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NameSchool Days
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School days mod APK:

Who doesn’t miss the school days?

One of the finest memories one can have is about school time where all we have to do is enjoy time with friends and co-curricular activities along with learning new and exciting things while studying. This gaming application is a perfect place to live all those moments again with full excitement and thrill. Have a look below at the features of the gaming application for a better understanding of the application.

School days mod APK

School days mod APK Gameplay:

School days mod APK is all about living the life of school times, just like the old days. You have to get up early from bed, get ready for school, reach school on time, do activities in school, and many others.

  • Moreover, you can also explore the city by interacting with the people and going into the city.
  • You also have to give the exam and other contests being held in the examination hall.
  • Your daily moods depend on the environment you have created for yourself in the game.

There is an attractive feature of the open mechanism through which the player can change any feature of the game, making it more interesting and exciting for himself. This game was a prison before which was closed earlier and then transformed into a school. Therefore, it gives vibes of notorious prisoners to the students and they get themselves indulge in fights and are always focused on finding ways to harm the enemies more, by exploring the building keenly.

School days mod APK Features:

School days mod APK is an amazing online simulation gaming application in which you can enjoy all the activities of the school including educational and co-curricular activities.

Some of the features of this application are as follows:

Want to achieve a high score in school?

The game is quite similar to real life as you have to perform well to achieve a high score in school. There are also some other ways to achieve good scores in the game. These ways include focusing on your books, studying them, and giving correct answers to the questions. Another way is that you can also ask the answers from other students but for this purpose, you will require cash as nothing is free.

  • Also, another way is to Google the answers from the internet and get good marks in your exams.
  • Such amazing and simulation gameplay, that you will feel relaxed after playing the game.

School days mod APK

Game is not for kids under 17?

One of the features of the game is that, whenever the player wants to relax and chill. You can surely take a break from a monotonous routine and chill for some time. You can also kiss your girlfriend, for this purpose this game is not advisable for kids under 17 years old.

Easy interface with easy-to-understand control buttons:

This game is quite easy to understand. All the features of the game are visible on the screen. Moreover, the keys for movement in the game are also easy once you will use them, you will not forget those keys.

  • These keys are P for pick-up, A for the attack, G for the grapple, and R for a run.
  • In case you fight with any of your schoolmates, you can press A and R simultaneously for a double effect.
  • The fighting mode is quite different from Hard Time ( Prison SIM ).

School days mod APK

No in-built purchasing option:

This game is different from others as there is no option for which the player has to utilize the cash to upgrade the level or to purchase any weapon, skill, or equipment.

  • Many gaming applications become quite frustrating options for the players as they constantly need cash to move forward in the game.
  • Neither you need cash or any coins to buy the stuff.
  • Download the application and enjoy the no purchasing option and feel free to move forward in the gameplay.

Graphics of the game:

All the scenes and situations are depicted in a very great way in the game and one can feel the simulation at its peak. But the major turn-off is that the graphics are of very low quality.

  • Although the scenes are vibrant and alluring, improvement is needed in the case of graphics.
  • Also, the movements of the player don’t look smooth in the game due to the bogus graphics.
  • Although the graphics are 2D, they can still be much better than the current looks.

School days mod APK

Background sound effects:

The sound effects are of good quality and you can hear every detail in the game such as alarm, bell ringing for recess, guitar playing in a class, and many others. Such sound effects give an extra hint of simulation to the gameplay. If in case, someone feels these sound boring or annoying, they can easily mute or adjust the volume according to their demand.

Styles of the students:

Although the graphics are low in the game being a 2D application, the styles of the hair, outfit, uniform, and clothes are quite outdated. One feels like you are moving in the era of the 2000s. In our opinion, these styles should be updated for more fun and entertainment.

School days mod APK

Make your game more interesting:

By performing all the activities in the game, the progress of the student is recorded.

Based upon the progress of the player, one can unlock all the hidden items in the gameplay which will add more fun to the game.

With so much ease and excitement, one can never get bored from this game, also feels himself indulging in the game with all focus.

Combat your enemies in a better way:

In this game, the player will face fights whether it is inside the school or outside the school. To fight back, you just need to learn new skills and tactics as it is all about being safe and guarded.

School days mod APK – Latest version

  • The latest version of School days mod APK is 1.242.
  • Some other versions are supported by the android devices such as jelly bean ( 4.1 – 4.3.1 ), KitKat ( 4.4 – 4.4.4 ), lollipop ( 5.0 – 5.0.2 ), Nougat ( 7.0 – 7.1.1 ), Oreo ( 8.0 – 8.1 ) and Pie ( 9.0 )
  • The latest version of this application offers the player to enjoy the most updated features in just one click.
  • Moreover, the major MOD menu has unlocked all items.

School days mod APK – Download:

School days mod APK is a thoughtful simulation game in which you have to act responsibly while doing any act as all the gameplay and hidden items depend on your performance. It means your daily mood is also dependent upon your daily chores. This feature is quite similar to the daily life routine where you have to be mindful while doing any action as it will have an impact on your daily routine.

To download the application, for android devices, the method is quite simple and easy:

See the steps given.

  1. Click the URL given on our website.
  2. Download the application from this link.
  3. If the link is not working properly, must enable the downloads from unauthorized options.

School days mod APK – Release date

  • School days mod APK is supported on android and IOS devices.
  • For Android devices, the game was released on 23, May 2015 and was recently updated on 30 December 2021.
  • For IOS devices, the game was released on 3 June 2015.

School days mod APK – Guide

There is a proper guide available on Youtube from which you can benefit and learn the idea about how to play the game.

This guide includes steps that are:

  • Restore the health
  • Attend every single class, in case you want to.
  • Useful tips
  • Always use a backup to carry your useful tips.
  • Use a music box to listen to music and pass your idle time in school.
  • Visit different places of the building to explore the building as there is no map given.
  • Use of spit
  • Ways to escape during a fight.
  • Extra tricks and tactics
  • Toilet reception.

School days mod APK – Characters 

There are many male and female characters in the game. These names are basically of Japanese origin which is listed as follows:

  • Otome Katou
  • Setsuna your
  • Sekai sionji
  • Kotonoha katsura
  • Hikari Kuroda
  • Nanami kanji
  • Mokotu itou
  • Itaru itou

School days mod APK

School days mod APK – Conclusion:

School days mod APK is a simulation game in which the player can enjoy real-life experiences of school time. You have to work hard to show good results. Moreover, you have to avoid fights in front of the teachers so that you can achieve a higher score. Avoid fights as kissing scenes are mandatory in this game, so don’t let your children play this game. As is already mentioned in the game that this game is for kids under the age of 17. Unlock all the hidden exciting items in the game and make your game more interesting and thrilling.

MOD APK version of School Days

MOD feature

All Unlocked

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