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TubeMate + MOD (Unlimited Money) v3.4.8

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TubeMate Mod APK:

Are you encountering difficulties when you are downloading your liked clips, audio, and videos? Now the problem has been solved by Devian Studio, who has developed an amazing application named TubeMate, which permits users to download any video from YouTube. TubeMate Mod Apk is the most convenient method or platform to download videos of excellent quality and resolution. The quality and the resolution of the videos are adaptable and can be modified with the strength of the internet network. You can choose any of the 144, 240, 360, 480,720, and 1080. This application allows not only video download but also audio download.

TubeMate Mod APK

Different formats are available on TubeMate, such as MP3, and MP4, and you can choose according to your choice. The TubeMate permits you to search and browse it besides the browser of YouTube. This application will help the download of content at a fast speed and in clear quality. The interface is also simple. Moreover, the location of the downloaded audio or videos can be personally selected. You can save them in your android gallery or on an SD card. The videos can be saved in the TubeMate, and you can watch them anytime. 

TubeMate Mod APK Download:

The modified version of the TubeMate can be downloaded, and installed on any device with the assistance of the given steps. 

  • Tap the link, which is shown above, to download TubeMate Mod APK. 
  • Enable the android security to permit the APK installation process. 
  • TubeMate is from a third-party source, and you must permit the device for allowing the installation. 
  • Click the downloaded APK file in the mobile folder. The installation process will be started after clicking on the file. 
  • Wait for an instant, and the app will have been installed on your device. 

Enjoy your dearest content. 


HD Quality:

The videos on TubeMate can be watched in high HD quality. You can manage the quality with internet strength. You can select, 

  • 4K
  •  1080
  • 720
  • 480
  • 360
  • 240
  • 144

 But, if the original upload is not of good quality, you can download it in high quality with TubeMate. The quality of the video can be altered if you have strong internet or a poor internet network. 


The resolution of the videos is adaptable and high. You can choose within the given options. 

( 1280, 720) – For high-operated androids. 

( 640, 360) – General android devices. 

( 320, 240) – Low-operated androids. 

( 850, 480) – 2.1 API or above. 

These resolutions are presented by the TubeMate but you can use any of them depending upon the OS (Operating System) of the device and the quality in which the video has been originally uploaded. 


The videos will be available in many formats to make them playable for every device and also to provide an opportunity to download the audio. You can select a format such as MP3, MP4, or others. 

Fast Download Speed:

The modified update of the TubeMate has improved the download speed of the video files or audio files. The users don’t wait long for completion. Search, share, and download. All these processes happen in a flash. But, the speed will depend upon the =e availability of the strength of the internet. 


The videos that you download through TubeMate will be available in the device storage, or you can change it to the SD card if you want. It completely depends upon you whether you download it on the device or in the external card storage. The audio files that are downloaded on TubeMate will be stored in the music folder of the android device.

TubeMate Mod APK

Resume Download:

This YouTube downloader has provided the audience with an option of resuming and pausing a video. You can pause a video or audio if you have low mobile data. You can resume the video again whenever you want, and the download will be started from the point where you have paused it. So, no irritation of downloading again from the start. 

Search Browser:

The TubeMate has its searching browser making it faster to search and get the results. The enhanced and effective speed of the search browser of TubeMate helps it gain popularity all around the globe. Moreover, you can search for a video on YouTube and share it on TubeMate to get a download. 

System Requirement:

The system requirement for TubeMate is 4.0.3, and it is required to match the compatibility of the device with the application to avoid any interference or interruption. Otherwise, you will face trouble while downloading or searching the videos.  

How to use TubeMate?

To download audio or a video, 

  • Type in the bar and search it.  
  • Tap the video that you want to download from the results. 
  • A download button will be shown on the right part of the screen. 
  • Click that button and select the quality of the video. 
  • Select the format and start downloading. 
  • Wait until the download finishes.

MOD Features:

  • Fast speed
  • Restricted Advertisements
  • More effective search browser. 

TubeMate Mod APK Latest Version:

The recent update came on July 21, 2022, and this update was v3.4.8. This updated version is a mod update and also a hack version with all free features. 


The file size of TubeMate is 18MB with a huge treasure package in it. The small-sized file will not render any harmful effects on the device and will not require any space clearance. 


TubeMate Mod is a type of tool app used for downloading audio or video from YouTube. You can share the link or can search directly on the TubeMate browser to download the required video. The quality, resolution, and speed are adjustable.

TubeMate Mod APK

The downloading speed is high enough that the user does not have to wait for the completion of the download. This lightweight application is aiding people with modified features and helping its audience with fast speed and custom location. 

MOD APK version of TubeMate

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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