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Traffic Rider + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.81

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NameTraffic Rider
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Traffic Rider Mod APK

Go on an adventure riding a motorbike. Many people wish to ride a heavy and powerful motorbike at high flying speeds. But, they are not able to fulfill their wish of riding a bike at high speed because of traffic rules and regulations. Moreover, in reality, you have to protect yourself and others from injuries as besides you, others are also driving on the roads. Traffic Rider is giving you a chance to accomplish your dream of riding a motorbike with accelerated speed. In this game, you do not need to take care of anything as you are riding a motorbike in a virtual world, not the real one.

Traffic Rider Mod APK

This game is interesting and exciting for all people who are fond of bike racing. There are different and new models of motorbikes to ride to protect the users from getting bored. This game is available in many languages which allows people to play it from different areas of the world and these different languages tell about the versatility and popularity of the Traffic Rider game. There are many modes of playing the game that helps the player to enjoy the game in different styles. In this game, you do not have to race against other people and players. You have to become the best racer for yourself. The game has missions and challenges that help the players to earn coins if they fulfill these missions and challenges. If you love biking, you must join the Traffic Rider game. 

Traffic Rider Mod APK Download 

To install the Traffic Rider Mod APK on your phone, act in the following steps. 

  • Enable the mobile security option for all sources to allow the installation process from third-party resources.
  • Click on the above link to download the APK file of the Traffic Rider Mod.
  • Go to the My Files and then the My Documents. 
  • Tap the APK file to install it.
  • Wai for a sec. The Traffic Rider has been downloaded. 
  • You can enjoy the game. 


Graphics and Controls:

The Traffic Rider Mod APK has realistic, exclusive, and crystalline 3D graphics that capture the audience towards it. The roads, bikes, bright colorful backgrounds, day and night themes, and change of seasons all are stunning and attract a player. The controls for riding a bike are also very simple and easy to comprehend. There are two handlebars, one on each side. The left one is used to brake or decelerate the bike and the right one is used to start a bike or accelerate it. 

Variety of Bikes: 

A huge variety of different models of bikes is available for the audience. Almost 26 models of bikes are unlocked and being used by the players. Some of these bikes are the following.

  • ZX 750
  • Y-Maks
  • AGS 4F
  • FX U2
  • NJ 250
  • AURA
  • TOMA
  • YNH S1
  • KWS RH2
  • KF-450T
  • Shadow R
  • V900-CX
  • GX 1400

You can change the color of the bike if you want.

Traffic Rider Mod APK


As the game is engrossing, therefore, the developer has made the game in 19 languages to make it possible to play for everyone from every region. This increases the popularity and exposure of the game. 


There are many missions and challenges in the Traffic Rider Mod APK that are given to the player to complete. Almost 70+ challenges and missions are unlocked in the mod version of the game. All missions are thrilling and exciting. 

Game Modes:

There are four types of modes and all are different and unique. 

Career Mode: 

This mode comes with many new missions and tasks. You can play this mode when you have registered yourself on the Traffic Rider. If you are playing as a guest, you would not be able to fulfill missions or tasks. When you play career mode, you get experience points and scores on completing the missions. 

Endless Mode:

As the name shows, this mode has no limit of time. You can ride as long as you want. There is no restriction, end line, or limit. You earn more points if you keep playing this mode as you will not have to end the game anywhere. But, after three collisions with other traffic and cars, you will lose the game. 

Time Trial:

This mode of the Traffic Rider has a specific time in which you have to complete the ride and reach the end line. If you do not cross the line within the given time, you will lose and the game will be expired. 

Free Mode: 

In this mode, you are the only person who is riding on the highway. There is no traffic and no cars on the roads. When you start the game, this mode is unlocked.

Gloves and Stickers:

Riders can make their bikes look different from the other bikes. They can stick some stickers of their liking to give it a different look. There are gloves available in the game that the players can use when they need them. There is not a single pair of gloves but a different, stylish and unique variety of gloves is available. 

Music and Sound:

The sound of riding bikes or horns of bikes is recorded from the real bike sounds. The developer has used real sounds which are thrilling and exciting for the riders. It seems that you are riding the bike in reality. 

Traffic Rider Mod APK PC

To install this android application on your Computer or PC, follow these given steps. 

  • Install software such as the BlueStacks which will work as a virtual android for your PC. 
  • Download the Traffic Rider Mod APK file from the above link. 
  • Open the BlueStacks and install the game APK with this software.
  • The game will be installed on your PC within a few moments. 

Traffic Rider Mod APK iOS

The game is completely an android game. You d=cannot download it on iPhone or iPad. But, if you are eager to play the Traffic Rider on your iPhone, you have to download an android emulator for your iPhone that helps you to install the app on your iPhone. 

Traffic Rider Mod APK All Bikes Unlocked

When you start the game, you have only one low-power motorbike. You have to ride that bike until you unlock another bike. When you complete tasks, you get money and gold that is used to purchase new bikes from the store. Or, as your level rises, the powerful bikes get unlocked. Payers have to wait for the process. Now, you do not have to wait for unlocking more bikes as the Traffic Rider Mod APK has unlocked all bikes without spending gold or money. This feature is the best and most exciting for all the players as they do not have to wait to explore all models of bikes. 

Traffic Rider Mod APK Latest Version

The Traffic Rider Mod APK was last updated on Aug 05, 2022, and the updated version was 1.81. This version of the Traffic Rider presented new features, such as:

  • Unlocked Premium
  • Unlocked Motorbikes
  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Money


The size of the game is 126MB which is large and requires a device with operating systems 5.0 and above. Confirm the hardware of your android phone if you want to install the Traffic Rider Mod APK.

Traffic Rider Mod APK


The Traffic Rider is a reality-based, high-quality, and distinctive game with simple gameplay that is available for everyone for free. The game is for those who do not have any fear while riding a bike or racing in a race. The latest version has many additional features that are a thing of interest to the players. The graphics, sound, and unlimited money and gold help the players to get more resources and rewards. There are no ads in the game and safe to install on any android device. 

MOD APK version of Traffic Rider

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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