOD APK version of Pocket FM: Audiobook & Podcast

MOD feature

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