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Shadow Knights: Fallen Souls + MOD ( Immortality) v1.24.21

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NameShadow Knights: Fallen Souls
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MOD Features Immortality
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Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK

Shadow night is an action game by Fansipan Limited. In this game the player has to save the world of harmonia from the invaders. The invaders are the monsters who attacked and occupied your world. Now, you have to perform your duty as a hero to save harmonia from being destroyed. You have to fight battles and push your enemies out of your world.

The Shadow knight game contains scenes of complete destruction like the apocalypse in the movies. This is the most loved RPG game which involves saving the world known as Harmonia. It has plenty of levels with stupendous scenes. The main aim of this game is to fight battles against the monsters or zombies.

The players are provided with various skills and features in the game like ability to run, jump and climbing techniques. They are equipped with lethal weapons, extraordinary skills and dynamic powers.

Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK all unlocked

Features of Shadow Knight Premium

The main features of this game are discussed in detail below:


The game can be judged on the basis of its controls. If you want to decide about the goodness of any game you can check whether its controls are easy or difficult. Shadow knight has very smooth controls through which you can play with complete focus and comfort. The screen has two sides for control, left side for the movements of character and right side for action buttons.


The graphics are so arresting and dramatic that you will be mesmerized by its breathtaking fight scenes. Scenes are mostly displayed in a dark background with magical fighting scenes like attacking and destroying. It doesn’t even matter that you win the game or not, you will surely enjoy these epic battle scenes. 

Character’s Strength 

The character should be stronger with the advancements in the game. As you proceed in the game you should upgrade and improve your power to fight with the aggressive monsters. Shadow night premium allows you to choose from 4 different classes of characters from which you can determine which one is best suited for you in a specific condition.

These four characters are as follows:

  1. Noah – efficient in fighting and causing massive damage with a sword.
  2. Ashley – expert in attacking from a distance with the help of guns, with prominent accuracy.
  3. Hector – fights with bare hands but can cause great damage because of his remarkable muscle power.
  4. Lucius – typical killer who can kill anyone with the help of sharp blades.

When you defeat any monster in the game you will receive soul pieces in order to upgrade the character. This upgrade will be based on the class of character you have chosen to play and it will enhance the character’s skills and strength. Moreover, with each passing level the skill set will be improved with the addition of dynamic combos.

Epic Battles

Players are allowed to fight with the help of two characters and these characters can be switched in the middle of the fight. Besides the skill upgrade, you can also get other equipment after completion of any level like armor shields, hats, belts, shoes etc.
This equipment has six different types: rare, normal, Unique, Premium, Ultimate and Legendary. It gets stronger with each passing level and you can combine several equipment to create a new powerful equipment.

Game modes

There are three modes in this game which are discussed below:

  • Story mode – in this mode you have to play according to the story line and events arranged in a specific manner. It contains many levels which involve battles for saving the world.
  • Passage mode – this mode includes challenges with 3 levels. You can collect gold, stones and other necessary equipment by passing the game level.
  • Survival mode – in this mode one battle consists of different turns. In every turn there are plenty of monsters and you have to survive by fighting them. Through this mode you can make game points, gather rewards and make your place on the game rankings.

Shadow Knight Hack

Shadow knight hack relates to the hacked version of this game. This version is modified for the unlocked access to its premium features and game resources. This game requires a good amount of resources to buy weapons, armors, shoes, belts and countless other essential items. In addition to the purchasing of items, these resources are also crucial for upgrading characters, weapons, skills and unlocking numerous shadow heroes, game levels and unlimited things in the game.

In order to avail these purchases, upgrades and unlocking functions in the official version of this game, you have to pay about $0.99 to $99.99 for one item / feature

Here’s the deal: you can get all these premium features, game items, upgrades, heroes, skills and everything in the game completely unlocked for you by downloading Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK from our website for free.

Shadow Knight Premium Mod APK All Characters Unlocked

In the original version of this game you have to unlock the game characters one by one according to your earning of game resources because you need to pay game wealth in order to unlock any character in the game. But now you don’t have to look for the game wealth for unlocking new characters because in this modded version you already have all the characters of this game completely unlocked for you.

Shadow Knight Premium Mod Free Shopping

Through shadow knight premium mod apk you can enjoy unlimited purchasing of all game items from the game store absolutely free. You can buy countless items from the game store like weapons, armors, skills and all other premium items of this game without any cost.

Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK download

You can easily download the premium version of this game for free by pressing the “Download” button on this web page. When the APK file is downloaded on your phone, tap on this file to install it. After the complete installation, enjoy this magical game.

Note : Don’t forget to allow installation of apps from unknown sources from the security settings of your phone. 

Shadow Knight Guide

There are some points and guidelines about this game that you have to keep in mind while playing this game. 

  • Gold and stones are the main resources and wealth of this game and you have to earn them during the gameplay
  • You can unlock 3 types of shadow heroes to fight the enemies.
  • You can upgrade your shadow heroes by paying game wealth (gold and stones).
  • You can complete various levels in order to access other worlds.
  • You can also unlock races, dungeons, raid, smithy, conquest and rebirth from the game store.
  • Don’t buy resources in return for gems but buy the chests to unlock heroes.

Shadow Knight Armor

There are several kinds of armor in this game in order to protect yourself from the enemies. Some of them are listed below:

  • Rage Armor
  • Flame Armor
  • Blaze Dragon Armor
  • Thunder Inspiration
  • Roaring Dragon Armor
  • Nightmare of Hellfire
  • Enchanted Heart
  • Blood Cuirass
  • Lava Armor
  • Seal of Devastation

Shadow Knight Aria of Sorrow

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is an action game by konami. The character of this game “Dark armor” is included in Shadow knight which is very powerful and difficult to defeat.

Shadow Knight Premium MOD APK all unlocked

MOD APK version of Shadow Knights: Fallen Souls

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