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TM WHATSAPP + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v8.35

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Every human being keeps making more and more modern methods for their convenience. In the earlier era, pigeons, then telegrams, telephones, then mobile phones, and then mobile phones; were used to communicate. The mobile phone has halved the problems of the ordinary person. As time progresses. By the way, his way of living is also changing. And the needs of human life are also increasing, but with the increasing inflation daily, the rich find it tough to meet their needs, so the poor man is having a hard time. Nowadays we have to think a thousand times, even to meet each other, traveling from one city to another has become too far from everyone’s reach.


In today’s challenging times, mobile phones have become the first necessity for everyone; whether rich or poor, they use them daily. The application which I want to give you complete information about is TM WhatsApp, Which has more features than the original WhatsApp. I will provide you with full details on this application.


Many things in the mobile phone are helpful, but no technology has given us the communication chain that the mobile phone has given us. You can easily see it on the mobile screen through a video call. All these features are in many mobile applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. 

TM WhatsApp is a modded version of the official WhatsApp. But it works better than the official WhatsApp because of its new features. Due to its unique and fresh features, its popularity is increasing daily. Generally, modded versions are not as safe, and their privacy doesn’t work like official WhatsApp. But the reason for its popularity among the public is its numerous features that are not available in regular WhatsApp. The official WhatsApp app has many restrictions. You can not upload more than 30 images. Your status should be 30 seconds. You can not copy someone else’s status. But in the TM WhatsApp app, you get many features and can send limited photos simultaneously.


Whatsapp TM provides a wide range of privacy settings that let you manage your chats and status updates. Moreover, you can also do the following steps:

  • In-flight mode
  • safety code
  • second tick concealed
  • Blue microphone cover
  • last seen free
  • Cover up blue ticks
  • certain themes
  • View status hidden
  • Delete-resist messages
  • Turn off calling


Hide typing:

Additionally, you can decide which contacts can or cannot see your status. In addition, you have three choices: communications except this, reveal to all contacts, and only myself. Because your data is kept secret and secure, end-to-end encryption security also offers a high level of protection.


There are a lot of extraordinary features which I discuss here :

Built-in VPN:

You use this tool to connect to the official WhatsApp servers. If your country has a banned WhatsApp. We need that type of function in our phones while traveling to another country; that feature is quite handy.

Animation effects:

TMWhatsApp provides a variety of special animation effects, which makes an excellent experience for consumers while using this feature.

Music in the background:

Stream music for the experience using the developer’s Google Drive

Toast Status View:

When someone views your status, it will let you know via Toast message.

Toast notification:

Receive toast notifications if your contact list person updates their profile photo with the profile pic toast feature.


YoThemes by Yousef’s server are applied. Consequently, you get the possibility to install more than 4000+ styles.

Theme loading:

You can load a theme (usually an.xml file) by granting storage access from another source.

Customized theme:

Customizing the home screen includes the Header, Rows, Floating Action Bar, and Status.

Stories of Instagram:

 Activating this option will show the Instagram Style Stories on your screen.

Styles for home screen:

Styles for the home screen are WACA, WANH, YoWA, NL Mods, Telegram, and Stock.


Status copied:

Without using a third-party application, you may immediately download the video picture from any of your friends’ status updates and copy the content of their status.

Discussion screen:

The action bar, bubble, ticks style, profile picture, and conversation entry style can all be customized.

Background change:

Update the background with an image by selecting a photo from your device’s gallery.                                         


Modify the status bar, background, header, and other colors.

Font styles

Modify the TMWhatsApp’s font style independently.

Hide Media:

You won’t see any media, including photos, videos, and GIFs. When you select to hide it from the gallery.

Updated versions: 

TM Whatsapp daily updates are always available; its new update version is more reliable than the previous one because its End-to-end encryption feature is more attractive.


Take a complete backup, then update after restoring it. Increasing the forwarding limit to more than five contacts is not advised.

Exceed limit:

The status limit has increased from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.


Do not disturb mode cuts off TMWhatsApp’s internet connectivity.

Chat lock:

Set a pin, password, or pattern for private talks.


Here are some TM WhatsApp downloads mentioned below. If you want to download this app, follow these steps:

  • The size of the TM Whatsapp apk is “56.8MB.”
  • The required OS for WhatsApp is “4.0 & UP.”
  • If you want to download this app, firstly download the apk file.
  • Hold some while till the “apk file” is downloaded.
  • Then tap on the “link” mentioned in our article. 
  • Additionally, press the “install option.”
  • Hold the back till the installation process is complete.
  • Now you can ‘open” this, and you can enjoy it too.


Now let’s talk about the installation commands of TM WhatsApp given below:

  • Start the installation commands  with “phone settings>.”
  • Select the “security option>.”
  • Furthermore, tap on “menu bar>.”
  • In the menu bar, put down “unknown sources>.”
  • Choose “install app” from unknown sources.
  • Additionally, “allow or enable” the apk file.
  • Hold up it will take some time. After that, the application will “emerge” on your home screen.
  • Now you can “unlock this application” and use it whenever you want to have fun! 


The latest version of TM WHATSAPP is 8.30. The new updated version is more reliable than the previous one. 


The old version is 8.10.


It was launched in September 2010.


The name of the developer is Titus Mukisa.



This application has many advantages, which we will discuss one by one.

  •  The first advantage is that when someone sends you a message and deletes it immediately in the official WhatsApp app, you cannot read it, but in TM WhatsApp, if someone deletes the news, you can easily read it. 
  • Another essential advantage of this WhatsApp app is that you get unlimited options for custom settings, custom templates, custom backgrounds, and custom displays. You can do all kinds of complete sets in this WhatsApp app.
  •  The remarkable thing is that you can send messages to many people at the same time and can also remove the tag that is attached to the forward message. It looks together. Through its auto-reply mode, you can send messages to your friends when you are busy. And this setting is perfect for those who value their privacy very much.
  • Another advantage of the TM WhatsApp app is that we can now send our favorite statuses together, which can be for 7 minutes, while in the official WhatsApp app, we can’t set a group of more than 30 seconds. 
  • Its audio sending capacity is also higher than other WhatsApp apps; you can easily send 100 MB of audio and send more than 100 images simultaneously.


Before using the app, keep this in mind:

At first, there was no solution for the TM WhatsApp application on the Google Play Store, which competes with the official WhatsApp. So, stay from applying to both programs simultaneously. Before installing a new app downloaded from a third-party source on your phone, remove the device’s original software first. You can register for an account and transfer past WhatsApp conversations to new ones once the software is ready. Make sure “unknown source” is allowed on your Android phone before installing the software. You can browse the options in the setup menu for the security area.


In the end, I have concluded that TM WhatsApp is the best-modded version that takes exceptional care of security which is the most important thing for a user. All its features are fully updated, and users get all the elements in one application at their convenience. Your data is completely safe in this application. This application is more beneficial for people in countries where WhatsApp is unavailable.

This developer has made the TM WhatsApp app considering every angle. I am sure you will like this application, and it can become your favorite application in the future. This application is not available on the play store for this. You have to download this application from our given link. So, what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of TM WhatsApp to our given link and enjoy all the updated and secured features of this highly recommended application


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