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Today let us discuss the arcade game that is made just for fun and time pass. The one who is tired of work, the one who won’t pass his free time, the one who is waiting for someone, and the one who wants to relax. All of you should try this game at least once. That is slither io game. The slither io mod apk will also be provided.

Slither IO APK:

The game was released on March 25, 2016, and becomes famous in a few days just because of its interesting gameplay. This game is not made complex for players. This will also not require your full focus on the game. Because all of the game is about controlling a snake with your android phone.

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The gameplay of slither io game is quite simple. As you need to just control a snake’s unstoppable movement. There will be dots on your way. Keep moving and eating the dots to grow more. More growing will make you able to kill more snakes.. Whenever you will kill a snake, the length of that snake will be added to your snake. If you want to kill a snake then you need to touch that snake with your back on his front.

Touch Controls:

There are two ways to control available in this game.

  1. Swipe to move (Swipe in the direction where you wish to move the snake)
  2. Move with help of a joystick ( Move the joystick on the screen to move the snake)

Swipe left, right, up, and down to control your snake’s direction with your fingers to be safe from other snakes. Try to grow as big as possible. As soon as you are bigger than your opponent, you can kill them and eat their remains.


  • Easy Customization:

The game slither io provides an easy customization feature through which you can customize your game. For example, changing of skins of your snake, background customization, sound changing, and many more.

  • Online gameplay:

One amazing thing is that this game is available online. Many players from various countries are joining that game. You may have to compete with those players online. This will be a great feeling of playing with players from world. Try to be the last one in the game to be a winner.

  • AI gameplay:

You can also enjoy that game offline if you can’t afford a strong internet connection. In this way, you will play with the ai system of the game.

Download slither io mod apk latest version

Slither io mod apk:

The slither io game mod apk is the modified version of the game in which you can get all the things you want in this game. Using the modded version, you will have unlimited skins and the maximum length of your snake. Therefore, you may kill more snakes easily. Moreover, you can get a high rank on the leader board with little effort. You may also like appnana mod version apk.

Download slither io mod apk latest version free


Let us join the game today and compete with online players to push your rank up on the leader board. Download slither io mod apk latest version free for your android device from this website and get all you want in this game.

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