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Frequently asked questions

What is the latest version of Scary Teacher 3D APK?

The current version of this app is 5.5.1. The standard version of this application is available on the Google Play store. But if you want to get it free, then you must have to click the link given above. The latest version of this application is also available in Modified form.

What is the download size required for Scary Teacher 3D APK?

It is a light weighted app of just 40 MB. But it also requires some cache memory to save temporary data and information.

Who are the developer of Scary Teacher 3D APK?

It was developed and published by Z and K Games. It was published on 12-July-2019. The same developer also programmed some other apps that are similar to Scary Teacher APK. These are listed below.

1: Scary Teacher of Stone Age APK

2:Prank the neighbor APK.

3:Scary Butcher 3D APK.

4: Scary child APK and many others like that.