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SimCity BuildIt + MOD (Unlimited Coins) v1.43.1.106491

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NameSimCity BuildIt
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
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SimCity BuildIt APK:

Here is the game which portrays the dreams of people in reality, which is SimCity BuildIt APK. It is a 3D game which gives beautiful overview of skyscrapers.The game presents an out-and-out administration system like players are controlling each and every action as a guardian.If people want to experience something with reality, this game is the best option.In this game, players can make everything according to their own likes and dislikes.

SimCity BuildIt APK

Players can construct cities,villages, mosques, banks, parks, departmental stores, hospitals, casinos, playgrounds, tall buildings,bridges etc. But, during all these, players have to take care of their inhabitants. It is like going through and controlling real life challenges. This game is more fascinating for people who belong to construction class or department. Players can make their way astoundingly. 

SimCity BuildIt APK Download:

  • If you want to download SimCity BuildIt APK , go to your settings.
  • Check the security button of your phone and enable it. 
  • Download the APK file of the game by clicking the link given above. 
  • Wait until the download is completed. 
  • Go to your files and check the downloads.
  • Open the downloaded APK file and install it.
  • Enjoy the fantastic game.

Features of SimCity BuildIt APK:


The size of the game is 148 MB.


The game has translucent, astounding 3D graphics which give the game a distinctive look. The game has different effects for different weather and seasons that attract the audience. Players can keep an eye on their residents by zooming in and zooming out. The clear graphics make the players feel happy. 

Free of Cost:

This game is free of cost. But, players have to spend money if they want to earn coins or want to start trading.

Play Mode:

The game can be played online and offline,too.

Bugs and Issues:

All the bugs, either minor or major, get fixed.And, other technical issues are settled.

Free Rewards:

You can get free rewards and get upgraded after completing the daily quests and challenges


This game is safe as all the viruses are removed. So anyone without any fear can download, play and enjoy.

Modified Features


In SimCity BuildIt Mod APK, players can earn unlimited SimCash by money or you can get it after completing levels. These can help you to update your work.


These Simoleons are provided to the players to achieve their required elements which can be used in order to build a new village or villa. 


This version includes different kinds of keys such as Platinum keys and Golden keys that are helpful to achieve and unlock the levels.

Building Cities:

This game helps the players to enjoy by building their dream cities and rural areas. They can make the places according to their own likes and dislikes. They can make parks if they feel their inhabitants are not happy. They can also make hospitals and clinics in these cities. They can add playgrounds for children. To do all this , they have to take care of their residents.


Players can trade different things because all the things that are present in the collection of a person, are of no use. They can exchange them with others to get their required ones. 


It feels fun to build tall buildings if the player wants to build them. This is so innovative and attractive for everyone all over the world , especially for civil engineers. They can get ideas of mapping out new designs. All the cities must be interconnected so that residents can contact each other. 

SimCity BuildIt APK Mod:

The old versions of this game were offline and for home computers. Because of the good response of the old versions, owners of the game have released the latest modified version of SimCity BuildIt which is usually for android phones and smartphones.

SimCity BuildIt APK

In this version, players have to construct and embellish different cities and skyscrapers. Players have to act as a lord-mayor or chief head of their urban areas.Moreover, this modified version also includes unlimited coins and unlimited keys.

SimCity BuildIt Mod APK Unlimited Everything:

The game, which is now modified, contains unlimited coins, SimCash and keys including platinum and golden. Players can get these keys by fulfilling the contests and completing the challenges. Players can earn coins, purchase different required elements and use them in mapping out. In this, players can create novel blueprints for astonishing cities.  

SimCity Mod APK Unlimited Cash:

SimCash is included in the currency of the modified version of the game. Players can have access to this SimCash after completing contests and competitions, but it happens rarely. Mostly, players have to purchase that SimCash by money. SimCash helps the players to upgrade their levels or cities. It also helps to buy numerous things for your buildings and increases the trading system. 

SimCity BuildIt Mod APK Game Guardian:

In this modified version, players can freeze their earned money, SimCash and Simoleons. For example, if a player freezes Simoleons at a specific time, these Simoleons will not be lost until the player unfreezes it.Moreover, players will not be able to earn more Simoleons until they unfreeze them. So this latest version prevents coins, money or cash loss. 

SimCity BuildIt Mod APK Latest Version:

The latest version of the game is and this version is updated and declared on June 08, 2022. This version can be installed on computers and android phones.It can be played online as well as offline.


This 3D game is so much fun to play that it captivates the audience all over the world. It gives chance and experience to the players to make growing and flourishing cities and buildings.

SimCity BuildIt APK

The players can collect the currency and resources to reach the next levels. It is safe to play. The battle wars with others in the game are stirring and exciting that keep the players bound to the game.    

MOD APK version of SimCity BuildIt

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins

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