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Subway Surfers + MOD (Unlimited Coins) v2.37.0

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NameSubway Surfers
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
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Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers Mod apk Unlimited Money is an entertaining game that allows the players to run endlessly.The character keeps running, avoiding all the hurdles coming in his way and dodging the police officer and the dog. Once you knock into one of the hurdles you will obviously get caught and  have to play the game from the start. The character collects coins and keys while running .

Further the coins the player collects help him to unlock new characters , new outfits and other features as well. Meanwhile the keys give the player a life and help the character to continue the game even if he knocks into one of the hurdles.The game will keep going until the next failure. 

Subway Surfers hack

Isn’t it annoying to start the game again and again? It is , right. That’s why I’m here to introduce you to the Subway Surfers hack. This version helps you to get unlimited coins and keys. This version is best for its unlimited features. Unlock all these features and you can play like a pro without any difficulty unlocking all these features.

Subway Surfers Mod apk Unlimited Money

Features of Subway Surfers hack

Unlimited Coins:

This version allows you to get unlimited coins for free! You can get Subway Surfers hack and get access to united coins. These coins will help you to upgrade to your favourite character , you can even change his outfits and get any booster.


This version allows you to play these games without any ads or disturbance. This version provides you with a continuous game without any barrier. There will not be any ads to disturb you while playing. 

Unlock all the characters:

You can unlock all the characters of the game and play like a pro without having to work all the way for it. In a normal game you have to earn coins and keys and then you get access to these characters. But now you can get access by working all the way for it. 

Get Unlimited Keys:

There will be unlimited keys in this version which will allow you to play non-stop . These keys will give you more than one life. With these lives you can continue the game even after getting knocked out by hurdles or getting caught by the Police officer and his dog. These keys also help you to get your favourite character with their favorite outfit and also play non-stop.

Subway Surfers download for PC

Now you can download Subway Surfers on your PC to get an even better experience by playing it on a big screen. Players enjoy the games mostly by playing them on big screens for a better experience. 

 Subway Surfers mod apk download

Now you can download the subway Surfers mod apk version without much difficulty with unlimited features.

Softonic Unlimited Money

The version provides you with an opportunity  to get unlimited money to buy different tools in the game. In this game money is very important for a lot of things. And you have to earn that money by playing the game and getting high scores but the Apk version give you access to even unlimited money

Subway Surfers mod apk unlimited double jump

If you are worried about double jumps then there is no need for that. Because this apk version provides you with unlimited double jumps. You can jump onto big trains and even on top of tunnels to avoid getting caught. This game consists of an endless track where the character runs endlessly. The character has to dodge the obstacles and avoid the police officer and dog. The character collects unlimited coins and it can spend them later on to buy tools and items.

Subway Surfers Game Online Play

You can play the Subway Surfers game online without having to download it on your device. This game is mostly for offline players but you can even enjoy the game on google play and have fun without having it downloaded on your device.

Subway Surfers Poki

For the same online play , you can play Subway Surfers online on poki without downloading it. You will get the same fun by playing it as when you play it downloaded but still the downloaded version is better. 

So, you can download the game on this site.

Subway Surfers online free

Subway Surfers is free to play online. You can play it for hours without any disturbance. You do not have to pay for playing it online but still the downloaded version is a priority cause it consists of so many features that are disbled in Subway Surfer online play.

Subway Surfers background

Subway Surfers was created in 2012 by the collaboration between SYBO games and Kiloo.

A  tragic story about the origin of the game.  Subway Surfers is a game which was created by the creator in the memory of his late son who died while skating down the railway tracks. He created this game and made his son’s memory last as a game forever.

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Subway Surfers barriers

Three are different kinds of barriers in Subway Surfers.And you have to handle them in different ways. 

  • Jumping Barrier:

          One of them allows you to jump over it because there is no other way to dodge it as there is no hole or any way in to pass through it. 

  • Rolling down Barrier:

For the second barrier, the player has to roll under it because there is no other way to dodge it because of its length which is actually very high.

  • Both ways barrier:

The third one has a way in the center and it also allows the player to jump above it because it is short in height. 

  • Bushes:

Bushes are also an obstacle. The character has to avoid them to not get knocked out. Once you get hit by them the police officer will catch you because your speed gets low when you hit the barrier.

  • Lamp Posts:

          Lamp posts are present between lanes. If the character unfortunately  knocks into it, The inspector will catch them.

  • Garbage bins:

          Garbage bins also knock the player out. 

If you get hit in any of the barriers you will get caught but if you just hit the side of a barrier and your foot gets stuck in the barrier, the police officer will come near but will not be able to catch you. And you will automatically gain your speed back after some time. 

Subway Surfers Beijing

Subway Surfers Beijing  is the thirteenth update of Subway Surfers. It provides the players a new power jumper. It includes two new hover hoverboards,a  character whose name is Sun (a Chinese acrobat), a panda and a dragon.

Luckily you get all these things in the apk version. So no need to wait for the thirteenth version or any kind of new update. 

Subway Surfers board

A player can activate a hoverboard by tapping on the screen twice.The hoverboard protects the character from crashing into obstacles by exploding at the same time.You can reactivate the board after 5 seconds of use. Different cool hoverboards can be unlocked. These hoverboards get unlocked by keys or coins . But we have these hoverboards free in the apk version and you can use them again and again after a time interval of 5 seconds after using the previous hoverboard.

Subway Surfers Christmas

Yes, the game updates the surroundings on different events. It also changes the surroundings according to the weather change. Enjoy the cool holiday vibes and snowy streets of London in the Christmas version of Subway Surfers! This is just a cherry on top for the fun.

Subway Surfers code

Subway Surfers code allows you to get free coins and unlock new items, unlock power ups and different tools for free.These codes are very useful and give you access to various mysteries and things .

Subway Surfers Chinese version

The Chinese version of the game Subway Surfers: Subway Parkour is made by iDreamSky. It consists of some exclusive characters and a multilayer battle race.

Subway Surfers highest score

When the game is started , the code starts increasing and it goes on increasing with the game. And it stops when the player gets caught by the Police officer. The Score is saved and is compared automatically each time you play the game . The highest score always remains untouched unless you beat that score. It feels like a challenge of yourself to yourself.

Subway Surfers Jake

Wondering about Jake of Subway Surfers? Jake is the protagonist of the game Subway Surfers. He is the first character who is free of cost and his outfit is dark. His second outfit is the star outfit which you will get after completing various missions and getting coins and all.

No need to worry about unlocking other characters because apk gives you access to all the characters of the game. 

Subway Surfers Jackpot

What is a Subway Surfers Jackpot ? Subway Surfer Jackpot comes by earning mysterious boxes and even super mysterious boxes. You can also collect small things and get upgraded and you can also collect coins for the Jackpot. 

In addition to this , this Jackpot helps you increase your coins from 200 to 100,000. That’s why this Jackpot is very precious for many users. 

Subway Surfers Kiloo

Kiloo is a game development company which is located in Aarhus, Denmark. They and SYBO Games are also the creators of this popular game, Subway Surfers. But in early 2020, Kiloo no longer works on Subway Surfers with SYBO Games. Kiloo was established in 2000 by “Jacob” and “Simon Moller”.

Subway Surfers Release Date

Subway Surfer was initially released on May 24, 2012. But it never remained the same as the creators kept making updates in its version and improved the game. 

The latest version was updated on May 16, 2022

Subway Surfers Seoul

You can play Subway Surfer Seoul and can plunge into the metro and even head towards another involvement. You are accompanied  with the other relentless runner Tram Surfers of  Seoul.

Subway Surfers World Tour

Yes, you are able to play this game while enjoying the world tour as this game provides different surroundings of different countries.

Subway Surfers Mod apk Unlimited Money


You can download the game from this link and even enjoy the unlimited features and resources.

Thanks for reading this article and you should keep playing the game and making the highest score by challenging yourself. 

MOD APK version of Subway Surfers

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins

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