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Valorant mobile + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v1.0.3

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Valorant Mobile APK:


Shooting games are always been the priority of the gamers because all the shooting games we have in the online market have amazing gameplay and so refreshing and tactic graphics as the shooting games are coming on competition each other so the players are also getting curious to try all types of the shooting games which are getting recognition in the whole world. So the Valorant mobile APK is also one of the most played mobile shooting games which has a large community because players get a wonderful experience while playing this game in which they are getting tactical heroes, firearms, weapons, so many team partners, amazing designs, and remarkable skills to use.

So if a gamer is getting this much in any game how can he stop himself from playing that incredible game? The wonderful thing about this application is that here you have to play in the form of a team where you can use different types of weapons available here, however, some of the weapons are still locked which you have to unlock by yourself. There are so many amazing heroes which all have some unique and different skills now it depends upon you what kind of hero you want to use but keep in mind that you cannot use the faction characters more than once.

The shooting operation of a game matters a lot for the gamer so talking about the Valorant mobile APK, its shooting operation is very accurate so you have to use your skills and strategies intelligently if you want victory. Keep in mind that you have to perform in the form of a team so the victory and loss all depend upon the collective performance of the teammates. You can also try the other games including PUBG: New State, Call Of Duty: Zombies, and Fortnite to have a wonderful experience of tactical gaming.

Valorant Mobile APK

Features of Valorant mobile APK:

    • It is an FPS shooting game so you will find all the amazing features of an FPS shooting game here in this application.
    • This application is specially designed for mobile users so this is great news for all the players who want to play this amazing game on mobiles.
    • The format of this application is 5vs5
  • There are two types of fractions in this game, one is called attackers and the other is called defenders.
  • There are a total of 13 rounds in a match so the team which reaches the last round first will win the match.
  • If both the teams get an equal score then there will be an overtime occurrence so the team with two extra points will win at the end.
  • The characters in the game are called agents. All the agents have different skills and there are a total of 18 types of agents in this game they have 4 roles to play: The Controller, Sentinel, Duelist, and Initiator.
  • Now the most favorite point of all the gamers is the types of maps and locations a game contains. So this game has 6 different types of maps but the point is that you don’t have a chance to choose any of the maps by yourself. Whenever you start playing the map will come randomly. Fracture is the first map on which the player is going to play. 
  • The five other maps are Breeze, Icebox, Bind, Haven, and Ascent. Among these, all the breeze is considered to be the most annoying one because this is the biggest map in this game and there is a chance of attackers and enemies spreading everywhere so that’s why playing and surviving on this map is the most difficult task.
  • This game contains a total of five types of modes. These are Deathmatch, Competitive, Custom, Spike Rush, and Unrated.
  • The graphics of this game undoubtedly are amazing and attract the players and users very fast because everything looks so clean and fresh and the amazing design and locations are one of the favorite features of the users of this game.

Valorant Mobile APK

Valorant mobile Mod APK download:

If you want to become one of the lucky players of this wonderful game then for this you have to download this application but the download process requires some important steps to be completed. For this, you have to follow the guidelines about the download process given below.

  • The most important requirement of this application is the 5.0 Android version.
  • So if you have this Android version then this application will get easily downloaded on your mobile devices.
  • The size of this file is 1.3 GB so only download this application if you know that your device has this much free space.
  • Valorant Mobile APK will need an APK file to get downloaded so first download the APK file for this application on your mobile phone and then click on the available link here to download this game application.

Installation guide:

  • After getting through the download process of this application successfully now you also have to complete some important steps of the installation process of this application 
  • So for that, you should know that this application requires permission to get installed 
  • To give this application permission you have to open the settings and then search for the unknown resources than enable it and click on the given link 
  • After that, you will find an install app button, click on that button and wait for some seconds until the application will get installed on your device.

Valorant mobile APK release date:

This application was released in June 2021

Valorant mobile APK iOS:

The iOS version for this application is 1.0. For this you should have an IOS 10 and any latest one on your device so if you are interested in downloading the iOS version of this application then you just have to gently click on the link given here and download the world classic shooting game on your iOS device without a further delay.

Valorant mobile APK developer:

This application is developed by Riot Games

Valorant Mobile APK

Valorant mobile APK latest version:

The latest version of this application is 1.0.3 and it is got updated on 7 September 2022  so if you want to play the latest version of this application then for this you should have the 5.0 Android version and then install this application by following the download process given above and enjoy the latest version of this application on your Android phones.

Valorant mobile APK no verification:

The best thing about this application is that it does not require any kind of verification so if you are a person who cares about security and doesn’t want to give any of your personal information to a third-party website then you should go for this application because no any kind of verification is demanded by the players in this game.

Valorant mobile APK wallpaper:

This game has an amazing fan base in the whole world so now people also put up wallpapers related to this game. For this, there is an application available in which you can get so many amazing valorant wallpapers and can use them as the screen Lock wallpapers on any kind of mobile phone. If you want to download HD quality wallpapers relative to valorant mobile APK then you may get them also.

Valorant mobile early access:

Valorant early access is given to those players who are the beta users of this game so if you get an invitation Link from the valorant then it means that you are their beta user and they are giving you a chance to invite five of your friends which may get early access to valorant by using your referral link.

Valorant mobile system requirements:

  • This application requires 1.8 GB of space.
  • Windows 7 is required minimum.
  • A Graphics card of Intel HD 3000 is required
  • The basic version will require the operating system Android 7.0
  • iOS version 10 is the minimum requirement.

Valorant mobile APK old version:

Most people like to have the latest version of every application but sometimes it happens that the file size of the latest version is big and sometimes the operating system of the devices is not compatible so for this the old versions can also be the good choice as we know that Valorant mobile APK is also a large size application so people who are not able to download this application on their old devices can go for the wonderful old versions of this application also. To try the old version of this application you can click on the link given here. The most used old version of this application is considered to be 1.1.2 which was released in 2021.

Pros and cons of Valorant Mobile APK:


  • A wonderful user-friendly game.
  • The animated graphics are amazing.
  • Easy to play.
  • Can switch between the single and multiplayer modes.


  • The size of the application is big.
  • You cannot use any feature of this application without an Internet connection.

Valorant Mobile APK


This FPS shooting game has become one of the top playing games on the Internet because of the wonderful features this game already has. Moreover, the game gets updated regularly so there are chances that the players will get so many amazing things in the upcoming versions of the application. First, this application came for only desktops and PCs but in 2021 the mobile version of this application came which excited all the gamers very much.

The reason behind the success of this application is the quality of this game, there are all the features available in this application that should be part of any first-class game. Here you will have a big variety of weapons, moreover, the style of how the agents in this game get designed is amazing. All of the features are in easy access for the players so no matter if you already have played shooting and FPS games or not, you will get flexible with the operating system of this application. The customer service of this application is also appreciable so overall this game is 10 by 10 according to the reviews given by the Valorant mobile APK players.

MOD APK version of Valorant mobile

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Premium Unlocked

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