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Talking Tom Gold Run + MOD (Unlimited Money) v6.0.1.1694

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NameTalking Tom Gold Run
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money



Are you getting fed up with your dull life? Are you searching for an entertaining medium? Then wait a minute! And kindly have a look at our editorial. As we are going to introduce you to an explicit and entertaining game application. The Talking Tom Gold Run Mod APK gameplay is based on a running cat named Tom, who has to chase a thief who robbed a gold bag from him. The player has to construct the house for the cat and his mates, so for this, the player needs to earn money and gems.

Running, hopping, dashing, racing, getting huge rush and thrill, you will be experiencing all in this game. To help Tom, to get back his bag of gold, you need to earn some currency, your win depends on the skills and abilities you use in this game. You can also fetch scattered crystals along with gold across the locations of the game.


It facilitates players with a huge collection of currency that can be easily bought from game store or can be found while running as well. The character can attract nearby gold from its most common bonus feature which is a magnet, whenever the level gets higher, the player needs to earn more crystals and treasure to change his locations.

Subway Surfers:

This game Talking Tom Gold Run Mod APK is slightly similar to the game Subway Surfers. The genre of both games is almost the same, in both games characters are running endlessly to achieve their targeted mission and collect huge rewards but obviously, the characters are different from each other.

The game graphics are not very extraordinary, the characters of cartoons and textures drawn are particularly similar to the games of this category. The originality of this game doesn’t vary as there are numerous related applications available on Google Play Store, but, the improvements in the system and upgraded site favorably differentiate this gameplay from other genres and competitors.

Different boosters are available during the race so that players can quickly cover the distance in a short time and fetch a lot of gold in the best way possible. You can collect as much as gold to reconstruct houses for the game characters, catch the raccoon thief to teach some lessons, and fetch your loot from him. 

Missions are available in this game to achieve extra bonuses, after every run each mission is accomplished. To get your hands on the thief, you can also get help from your friends Tom and Angela. Utilize internal stores, get boosters, release new locations and grab the thief as quickly as possible. 

Features of talking tom gold run mod APK:

This game offers you many exciting features so let’s talk about them:

Talking Tom characters are available: 

You can play with your favorite characters of Talking Tom such as Angela, Hank, Tom, Ben, Ginger, and several others. Enjoy playing this astonishing and flashy free-running gameplay where you can assist Tom and his mates to overcome all the epic challenges and obstacles. Have endless fun with all the characters containing special skills and abilities.

Endless free-running gameplay:

It has much incredible racing and running challenges, with lots of amazing awards. This game is for those who are fanatic about free-running gameplays. You will have endless fun while playing this game, you can even freely use all the characters to clear all the levels and stages, explore new locations, and win great challenges and obstacles.



Dive into missions and gain rewards:

While catching up with the raccoon thief, you will have to accomplish several different missions and gain rewards and tackle each mission without any hassle to get closer to your target. You will surely be satisfied by winning rewards.

Unlimited resources for players:

Different boosters are provided to overcome every mission suppose if you want to collect gold so you can use a magnet to attract gold, you want to fly over the sky you can use a glider for it, or use amazing skateboards for the fast running; you will have endless choices to enjoy this game.

Collection of gold bars for the construction of the home:

You can earn a huge collection of gold bars to build amazing homes for Tom and his mates upon each endless chase, also you can make purchases of the furniture for the homes. You can interact with Tom and his mates from the places you own in the game.

Feel free to explore the huge world:

To chase the raccoon, you have to travel through different places, you will freely run across crowded cities, dark forests, snowy and cloudy mountains, and many more. You face incredible obstacles while visiting different locations. 

Different themes for the game:

This game has introduced many different themed events so that Android players can enjoy chasing various fashions.

Customization of characters: 

Players are allowed to customize characters, by changing their costumes, various clothes, nice accessories, and vehicles according to the favorable theme.

Gameplay is free: 

Android users have a great advantage in that they can play this game for free. That means they don’t have to pay any money to install this game on their devices. They can easily find this application on Google play for installation.

Music and graphics: 

This game features charismatic and colorful graphics to allow players to get fully addicted to this gameplay. The beautiful and nice environment and artistic characters are doing justice to the graphics of this game. The music of this game is very addictive and instinctive, and that feels relaxing while enjoying playing to the fullest.

Talking tom gold run unlimited money: 

You will have unlimited money to chase the raccoon thief, explore the massive world, customize the characters, collect as many as ingots and crystals, rebuild the houses for Tom and his mates, finish the various missions, gain rewards after each level, and many more.

Talking tom gold run online: 

You can play talking tom gold free and online on your devices. You can even interact with your friends and brag to them in this game, you must have a stable internet connection to enjoy the online mode of this gameplay. It is a multiplayer game where you can compete with your friends and other gamers across the world to test your abilities and skills. You will always experience leaderboard challenges to win the Talking Tom Gold Run. This will add more joy to your game.

Talking tom gold run Hack: 

You can collect ingots and crystals by purchasing from nearby stores, magnet feature will help you to attract gold, earn rewards through winning various challenges to collect gold and coins, or you can fetch gold bars while running and chasing the thief, these are the hacks required to collect gold, coins or unlimited crystals and diamonds. Also, you have to attend some festivals like Christmas or Halloween parties to get your hands on quests to fetch targeted items to win extra prizes

Talking to all characters unlocked: 

You will be provided with all the unlocked characters; you don’t need to spend money to unlock the characters. Talking tom gold run mod APK possesses 40+ special characters and every character has its unique style and state.


It contains several characters from other games of Outfit7, and with help of these special characters, the player can run as much faster as he wants. Tom, Ginger, Ben, Hank, Angela, Becca, Pierre, Gina, and Larry are some of its prominent characters.

Talking tom gold run Ben: 

Ben, is a light brown dog with a large black nose and eyes that are brown, he wears red colored shorts over a white shirt with brown shorts and no shoes. He is his best friend of Tom, described as a grumpy and bad-tempered dog who is a chemistry professor and loves to invent and do stuff that involves technology and science.

Talking tom gold run requirements for android:

  • This game is compatible even with the lower operating system that is Android 4.4 and +.
  • It requires a free space of 115 MB in order to download.
  • Don’t forget to download and install an APK file on your devices, before downloading this game application.
  • Don’t forget to connect your device to a stable internet connection. 

Talking tom gold run download for android:

  • For downloading purposes, kindly visit our link which is mentioned at the end of this article. 
  • After clicking on the link, the APK file starts to download, wait for a few minutes to download the file.
  • Now, the APK file is downloaded to your android phone.
  • Now it’s your turn to install your application. 

Installation commands:

  • Go to your phone settings and then the security option to allow unknown sources.
  • Go to the download manager, and search for the APK file of Talking Tom Gold Run.
  • Now open that file and click on it to install.
  • Once the installation is completed, you are ready to play and enjoy this game.

Latest version of Talking Tom Gold Run Mod APK:

The Latest version of the talking tom gold run mod APK is It is compatible with Android 4.4 and above devices and it belongs to an action-arcade genre. This game application is free to download and contains no advertisement. This version has added some mod features that are unlimited gold, dynamite, and diamonds, also this game application will offer you unlimited money to enjoy unlimited features of this game. 

With so many variations and changes in the characters and the game, this amazing version is released where you will meet with your favorite character talking tom who will be continuously and endlessly running to get back his loot from the raccoon and collecting some precious kinds of stuff to tackle all the incredible challenges and obstacles along with his friends. It has very promising graphics and a full package of entertainment. This latest version will offer you many countless assets and it is worth playing for adults and children.

The old version of Talking Tom Gold Run Mod APK:

Version is the oldest version of Talking tom gold run for android phones and tablets. The oldest and latest versions are very similar to each other, there’s not any huge difference between them, only the latest version has upgraded its features.


In the old version, you have to pay to unlock the character whereas you don’t have to spend a penny to release the characters. The latest version has mod features that are unlimited diamonds and gold and provides you unlimited money. The oldest version was released on February 20, 2017.

Release date of Talking Tom Gold Run Mod APK:

The Talking tom gold Run was first released on February 20, 2017, and it was updated to the Talking tom gold run mod APK on August 10, 2022.

Developer name of the Talking Tom Gold Run Mod APK:

The developer of this Talking tom gold run mod APK is Outfit7 Limited.

Pros and Cons of the Talking Tom Gold Run Mod APK:


  • This game is free of cost and advertisement free. Its graphics are very good and too realistic. All stuff related to this game is provided to the players for free within an unlimited amount. 
  • You can easily unlock all the characters in this game by purchasing diamonds and coins for free.
  • The character in this game is endlessly running towards the thief and also collects lots of rewards and coins while chasing the thief.
  • You will explore the whole world, beautiful landscapes, snowing mountains, rides on different vehicles, and many more.
  • You can even test your abilities and skills while playing different levels and modes.
  • Different events in this game like Halloween or Christmas give you many quests to win extra prizes.
  • It is multiplayer where you can compete with your friends and other gamers.
  • Connect with your friends on this platform and share your progress on social media platforms.


The biggest disadvantage of this game app is this, this game app is really very addictive as it has no limits or any final destination. The character is continuously running and it is addictive and keeps you engaged to achieve your target in the game, but the fact is that this game has no endpoint. But it’s ok, as you can download this game just for the sake of your entertainment.


If you are a true fan of free-running games then this is the best game to download on your mobile devices. This article provides you with enough information about the Talking Tom Gold Run Mod APK game application, so download this application on your phone and enjoy amazing graphics, modded features, lots of rewards, and customization. Also, don’t forget to share with your friends and buddies and enjoy playing this amazing game to get some relaxation and entertainment.

MOD APK version of Talking Tom Gold Run

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