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Teaching Feeling 

Teaching Feeling apk is a gaming application which is based on a story.This application is for Android users because it can only be played on Android phones. This game can also be called a romantic story which actually revolves around a girl named Sylvie.While playing this game , the players get very loving and romantic emotions.In real life their nature changes and they become very humble and nice.They start to think about their relationship and love their girls very much.This game increases the love in one’s heart and makes him a kind and lovely person.In this game, you are meant to impress the girl named Sylvie and you will take care of her for a stranger who came to you for returning a favor you did for him.

The favor is that you saved that guy once in old days from dying and now he wants to thank you and return the favor by giving you his slave .That girl is Sylvie.Sylvie is an orphan who became a slave of a stranger and was being tortured and was held captive by him. The girl has scars on her body and she is very innocent and scared of everything because of her life with that stranger.Now, you become her guardian and fall in love with her eventually and she also falls in love with you because of your kindness. You have to give her everything she needs and asks for. And by giving those things to her you will impress her. With every next level she will be more and more impressed. 

Teaching Feeling Apk

Even the name of the game tells its meaning. It means this game teaches us to feel things like love, relationship, liking and feelings. The players will get interested in real life love and get dating experience. No need to worry about the player’s life because they can select it based on their real life personality. This application promises the players new dating experiences when he interacts with the girl and helps her in more than one way.

Teaching Feeling APK English version

The player gets to experience the emotional and precious memories as far as he goes on playing the game.Biggest question is where can we play this game. This game is for android users and it is actually a wild game you must experience once in your life. Although the game does not offer many features, it still provides you with a new plot and platform to experience something lovely. Your every action affects her, she will think differently about you and your level will be increased.  

Who is Sylvie?

Sylvie is an orphan who became a slave of a stranger and was being tortured and was held captive by him.  Sylvie has cuts and marks on her skin which are clear evidence of the hell she was in. She is very innocent and scared of everything because of her life with that stranger. She never got the rights of being a human. She never had enough food and was sick.The stranger treated her very badly and hurt her physically and mentally. In the end, that stranger will give her to the player(you) and you have to take care of her and give her everything she needs and you both will fall in love and her life will change. But most importantly , she is intelligent. She knows how to read and write books. She loves reading books so she started reading books . The doctor keeps her as his assistant and treats her well. 

Role of the Player

The player is performing the role of a Doctor who is almost a saint because of his deeds. He has a very kind heart. And he once saved a stranger from dying and the stranger went back without even thanking him. And after so many years of the incident the stranger returned. That stranger thanked him and gifted her a girl (his slave) and went away. The doctor(player) will now help the girl and love her. 

How to play it?

In this game, the player has simple and easy work. He just has to communicate with the girl and create a good bond with Sylvie . The game will continue when the players bond with Sylvie improves and his level will be upgraded as well. In the start she is scared of everyone because of her dark past but the player has to make her feel at home. He will start with making her his friend and that will make her open herself to him and then she will eventually fall in love with him. And that is the success and the main purpose of the game. 

Teaching Feeling APK English version

Key Features of Teaching Feeling Apk

There are a lot of key features of the game Teaching Feeling Apk

Free Game:

It is a free game for android users. They can just download the game and it is ready to be played by the users of Android phones. Enjoy the game without any worry of paying for the game. 

Different Languages:

The biggest problem that happens when playing a game or using an app is its language. This game is far away from the language problem because it allows the user to select whichever language they want. In this way, the users can understand each and every thing and with complete details. They can also re-change the language when needed. 

Novel based:

While playing a game, you sometimes wonder what could be the reason that the creator created this game. So, the reason behind this game is a novel. The novel was very famous among its readers and caught the attention of the youth. So, this game is based on that novel. The story of the game is the same as the novel. You can get the feel of being a character of a novel.  


Moreover, this game can be played as a single player as well as a double player . By this feature, you will get a lot more opportunities that include more life-ime experiences and the fun will be increased eventually and allow you to feel what it is like to be a doctor or something else. 

2-D graphics:

The graphics of this game are 2d and give a very anime look. This game is very good for anime lovers. Anime lovers will get a gaming experience along with their interest which is the animation of the game. Others will also increase their interests in the animated series or games. 

Less battery and smooth run:

The users who are afraid that the game might consume a lot of their battery, they do not need to worry because this game consumes a very small amount of your battery and is safe. Rather than hanging in between , this game runs smoothly and allows the user to enjoy the game without any stop or barrier.Moreover this game is very user-friendly and even works for a bad operating system and does not harm the phone in any way.  

  • Safe and virus-free:

A lot of people do not play games because of its bad protection policies. But this game is very user-friendly and is safe . This game does not do any harm to the game. This game is not heavy at all because of its 2d graphics which themselves are fun. 

Virus-free and light game. This game does not introduce any virus in your androids. 

Teaching Feeling APK English Version

Witness the emotion and purest actions of the girls

The most important thing in this game is to witness the feeling and the actions that girl shows you. These actions are the best key to their heart and this game is all about their love and heart . The title itself shows that this game makes you learn feelings about girls and love. Just show the girls your charms and kindness and they will be head over heels for you. The actions of the girls toward you are the visual representation of their actual feelings. Just stick to impressing them and you are a pro in the game..

Cultivating Feeling among the Protagonists

The actual purpose of the game is to make a good and reliable bond between the protagonists. You can do it by giving the girls gifts and buying them new things . You can show them affection and try to impress them by their style because every girl has her own ways and likes. You just have to deepen the relationship and the affection between them.

Teaching Feeling Sylvie Appearance

To be exact and honest, Sylvie is a girl who is very pretty with an ideal body and beautiful eyes, pretty face, smooth skin and straight long hair along with bangs. 

But in the start her appearance is kinda dirty because of the scars and cuts that were made because of the torture. 

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The conclusion is that the game is very fun to play .This game allows the players to have a real-life relationship experience and have fun with their partner. 

Thanks for reading the article and I’ll personally suggest you to play the game for some relationship tips and experiences. 

MOD APK version of Teaching Feeling

MOD feature

Unlocked Menu

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