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Racing Fever: Moto + MOD (Unlimited Money) vv1.80.0

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NameRacing Fever: Moto
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Racing Fever Moto Mod APK

Have fun while diving into extremely mesmerizing and enticing bike racing in a virtual or simulated world. Many people love bike racing in the world and they want to ride a bike at full speed. Racing Fever Moto is presenting a good chance to take part in a race and to defeat other pitiless bikers who think themselves the best racers. There are so many racing games but this game is distinct from others. This game provides about 16 bikes and different modes. These models of bikes do not let the players get bored.

Racing Fever Moto Mod APK

There are many modes in which players can ride a bike. Also, four regions are available in the game and each region is allotted to a merciless biker. You have to defeat each of them to get the victory. Racing Fever Moto is being played in many regions of the world; therefore, the developer has given the game in many languages. So, anyone from any part of the globe can play and enjoy this racing game. You cannot play the game in team mode and cannot add friends. The game has different camera angles to make the view better. Moreover, modes are adjustable and you can apply any mode such as morning, evening, or night, snowfall, rain, etc. Briefly, this game is the best among all bike racing games. 

Racing Fever Moto Mod APK Download

The procedure for downloading the Racing Fever Moto Mod APK is given below. 

  • Tap the above link to download the game file. 
  • Check the permissions of your android. If it is not permitted, allow it for all. You will find these permissions in the settings. 
  • Open the Files of the android phone. 
  • Check the APK file in the Documents folder. 
  • Tap on the file and install it on your device. 
  • The game has been downloaded. 
  • Go and enjoy. 


Graphics and Controls

The game has 3D graphics with reality-based roads, highways, bikes, arenas, and others. These enticing and immersive graphics capture the bikers and players. There are four types of controls in Racing Fever Moto that make the race easy. You can select any controls in which you can play the game comfortably. For example, tilting the phone, touching it to accelerate, or using the buttons to ride a bike. 


To avoid boredom, the game presents four regions, and each region has a head or leader who thinks of himself as the best and most popular biker. Your task in each region is to conquer that leader to win the race. 


Almost ten interesting levels are present in the Racing Fever Moto. each level has different tasks with different conditions. It is your wish which level you choose and play. 

Variety of Bikes

There is a variety of models with distinctive specifications and speeds. You can select and ride any of them. There are almost 16 models of bikes that are available for every player in the mod version of the Racing Fever Moto. 


There are three modes of Racing Fever Moto which are the following. 

Escape Mode: In this mode, speed is everything. The limit of speed is set to a fixed point and you have to break that speed. It usually occurs when cops are chasing after you. 

Daily Bonus: This mode offers the players to get daily gifts and rewards. 

Private Mode: This mode is all yours. You can set everything according to your choice. You can customize the speed limit, vehicle, weather mode, density of vehicles, and the cops that are chasing you. You can win the race by setting your rules.

Racing Fever Moto Mod APK


The game developer has presented the game in 23 different languages which increases the reach of the Racing Fever Moto game. People from different areas or regions can play the game without difficulty. The players who s[eak different languages can play and race in the game. 

Camera Angles

To make the perspectives and outlooks better and clear, Racing Fever Moto has provided four cameras or you can say four angles of the camera. These different angles of the camera help the players to see the surrounding view and to check the progress of other players if they are coming back or coming to overtake you. These cameras help the players to win the races and to prevent collisions with other vehicles. 

Racing Fever Moto Mod APK Unlimited Money

The mod version of the game has unlocked unlimited money for all players for free. You do not have to pay cents for unlimited money even if you are a beginner in the Racing Fever Moto game. In the standard version, unlimited money was not available and players had to earn money by completing the missions if they want to get money and purchase the game items. And, this process takes time. So, this mod version has made the way easy for every player. No, players can buy anything using unlimited money without any fear of running short of money. 

Racing Fever Moto Mod APK Hack

The updated version of the Racing Fever Moto has everything and all premium features in it such as unlimited money, all unlocked bikes, gifts, and rewards. So, you do not need any hacks to get materials for this game. In short, there are n hacks available for this mod version of the Racing Fever Moto. 

Racing Fever Moto Mod APK Latest Version

Racing Fever Moto was introduced on Jan 09, 2018, and the latest update came on Mar 01, 2022. The latest version came as 1.81.0 and this version has unlimited money in it for the players. 


The size of the game is 142MB and this game is not light in weight. Therefore, this Racing Fever Moto requires operating devices with 4.4 API (Application Programming Interface) or above.

Racing Fever Moto Mod APK


This multiplayer racing game with no team mode is getting huge fame from the audience because of its simple but distinct gameplay. This game offers a large variety of bikes and different areas to ride a bike. You can experience the joy and excitement of high speeds without any issues. Players can have different views to take a look at surroundings which helps you to check other players’ vehicles and speed. The game is free to install and play. You must give it a try to race and win. 

MOD APK version of Racing Fever: Moto

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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