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Tekken 5 + MOD (Unlimited Everything) v1.5

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NameTekken 5
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Everything

Tekken 5 apk download is an android fighting game, and it is the popular version of the videogame saga for smartphones. Tekken 5 is a successful game franchise that Namco developed for Android devices. This game is also called Tekken. This game is available on the google play store and got popular quickly due to its unique features. Tekken 5 has its various versions such as download tekken free, tekken 7 ps4, tekken 6, tekken 4 apk download and tekken 3 etc. But the best one is available here. You may like game mini militia pro if you are an action and fighting game lover.

If you are searching for a fighting game on your mobile phone instead of a PC, then you are at the right website. Tekken 5 apk is the latest version of tekken 5 games which are now available to play on android or smartphones. Tekken 5 Apk download for android mobile consists of many characters whom the children like. So you can enjoy all the fantastic and modified features on your phone instead of your PC.

Features of Tekken 5 APK:

Following are all the features of tekken 5 apk available on PC as well as on smartphones also.

  1. Player’s Control

Players have to keep their control on their characters and their movements. You have to use your moves and punch sensibly wisely while fighting.

  1. Gestures

Gestures are available here for players to complete the game more quickly due to these gestures. As a result, the control of the game will get more accessible even for new players.

  1. Combos Taken

If you want to finish the game soon and quickly, you can do that by going to the combo option. That combo will help you to trounce your enemy as your partner. The game will be more enjoyable while fighting against your enemy along with your combo.

  1. Graphics

The graphics of tekken tag 5 games are straightforward and excellent. So the pictures make the game more worthy. And that graphics reveals all the information about Tekken 5 game download mobile9.

  1. Training mode

If you find that game challenging to play then, you can join the training mode to learn the strategies of Tekken 5 apk free download

and after that, you can play Tekken 5 droidtrix more easily.

  1. Various characters

Players have the choice to select the character of their choosing. All the characters will have various types of movement and power. Players can also switch different characters while playing Tekken 5 android game.

  1. Amazing moves

We have to be careful while choosing the moves of the fight against our enemy is taken 5 mobile games. This is because our fighting movement will affect the progress of our enemy.

  1. Taken combos

Players can take combos in taken take 5 games. So if you want to defeat the combo of your enemy, then you have to go to take your combo as your partner. So Takkan 5 game will be more enjoyable while playing with your combo. And playing with your combo against your opponent will finish the teken 5 games soon.

  1. Progress bar

The game will show a progress bar to you to show the healthy life of your character. That progress bar will make you care about healthy living while fighting.  You have to be careful when your enemy will attack.

  1. Sound quality:

The sound quality is taken 5 game download now for free is fantastic without any flaws. The music of Tekken 5 apk includes the sounds of guitar, horns, and pianos, etc. The sound is pleasant.

Improvements in Tekken 5 APK:

  1. The quality of the music is flawless and pleasant.
  2. The design of the graphics is fantastic.
  3. Players can move freely before the battle.
  4. The game gets started in a few seconds.
  5. The storyline of the game is fantastic.
  6. You can play live events in takan5.
  7. Infinite battles stages are given.
  8. Multiple main characters are provided.


Tekken 5 apk download has been discovered as the most demanding game available on mobile phones. You can download Tekken 5 free game from my website, “apkhammer.com,” quickly. Taken 5 game downloads for free will be a hundred percent secure and safe for your device.

MOD APK version of Tekken 5

MOD feature

Unlimited Everything

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